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  • govt of odisha though has started anew one ottete after a gap of 4 years the telemedicine initiative from 2/2010 collected 100 rupees from more than 52000 applicant which amounts to 5200000 rupees minimum the number is to be scrutinised by dic or director of industries odisha or state bank of india ,the amount will come to a figure of crores ,add to state budget from 2010 telemedicine budget will be as assesesd by vigillance. if some work can be done gradually this money could have fetched much benifit plz contact me for progress communication or i will file complain in court of law.i see delay since 2/2010
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  • feb2010 introduction to telemedicine and ottet of october10/2011 and to day 12.112013 budget set up established for telemedicine has to be reviewed,since this was initially advised to be operated by ppp mode the actions and assignments were fixed by then planners. nic was to provide network provision to even ngos since 1993. what happened why the plan dont indicate any result..
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OTTET Telemedicine

  1. 1. I came to this agency OTTET with a sheer frustration of not being able to implement some of the rural telemedicine projects, because there was no taker, acquainted with telemedicine practices, to help Government, to take this telemedicine project to grass root level or village level. Those who are acquainted with telemedicine practice in the country known that it has not gone beyond the district level. This is the enterprise who came and approached us to help them design the network and help them with all possible steps of implementing the telemedicine project in Orissa at the grass root level. We suggested OTTET, as a knowledge partner, to help them to develop this kind of skill for developing rural entrepreneurship. Prof. S. K Mishra Nodal Officer, School of Telemedicine( National Resource Center for Telemedicine under Ministryof Communication & IT & Ministry of H & FW, Govt of India), SGPGIMS, LucknowTo make them capable, semi-skilled personnel, from out of unemployed pool of mass. So now, based on Public Private Partnershipmodel, OTTET is the main implementing agency, School of Telemedicine is the knowledge partner and few industries are also willing tosupport this initiative, and the State Government become the main anchorage. The National Rural Health Mission does not go even belowthe District level. Government is very much concerned that it is really very difficult to take this network to the PHC or CHC and at villagelevel. Now with this model we suggest that with our support to develop this scheme, OTTET can manage this telemedicine network fromvillage level. It will be fruitful for common man of the village. It helps to avoid unnecessary travel. We want to develop different deliveryschemes not only in health sector but other type of services and e-health applications. OTTET is capable for extending other kind ofservices at the village level. It will be operated by semi-skilled people, health workers and even by ANMs. OTTET is soliciting oursuggestion to create and develop a network of health personnel. To prevent misuse of this system; it is being monitored by theGovernment as well as SGPGIMS and will provide quality health care services which has to be scalable, in order to cover the entireState, covering more than 51000 villages.• Unique Telehealth enterprise on PPP model first of its kind in the country in such dimension.• Involvement of Govt. Partners from design, Planning architecture of network and service model through out implementation process with strict monitoring guidelines.• Committed, experienced & enthusiastic implementing agency.• First project of its kind exploring potential of employment generation among unemployed rural youth, school drop outs, women segment of the society.• Potential for creating a mass of semi-skilled productive workers from among unskilled young unproductive population reducing burden 3 on the society.
  2. 2. Sri Prasanna Acharya Hon‟ble Minister, Health & Family Welfare and PGPA Govt of Odisha“As all of us know Sri Bhagat is a devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I think this devotion is prompting himto indulge himself and his benevolent Trust OTTET to do such beneficial work in health sector in theState. In a State like Orissa with varied geography, problems of inaccessibility, of communication, wehave the excellent telecommunication network. OTTETs telemedicine network will have the advantagenot only helping Government of Orissa in healthcare but also creating employment for entrepreneursafter imparting training to them, for providing healthcare service to poor patients in remote locations on anominal service charge and connecting them to Doctors, through a virtual OPD. I had the opportunity toinaugurate OTTETs first project on telemedicine at Rairakhol. All of you know Rairakhol is a forest areafull of mountains, no communication, no road and no water to drink in such a backward area of theState. He started his first project in telemedicine in Rairakhol. He used to tell me that he has a plan oftelemedicine project extending to every nook and corner of Orissa. Very often I used to wonder OTTEThas taken over such a job, which I think, even the State Government would hesitate to take up !Accordingly, I feel Mr. Bhagat is the fittest person in the State to take over such a beneficial projectwhich he is very slowly but steadily implementing. “ 4
  3. 3. OTTET Facility Center Resource Convergence model for B2B, B2C & G2C Services An extraordinary configuration of Information Technology for Transformation Technology to revitalize the villages of IndiaEducare Medicare Sociocare
  4. 4. OTTET is the 1st organization of the country to roll out the India‟s 1st Telemedicine Projecti.e ICT Enabled Model Healthcare Delivery Services in Allopathy & Alternative Medicine atthe door step of Villagers on 5th March, 2010. Over the past decade or so, there have beenislands of e-Governance initiatives in the country at the National, State, Districts and evenBlock level. Some of them have been highly successful and are ready for replication acrossother States. Experiences from successes as well as the failures of the various initiativesplays an important role in shaping the e-governance strategy of the country. The Scheme isbeing implemented through a Public Private Partnership. The Common Service Centres(CSCs) model of Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India are the primaryphysical front-end for delivery of Government and private services to citizens. They are oneof the three pillars of the core and support infrastructure of the National e-Governance Planfor enabling, anytime anywhere delivery of government services. Till date, specific to healthservice delivery at grass root level, no such model has been tried out.Based on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, OTTET in association withGovernment of Odisha rolled out such a platform in technical collaboration with School ofTelemedicine & Biomedical Informatics, SGPGI, Lucknow, National Resource Centre forTelemedicine under the Ministry of Communication & IT and Ministry of Health &Family Welfare, Government of India with the support & co-operation of Government ofOdisha, with the following objectives. 7
  5. 5. Objectives of Telemedicine :-• Creation of e-Infrastructure at Village level to facilitate delivery of healthcare advice and knowledge towards Preventive and Promotive Health, to the citizens at their door step.• Imparting training and skill to local unemployed youth in Tele-health technology and hand holding them to develop self-employment through entrepreneurship, to act as ancillary unit of OTTET.• Creating a technical pool of skilled healthcare ICT human resource for the state government to handle the health ICT infrastructure of the State, there by generating employment opportunity from which economic connectivity are going to emanate. 8
  6. 6. Installation of e-Health & Telemedicine Programme in PPP mode• Opportunity for consultation with Doctors online in a virtual environment will facilitate people in rural as well as in urban areas to interact with Doctors in Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Clinics including Specialist consultation.• All Government Doctors in the districts are allowed to extend their professional services to OTTET on realization of fees for such consultation.• CDMOs have been directed by Govt. of Orissa to provide space in the premises of Districts and Sub-divisional Hospitals and Primary and Secondary Health Centers to setup telemedicine facilities.• OTTET will be associated in all NRHM programme including School Health programme.• OTTET to provide the Telemedicine Network Services in all Common Service Centre (CSC) of the state as per the suggestion of Department of IT. 9
  7. 7. OTTET’s Strength • Readily available Infrastructure for instant deployment. • Data Centre with Telemedicine Software. • Integrated Diagnostic Telemedicine Devices with Video Conferencing Facilities. • Availability of Pool of Doctors & Specialists on the Telemedicine Network. 10
  8. 8. 11
  9. 9. 12
  10. 10. Benefits of OTTET Telemedicine• The only solution to meet all the requirements of NRHM.• Creating Database of health record for every individual.• PHR – Personal Health Record Provide Personal Health Access to Patients, Doctors and Hospitals – Medical History Repository – Medical Image Archive – Scheduler for Medication and Appointment reminders 13
  11. 11. Benefits of OTTET Telemedicine• Creating Employment, deploying unemployed youth, producing Trained Telemedicine Technician to meet the requirement of Healthcare Services.• Revitalization of Villages.• Reduction of rural – urban migration minimizing urban pollution. 14
  12. 12. OTTET IS CREATING AN INTEGRATED DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM ACROSS PHYSICAL AND VIRTUAL TOUCH POINTS TO DELIVER HEALTHCARE Cardia Customer centric services that c ENT / Skin / Eye provide interventions to beneficiaries suffering from acute Pregnancy Mental Health and chronic ailments Asthma Diabetes Hypertension Acute Customer touch-points that Phones IEC channels MHUs provide services to beneficiaries Kiosks Web NGO Partners Health workers that supplement ASHAs/ANMs RMPs Paramedic services from OTTETCore platform services that provide a distribution platform for out OTTET OTTET OTTET OTTET patient access to bridge the Advice Mobile Mobile Facility demand-supply gap Hospital Technician Center Common Registration Electronic Health RecordsShared services that are utilized by Preventive care Tele-referralall platforms to provide an integrate Chronic Disease Mgmt & set of services Follow-ups & Continuity care Post Operative care Health Contact Center Mission Control Center 17
  13. 13. OTTET Telemedicine Network to Support & Strengthen NRHM Action Plan(a) Support to ASHA(b) Strengthening Sub-centers(c) Strengthening Primary Health Centers(d) Strengthening CHCs for First Referral Care(e) Support to District Health Plan(f) Converging Sanitation & Hygiene under NRHM(g) Strengthening Disease Control Programmes(h) Support for Reorienting Health/Medical Education to Support Rural Health Issues(i) Support to New Health Financing Mechanisms(j) Through Public-Private Partnership for Health Goals as per the norms and guidelines of NRHM 18
  14. 14. Goal of NRHM Goal of OTTET Telemedicine The Goal of the mission • To get proper medical relief should beis to improve the availability the very birth right of any diseased person. of and access to quality health care by people, • Receiving medical relief should not be especially for those beyond the means of any human being. residing in rural areas, • Doctors & para-medical staff should the poor, have a „human‟ approach in thought, women and children. word and deed. • Attempt should be made not only to provide physical & psychological well being, but also to strengthen the Spirit of Man. 19
  15. 15. OTTET Telemedicine Proposal for OPD & IPDRegistration System at all Govt. Hospitals• Initially we can implement this system at Dist. HQ Hospital (DHH) & Sub-Divisional Hospital (SDH) & Area Hospital, where all specialist services are available• Also we can implement it at CHC level but it is feasible to implement at the CHC where more than 2 specialist services are available & OPD patient load more than 100 per day• Also at Medical Colleges, capital Hospital & Other big urban & rural hospitals 20
  16. 16. 21
  17. 17. OTTET TELEMEDICINE WOULD LEVERAGE A SET OF GUIDING PRINCIPLES TO ADDRESS THE OUTPATIENT VISITS GAP IN INDIA1. Reduce the burden on doctor workforce by optimizing the usage of non-doctor healthcare „professionals‟ (ASHAs, Telemedicine Technicians)2. Break the last mile reach barriers by using remote and virtual solutions, with the help of latest technology3. Promote prevention, as prevention is better than cure (e.g., immunization, nutrition checkups, integrated disease surveillance)4. Put the health knowledge back into the community, encouraging self-help5. Complement, supplement and augment the existing healthcare infrastructure6. Deliver a low cost and fast solution which can address most of the gap7. Leverage private sector talent to its fullest8. Better accessibility through Telemedicine 22
  18. 18. 23
  19. 19. Out Patient Department – Patient Registration 24
  20. 20. OTTET’s Telemedicine targets :Telemedicine applications offered by OTTET - TelemedicineProgramme satisfy a wide range of needs. Going from the mostefficient management of medical care being extended to all, tothe possibility of guaranteeing to all individuals the highest levelsof safety, protection and comfort at Village, Home, Corporateoffice, Mines, Industries, during a trip or in leisure time. That iswhy the interest on telemedicine goes over the fields that aretightly connected to medical care (Doctors, Specialist, NursingHomes, Facility Centers, Medical Colleges, Hospitals(PHC,CHC), Diagnostic centers, Research institutes, etc.) beingalso extended to operators that aim to offer an added value fortheir clients namely :- 25
  21. 21. OTTET’s Telemedicine targets :Public :1.Home care2.Students of School & Colleges3.Tele-monitoring4.Disease Management5.Health CorporationsPrivate :1.Banks, Financial Companies, Companies issuing credit cards2.Insurance companies, Brokers3.Telecommunication companies, Utilities4.Big Industrial Enterprises5.Fitness Centers, Well Being Centers6.Sport Societies, Associations7.Companies working in the travel and leisure time sector 26
  22. 22. OTTET’s Telemedicine targets :Direct impact on Preventive and Curative Healthcare :1.Cardio-Vascular Diseases2.Hypertension, Anemia3.Diabetes (Type-II)4.Skin Diseases (many)5.Respiratory Diseases6.Eye Care NPCB (National Programme for Control of Blindness)7.Common Ailments8.Follow-ups and referrals 27
  23. 23. OTTET’s Telemedicine targets :Handling of Typical Targeted Programme1. National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Programme (NIDDCP)2. National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP)3. Integrated Disease Surveillance Project ( IDSP)4. National Leprosy Control Programme (NILCP)5. Reproductive and Child Health6. Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)7. Health awareness, social health (through videoconferencing, multimedia)8. Health records, immunization9. Health insurance10. Medicine inventory planning and tracking, reaching genuine medicines 28
  24. 24. OTTET’s Telemedicine targets :Testing at Door Step :1. Urine Malaria Gastrointestinal Infection2. Blood Test 1. Malaria Ag P.f/Pan 1. H.Pyloria Ab3. Blood Pressure 2. Malaria Ag P.f 2. Cholera Ag 014. Respiratory Test 3. Malaria P.f/P.v Ab 3. Rota/Adeno Ag5. Oxygen Saturation(O2)6. Skin Test Dengue Fever Other Diseases7. Spiro Metric Test 1. Dengue NS1 Ag+ lgG/lgM 1. Chagas AB8. ECG 2. Dengue NS1 Ag9. HIV 3. Dengue lgG/lgM Cardiac Marker10. TB 1. Troponin I TuberculosisBlood Borne Diseases 1. TB Ab Fertility Hormone1. HBsAg 2. TB Ag MPT64 1. hCG(urine)2. HCV Ab3. HIV ½ Ab Other Febrile Diseases 1. Leptospira AbSTD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2. Chikungunya lgM1. Syphills Ab 3. JEV lgM2. Chlamydia Ag 29
  25. 25. Functionalities of OTTET’s Mobile Hospitals (Proposed)• OTTET is providing medicare at the door step, especially in village• OTTET Mobile Hospital, have all sophisticated diagnostic services namely ECG, X-Ray machine, Ultrasound imaging system, Auto analyzer, etc.• OTTET Mobile Hospital to treat all kinds of diseases- fever, gastroenteritis, diabetes, hypertension, etc.• This system is pro-active, as it prevents the occurrence of the disease rather than curing it after its onset.• OTTET Mobile Hospital try to promote good conduct, habits and hygenic practices among the villagers.• The programme provides a chance to the village youth to work as entrepreneurs for the rural health care programme. 30
  26. 26. Mobile Hospital & Emergency Care Unit (A Moving Marvel of Holistic Medicare)It is said, India truly lives in her villages. It is for this reason, perhaps, Orissa Trust of Technical Education and Training (OTTET) has laid greatemphasis on rural health care by Telemedicine network in village settings. OTTETs stress is on providing medicare right at the door step,especially in villages where the poor and needy cannot have access to quality health care.In keeping with this ideal, OTTET has designed Telemedicine alongwith a moving marvel of holistic medicare through OTTET Mobile Hospital.It will have all the sophisticated diagnostic services like ECG, X-ray machine with automatic film processor, an ultrasound imaging system forRadiology, an auto analysis, a centrifuge, a microscope and a VDRL shaker. In fact, in the words of an expert and experienced doctor, “it isinconceivable that a medical service activity in a remote setting can have such an excellent clinical support.” The OTTETs Mobile Hospital willtreat all kinds of diseases common ailments like fever, gastroenteritis etc., emergency situations and chronic ailments like epilepsy, diabetes,hypertension, etc., besides gynaec cases which can be taken care of through telemedice mode. Everyone men, women and children aretreated without any distinction of caste, creed or status.The modus operandi of the Mobile Hospital project is, a team of twelve doctors belonging to five specialities, namely, general medicine,orthopedics, general surgery, radiology and gynaecology make regular visits every month on specified dates to cover all the villages of thestate. In addition, specialists form the branches of ENT, Dentistry and Ophthalmology also visit these villages once in every three months. Thedoctors repeated visits every month to the villages concerned on pre-determined dates ensure follow-up care for the patients receivingtreatment from the Mobile Hospital, providing complete satisfaction to the doctor as well as the patient. The system is pro-active in that itpreempts the occurrence of the disease rather than curing it after its onset. Thus, it is a preventive health care programme, in a way.The relationship between the doctor and the patient will be beyond the ordinary; it is much more intimate. The doctor will be their friend,philosopher and guide, for each patient knows for sure that the doctor is their genuine well-wisher. He is verily God come for them. It isperhaps for this reason that, apart from effective treatment for various diseases, cures have also been effected in these villages almostmiraculously.The OTTETs Mobile Hospital endeavours to provide not merely treatment and medicines for patients visiting it, but strives to promote goodconduct, habits and hygienic practices among the villagers. The villagers are taught and encouraged to keep their houses and the surroundingsclean, ensure pure air and water, nutritious and clean food, and above all, abstain from unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. Thus, theprogramme encompasses a wider area of healthy and harmonious community living free from diseases. The health care programme is acontinuous and sustained programme as the local youth are also encouraged and involved in it. They work as village youth entrepreneurs forthis rural health care programme. 31
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  31. 31. 36
  32. 32. 37
  33. 33. 38
  34. 34. 39
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  36. 36. 41
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  38. 38. 43
  39. 39. Objective of OPD & IPD Registration System:OPD (Out-patient Department) SYSTEM:• Not to keep the patients information but to know that how many specialist services utilized per day in OPD services• Optimum utilization of Doctors Services by centralizing the registration system• Reduced the paper work at department wise (Currently Doctor are recording the patient information like name, sex, age, address in register)• End of the day this generates the OPD reports : • Department wise • Age wise • Category wise (Male / Female / Child) • Also generate a report about New case OPD registration & Old Case OPD registration. It implies that a patients how many times turn to a particular department for treatment or next time to which he/she has referred for treatment • How many cases referred to ward for taking admission in to bed • Also this generates the user fee collection report day wise • Attendance & available of Doctors list in OPD can be generated 44
  40. 40. Keep indoor patients information• Patients details & brief history about his/her disease• Date of Admitted in to the Bed• Date of Discharge for HospitalEnd of the day this generates IPD reports :• Patients admitted in bed category wise (Male / Female / Child)• New patients admitted & old patients continue department wise• No of patients admitted department wise• No of patients discharged department wise• Bed Occupancy Rate as a whole• Bed Occupancy Rate Department wise• Last day, the staffs were present in the duty department wise• How many Indoor patients referred to higher level hospitals for treatment department wise 45
  41. 41. In which way this small OPD & IPD registration system will help thehealth administration in decision making?With help of this small registration system, we can analyze lot ofactivities:• The average OPD patient load department wise.• The trend of Bed Occupancy Rate department wise.• Departments in which more beds, more staff (Doctors, Paramedics, Cl-IV etc) or more civil infrastructure required.• Report on Patients treated in OPD by a individual Doctor calculated period wise.• 24-Hrs staying of Preg. Mother after delivery can be tracked. By which we not only avoid the Post partum complication but also ensure the reduction of MMR.• JSY payment can be tracked & false registration of deliveries in delivery register (Conversion of Home Delivery to institutional Delivery, No delivery to Instructional delivery) can be stopped. 46
  42. 42. Our Proposed Services ( Any Where, Any Time) Monitoring Centre Online Doctor Expert Opinion Web based medical File Check Up & Personal Clinical File Prevention Online Prescription Life Saving Card Nutrition & Care Visual Medicare 47
  43. 43. Wireless Medical Monitoring Devices & HMIS Web-Based Medical File Viewer • Web-Viewer enables secure Internet access to the patients medical data and vital signs measurements record through the medical monitoring center. • This unique feature allows remote third party observation (ready-only format) by the patients personal physician or family for greater confidence and success during the patients convalescence. • A complete medical record is available on demand through the web for consultation by a physician or medical staff whom the patient has authorized. Monitoring Centre Features • Automatically receives all measurements in one system • Obtains medical data via IP and PSTN lines • Automatically stores the patient measurements in the personal file • Analyzes medical parameters • Includes voice and video conferencing capabilities • Logs and maintains event history • Stores current administrative user information and user medical history • Remotely controls home monitoring devices and gateways • Operates under WindowsTM OS • Enables personal alarm value setting for each patient (Alert function) • Handles medical reports • Enables remote physician access • Enables reports generation and transfer via Internet (e-mail) • Incorporates secure web-viewer • Provides easy connection to external systems 48
  44. 44. Medical Records Archive 49
  45. 45. OTTET Telemedicine for : OTTET innovative programs have certain clear messages to convey to the medical community :• Globalisation of Medicare, To get proper medical relief should be the very birth right of any diseased person.• De-commercialisation of Medicare, Receiving medical relief should not be beyond the means of any human being.• Humanisation of Medical Aid, Doctors and para-medical staff should have a human approach in thought, word and deed. They should practice Human Values.• Spiritualisation of Medical Profession, Attempt should be made not only to provide physical and psychological well being, But also to strengthen the Spirit of Man. 50
  46. 46. OTTET Telemedicine School HealthProgram
  47. 47. Services To Students1. Yearly Medical Checkup2. Recording data on the website to create PHR3. A demographic profile of the student4. A special card with details about disease, name of treating doctor and contact number for students suffering from chronic diseases5. Referral of students who require attention of a specialist, to referral centers and subsequent follow up of these cases.6. Access to school health portal7. Privilege Card to every students carrying School name & OTTET Telemedicine Logo
  48. 48. School Health CardFRONT SIDE: BACK SIDE: HEALTH DETAILS OF STUDENTSchool Name:_____________________ID card no:_______________________ Specific Medical History:Issue date :______________________ ________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________Name:___________________________ Allergy if any: ________________________________ Student____________________________________ ____________________________________________Std: _________________ Div: _______ Photo Emergency medicines & treatments:_______________DOB: ________ Blood Group: _________ ____________________________________________Address:______________________________ Doctor Name: ________________________________ Doctor’s Contact No: _______________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact No:_________________________Tel no:_____________ ____________________________________________Password for web record:______________
  49. 49. Student Health Record Personal Details Personal History Assessment1 Name 31 Asthma YES NO2 Address 32 Diabetes YES NO3 Postcode4 City5 State 33 Anaphylactic Reaction YES NO6 Phone ( R )7 Date of Birth 34 Seizure Disorder YES NO8 Gender 35 Allergy YES NO9 Name of Family Physician Contact number of Family 36 Any Other Specify10 Physician Eye Examination Screening / Test Results11 Height Immunization Record 37 Squint YES NO12 Weight Dose 1 Dose 2 Dose 313 Pulse DTP14 Blood Group DTB/Hib15 Hb DT/Td Circulatory System OPV 38 Do you wear glasses. If yes, since when?16 Murmur YES NO MMR 39 What is the number Measels17 Any other Findings Mumps Distant Respiratory System Rubella18 Crepts YES NO HIB Near19 Wheeze YES NO Hep B Varicella Oral & Dental hygiene20 Any other Findings PCV 40 Dental carries YES NO CNS21 Orientation22 Any other Findings P/A 41 Oral Examination23 Soft YES NO24 Liver Palpable YES NO Family History Skin 42 Diabetes YES NO25 Any Palpable gland YES NO26 Any Patch YES NO 43 Cancer YES NO27 Texture Ear examination 44 Heart Disease YES NO28 Wax YES NO29 Perforation YES NO 45 Blood pressure YES NO30 DNS YES NO
  50. 50. Initiative by OTTET in collaboration with Govt. of Odisha in PPP mode for B2C ServicesCreation of Wage and Self EmploymentFinancial ServicesBankingInsuranceAgriculture RetailAgri InformationAgri Input Services Service AggregatorsAgri Extension services Research and Data CollectionAgri Procurement Media and AdvertisingHealth Astrology & MatrimonyHealth CampsTelemedicine TravelEducation E-commerceIT Training Allied Government DepartmentsEnglish Speaking Rural JobsE-LearningAdult Literacy Livelihood ServicesNatural Language Interface Manpower
  51. 51. Based on industry’sneed
  52. 52. Few opportunities in Rural Odisha and Beyond
  53. 53. AGRICULTURE Cleaning, Grading Units, Combine harvesters, Paddy Primary processing plant, Seed cleaning centres, packaging, Labeling and coding units, Automatic produce handling plants, Quality Control Labs at Block, District/Division and State Level, Drying yards/Automatic Bulk Dryers, Electronic Weighing Centres, Information Kiosks, E-trading Units, Commodity specific market, Hermetic Storage Mobile Cocoons,Modernization of Agriculture Produce Market,Color Stores, Establishment of Farmer Markets, Reaper and Harvester, ICT infrastructure Agriculture Extension, Infrastructure for Contract farming.
  54. 54. HORTICULTURE Cleaning, Grading, Waxing and Packaging Lines, Collection Center for Betel Leaves, Primary processing of Betel Leaves, Cold Storages, CA, MAP Storages, Pre-cooling Units, Reefer Vans,Ripening Chambers, Curing Chambers, Drying Yards, PACK Station (Collection Center), Quality Station, Pack Houses, Modernization and establishment of F & V Markets.
  55. 55. LIVESTOCKEstablishment of Livestock Market,Modernization of existing market, Fodder Banks, Mobile Fodder banks, Baling Press, Egg Storage Center, etc.
  56. 56. DAIRY Milk Collection Center, Milk Quality Testing Lab, Automatic Mulching Machine, Chilling Center, Bulk Chilling Unit, Pasteurization Plant, Milk Packaging Unit,Refrigerated Van for Collection and Distribution.
  57. 57. APICULTURE Honey Extraction Unit, Collection Center, Bulk Storage Units, Honey Processing Units,Wax Separator and Collection Unit.
  58. 58. FISHERIES Chilling Plant, IQF Plant,Fish Storage and Markets.
  59. 59. MINOR FOREST PRODUCE Tendu Leaf Collection Center, Leaf Primary Processing Center, Mahua Flower/ Seed Collection Center, Produce(Leaf & Seed), Collection Center, Tamarind Seed Extraction Unit.
  60. 60. OTTET acts as mentor in providing various services through resource convergence as per the resources available in particular District / Sub Division / GPThe collaboration is going to provide access to first-rate education and skilldevelopment opportunities by creating clustered villages with excellentinternal connectivity through communication which are also linked tonearby urban centers.These rural clusters will be having quality centers of education and healthsupport facilities. People can easily commute between the villages andacquire the best skill and education and health care services accessingthrough the well equipped health care centers.These centers will have the knowledge base to advice on preventing healthcare methods. The teachers and medical personnels in these qualitycenters will also be having access to other experts in their respective fieldsthrough communication connectivity of the OTTET.
  61. 61. Upgradation of Facility Centre The centre will act as a clustered village (GP Head Quarters) with excellent internet connectivity through communication which are also linked to nearby urban centre. These rural clusters (GPs) will have quality centre of education and health support facilities Each centre will have more than 5 computers with others computer accessories. OTTET Facility Centre One PC will be dedicated for Health care The centre will have 1000-2000 sqft area depending upon location Each centre will have a Telemedicine Technician to provide Promotive Preventive and Curative health care and diseases management services at the door step, Each centre will have a Service facilitator to provide services to the inhabitants
  62. 62. Financial services, Marketing communication services. (i.e. advertising, media, consultancy and infotainment). Marketing logistics, trading and distribution. Trade promotion services. Human resources development. Technical and management consultancy. Testing, certification and calibration services .Government administration Security services. Export services.
  63. 63. Repair and maintenance. Tourism and hotels. Leisure and sports resorts. Cultural activities. Old age care services.Preventive healthcare services.
  64. 64. OTTET is dedicated to create enlightenedcitizens and Re-vitalization of villages through : Education for All Healthcare for All Service for All Moral & Spiritual Re-generation of Mankind A convergence between Government, Corporate & Civil Society
  65. 65. “There are no under developed Countries in the world, There are only under managed ones” ” “Let the young minds blossom – full of thoughts, the thoughts of prosperity”
  66. 66. “The Government cannot by itself provide all these conveniences. Without the co-operation of the people , the Government alone cannot do everything. The Government is not a free entity. It is based on people’s support. It can work only when the people co-operate actively.”“While individual effort is crucial, another golden triangle of cooperation & convergence of efforts Industry, Government and R&D institutions really forms the base of countrys development.”
  67. 67. Ripplesoft - Our Associate