Campus technology action plan


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Campus technology action plan

  1. 1. Campus Technology Action Plan/ EvaluationGoal: Integrating Teaching, Learning and TechnologyObjective: Increase awareness of the positive use of technology to enhance curriculumdesign, development and deliveryTarget Group(s): Stakeholders in the School (Staff/Students/Parents) Activity/ Person(s) Timeline Resources/Estimated Formative Strategy Responsib Cost Evaluation (Include 3) leHave parents/ James August – Computer Labs on Using the datateachers and Otto; Jason September 2011; Campus; Laptop Carts gathered from thestudents Huber – possible back to on Campus; Project surveys, decisionscomplete the Lead school Tomorrow Website can be made bothSpeak Up Technolog professional http://www.tomorrow campus wide andSurvey y teacher development .org/ departmentally as on activity in to what changes Campus; conjunction with to take survey and to in curriculum can Site first week of use as a professional be made to meet Supervisor school surveys for development tool for the needs and the students and teachers and students areas that are the parents weakest in the survey; Members of CIC will analyze data to see what areas are meeting the CIP as well as areas that still need to be addressedStaff will James September 2011 Computer Labs on Once the data iscomplete the Otto; Jason Campus; Laptop Carts gathered from theSTaR Chart Huber – on Campus; STaR STaR ChartSurvey Lead Chart Website survey results we Technolog http://starchart.esc12 can look at how y teacher .net/ our campus is on to take the STaR Chart doing in the Campus; survey and collect data targeted areas Site to compare and and also compare Supervisor contrast against our campus data previous results from to past year’s survey results to see areas of improvement or any trends; Members of CIC will analyze data
  2. 2. to see what areas are meeting the CIP as well as areas that still need to be addressed; Also will see how our school is making progress towards the Texas Long Range Plan for TechnologyNew Teacher/ James September 2011 – Cost will be minimal if This program willVeteran Otto; December 2011 any due to the fact that be designed toTeacher Departmen the teachers will be help VeteranModel-Mentor t Managers assisting each other on teachers in a roleTechnology and Site campus and providing reversal. InsteadPartnership Supervisor support and possible of simply helping training to the teachers each other in need; resources throughout the would be the program, the technology itself, mentor teachers access to computer (in this case labs or laptops if teachers who are necessary and the more comfortable teachers who will with the use of serve as mentors for technology) will the veteran teachers assist veteran teachers with integrating technology into the curriculum design and delivery to increase student achievementAll staff, James Otto; Jason Computer Labs on Surveys will beincluding Huber and Site Campus; Laptop Carts gathered andAdministration Supervisor on Campus and analyzed byand Para- District Created myself and leadprofessionals Teacher Technology campuswill complete Growth Rubric technologythe district http://cfbstaff.cfbisd. director to seecreated edu/madigane/teache areas of neededTeacher r_growth.asp professionalTechnology developmentGrowth Rubric training based onpaying special results and alsoattention to how those results
  3. 3. the comment compare with thesection at the other campuses inend of the the districtsurveyTeacher will Fall 2011 IT; District Computer Labs on Websites can becreate and Leadership; Campus; Laptop Carts used for a varietymaintain a James Otto and on Campus of reasons not thewebsite Site Supervisor least of which is enhancing technology use; teachers can provide links to assignments or websites to do additional research; Campus Administrators and lead Technology IT on campus will closely monitor the progress of the websites and ensure that the sites are following acceptable useHands on Ongoing Jason Huber; Computer Labs on By providingProfessional starting District IT, James Campus; Laptop Carts teachers with anDevelopment with Otto and Site on Campus; access to introductory lookusing the profession Supervisor http://cfbstaff.cfbisd. at the purposeDistrict’s BHI al edu/beyondhardware and use of the(Beyond developme /bhi_first BHI resources,Hardware nt activities %20page.htm the hope is that itInitiative) during our increases use ofcreated welcome technology toolswebsite back to in the classroom school and provides trainings teachers with an opportunity to explore the August – various uses and 2011- May advantages of 2012 technology in the classroom; Administrators can observe teachers to see if they are using any of the strategies used on
  4. 4. the site and how those strategies are helping our campus reach our goals and meeting the progression of the Texas Long Range Plan for TechnologyMonthly Ongoing Jason Huber; Various programs/ Trainings will beTechnology throughout District IT, James trainings and based on resultsAcademies the year Otto and Site professional from surveysoffered before starting Supervisor development activities returned fromand after August offered through the teachers based onschool 2011- May district; need and desiredoffering 2012 training activities.various Throughout thetechnology trainings a formskills and will be provided tohands on determine theaccess to effectives of theprograms that trainings and alsowere revealed what additionalthrough the trainings areresults of the needed.varioussurveys,TAKS data,AEIS, AYPand TexasLong RangePlan forTechnology