Best practises for HTML5 servers (Devaamo Summit 2012)


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Presentation by Otto Kekäläinen at Devaamo summit on 2012-06-16

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Best practises for HTML5 servers (Devaamo Summit 2012)

  1. 1. Devaamo Summit 2012 Best practices for HTML5 servers Otto Kekäläinen Tampere 16.6.2012
  2. 2. Command and Conqueror
  3. 3. What is HTML5? 1995 1997 HTML 2.0 HTML 4.0 1999 2000 2001 2008 2011 May HTML XHTML XHTML HTML5 XHTML HTML5 4.01 1.0 1.1 Working 2.0 Last Call Draft 2005: CSS3 2011 June: ECMAScript 5.1 never?
  4. 4. What is HTML5? CACHE MANIFEST SVG NETWORK: WOFF /checking.cgi WEBM CACHE: /test.css localStorage.setItem('key', 'value'); /test.js localStorage.getItem('key'); /test.png <header> <footer> <article> <nav> <video> <audio> <canvas> <input type=”range”> <input type=”color”> Mark Pilgrim function displayPosition(position) { var p = document.getElementById("p"); p.innerHTML = "<table'><tr><th>Timestamp</th><td>" + position.timestamp + "<tr><th>Latitude</th><td>" + position.coords.latitude + " deg</td></tr>" + "<tr><th>Longitude</th><td>" + position.coords.longitude + " deg</td></tr></table>"; } getCurrentPosition(displayPosition, displayError);
  5. 5. Why is HTML5 important? Flash Silverlight Java Applets
  6. 6. Why is HTML5 important? The universal runtime Any browser, any OS, any device (+ XULRunner, Prism, PhoneGap)
  7. 7. Universal means Big audience Lots of €€€€€
  8. 8. HTML success stories Google Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn Amazon
  9. 9. The secret to global success? Leverage on open source! - small cost, forever - widely used, proven technology - best practices built in the most popular tools
  10. 10. If Google ran on Windows servers, could they ever really be a threat to Microsoft?
  11. 11. Why emphasize servers? - a security issue is more severe in server code than in client code - server failure is fatal - servers have running costs
  12. 12. Where do you want to go – directions: programming language framework storage http server caching delivery
  13. 13. for Python for Node.js Zend Framework for PHP ..or CakePHP Ruby on Rails for Java / J2EE
  14. 14. To SQL or NoSQL? Midgard2
  15. 15. Global popularity of http servers
  16. 16. HTTP server considerations forking vs. threading FCGI, WSGI Node.js? web sockets SDPY
  17. 17. Cache, Proxy, TLS, DNS ..
  18. 18. DevOps Test: Jenkins, Apache Bench, Deploy: build scripts, snapshotting Monitor: Munin, Nagios/Icinga, logger, XMPP, Git hooks, services on the web (Pingdom, Manage: Know you Linux distro tools (Landscape, SUSE Manager)
  19. 19. Platform as a service Virtual servers as a service Hardware as a service Buy your own servers Build you own servers
  20. 20. See our blog at for nitty gritty details later this summer!
  21. 21. There is no one way. You should find you own path. Just remember that at a crossroad between an open and a closed source option, choose open source.
  22. 22. Product development success factors speed cost features Stay agile! quality
  23. 23. Contact Seravo Oy:n if you need Linux natives to develop and administer your Linux systems About the company: About the technologies: