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Uutisotsikot - A Facebook Messenger bot


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Uutisotsikot - A Finnish speaking Facebook Messenger bot -

Published in: Software
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Uutisotsikot - A Facebook Messenger bot

  1. 1. Uutisotsikot
  2. 2. A Facebook Messenger bot - try it out Asynchronous push and on-demand news delivery Sources from the Finnish media
  3. 3. Asynchronous push On demand
  4. 4. Like ELIZA but with a rigid keyword syntax and canned answers “Hidden” keywords supported also - ie. not revealed to the user - saying hello, ‘stop’ etc. Not using Facebook’s - own implementation preferred
  5. 5. Tips Testing setup - using a bunch of shell scripts to contact locally running kooste/bot server which sends messages via Facebook servers - gist Understanding user intent, make it a separate module Add more words/commands for your bot easily - enables clean and thorough unit testing for expanding vocabulary FB’s review, 1st time was 8 days, 2nd time was 25 days
  6. 6. Links fuzzywuzzy - String edit distance for user intent messengerbot - Python library for the FB Messenger API yarr - RSS reader for Django OpenShift - Both servers running on RedHat’s PaaS - the Uutisotsikot bot - go and try it :)