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CV for Otto Manneberg, PhD


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CV as of December 1st 2011

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CV for Otto Manneberg, PhD

  1. 1. CV Otto Manneberg Curriculum vitae – Otto Manneberg, PhDAddress: Science for Life Laboratory Box 1031, 17121 Solna, Sweden Tel: +46-8-52481441 (office) Tel: +46-76-9410949 (cell) Email: otto.manneberg@scilifelab.seDate of Birth: 1981-10-12Civil Status: Married to Cecilia, b. Stafström. No children.1. Graduate degree:2005: MSc in Engineering Physics ( teknisk fysik), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.2. Doctoral degree:2009: PhD (Tekn. Dr.) in Applied Physics, KTH. Thesis: “Multidimensional Ultrasonic Standing Wave Manipulation in Microfluidic Chips”. Supervisor: Prof. Hans Hertz.3. Postdoctoral research:2009-2010: Biomedical Imaging Laboratory, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA2011: Biomedical Imaging Laboratory, Harvard School of Public Health, stationed at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Solna, Sweden4. Current employmentPostdoctoral Fellow with the Harvard School of Public Health, (stationed at the Science forLife Laboratory, Karolinska Institute Science Park, Solna, Sweden). Full-time researcher.5. Previous employment2002-2009: Teaching assistant in Physics (approx. 15% of full time), KTH2005-2009: PhD student, Biomedical and X-Ray Physics, KTH6. Undergraduate students:2005: Assistant advisor to project worker Katja Dopf.2005: Assistant advisor to project worker Agnès Sauleda Brossa.2008: Advisor to project worker Johan Strååt.2008-2009: Assistant advisor to MSc candidate Ida Iranmanesh. Thesis: “Biocompatibility of ultrasonically caged cells in microfluidic chips”.7. Previous awards and grants:2006-2009: Teaching awards from Engineering Physics Chapter at KTH: 2006, 2007 and 2009.2009: Hellmuth Hertz Foundation, postdoctoral scholarship (used 2010)2009: Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, postdoctoral scholarship (used 2011)2011: KTH MBM (medical and biomedical) platform multidisciplinary research startup grant.2011: KTH MBM funding proposal grant 1
  2. 2. CV Otto Manneberg8. Postdoctoral peer-reviewed papers: Imaging immune surveillance by individual natural killer cells isolated in arrays of nanoliter wells, PLoS ONE 2010 Comparative whole-body pharmacokinetics of N-acetyl-L-cysteine and D-methionine and their metabolites using four routes of administration (first author, in prep.) Cochlear pharmacodynamics of hearing-protective antioxidants (first author, in prep.) Host-derived pericytes and Sca-1+ cells predominate in the MART-1− stroma fraction of experimentally induced melanoma (accepted for publication in J Histochem Cytochem)9. Scientific Authorship:Author on 10 peer-reviewed papers and 20 conference contributions. Three of the first-namepapers have been highlighted by the journal or other journals.10. Patents:”Ultrasonic merging”, O. Manneberg, M. Wiklund, B. Önfelt, T. Frisk, B. Vanherbergen, ochH M Hertz, Swedish patent SE 21044962 (pending).11. Teaching:2002-2009: Assistant teacher in Physics (first through fourth year courses), KTH.2008: Pedagogical education: Teaching and Learning 1 (KTH Learning Lab), 7.5 credits.2008-2009: Assisting in course development in first year Physics, produced conference contribution for pedagogy conference.2008-2009: Guest lecturer at pedagogy course for PhD students.2006-2009: Teaching awards from Engineering Physics Chapter at KTH: 2006, 2007 and 2009.12. International NetworksEU-FP6 CellPROMJörg Kutter, DTU, CopenhagenHenrik Bruus, DTU, CopenhagenRick A. Rogers, Harvard Univ., Boston, USA and UANL, Monterrey, MexicoRobert M. Westervelt group, Harvard Univ., USADavid Issadore, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USARoyce Clifford, NMCSD, San Diego, USA13. Miscellaneous:1999: Studied mathematics at the College of Marin, CA, USA2003: Co-responsible for reception of new students, Engineering Physics, KTH (part-time work Feb-Sep).2007-2009: Member of PhD Students’ School Council, School of Engineering Sciences, KTH.2010: Member of Harvard School of Public Health Postdoctoral Association.2011: Safety representative (“skyddsombud”) for one third of SciLifeLab 2