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Koodikerho – Coding clubs in Finland


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Presentation given at the Ministry of Education, Sept 29th 2016.

Education & Training 2020
Digital Skills & Competences
Working Group
Peer learning activity 28-29 September 2016
Coding and computational thinking on the curriculum:
developments in Finland and across Europe.
Helsinki, Finland

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Koodikerho – Coding clubs in Finland

  1. 1. Coding is common knowledge in the future Otto Kekäläinen @ottokekalainen
  2. 2. Coding will be common knowledge in the future in addition to reading, writing and counting.
  3. 3. It took over 300 years since Gutenberg for reading to become common knowledge.
  4. 4. We want to advance science, economy, democracy in the information society of the future by making computational thinking a common and strong skill.
  5. 5. Koodikerhos are afternoon clubs where children learn the basics of programming.
  6. 6. From 9 year olds upwards For boys and girls in the 3rd–6th grade Our goal is to expand the scope when the primary school activity has become established. The clubs complement the national curriculum.
  7. 7. A tested and scalable concept Local schools provide a space and other support for the clubs. The club instructors utilize the materials produced by the Koodikerho.f-network, which are available for anybody to freely use (CC-BY).
  8. 8. 24 clubs in 2015-201624 clubs in 2015-2016
  9. 9. 100+ persons interested in becoming an instructor Ready to become a permanent and nation wide activity
  10. 10. (Almost) voluntary based Individual clubs are instructed by teachers, university students, parents and other volulnteers. Pending funding for a national coordinator.
  11. 11. Sharing of our experiences: workshops for teachers
  12. 12. Thanks!