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Prototype on top of

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Contents• The Push Snowboarding project• ”Pistelogs” prototype targets• The protype implemented• Use cases• Screenshots• Future possibilities• Conclusions
  2. 2. The Push Snowboarding project• Burton + Nokia• Highly interesting data and implementation – A Qt C++ client running on the Nokia N8 – collects data via Bluetooth (BT) from sensors running on Arduino• Ground breaking possibilities for further improvement•
  3. 3. ”Pistelogs” prototype targets1. Fix the local limitationEnhance the current Push Snowboarding prototypeto send the shred logs* online2. Improve the social partExpose the shreds logged via an Internetservice, add capability to follow the riders inrealtimeRationaleThe Push Snowboarding project is currently limited to devicelocal – desktop interoperation only. There is no way to recordand interact with others given your shredrecording data set from a snowboarding ride *) ”Shred log” is a sensor logs
  4. 4. Fixing the local limitationSend the logs from the device to a web service• Current implementation in device side: – Snippets of roughly 4 seconds of riding = 100 log entries are send periodically to the server – Source code for sending the logs: • • Really an ugly hack to prove the feasibility • The BT functionality is commented out as the service aspects were the target and compiling that part is ”delicate”
  5. 5. Improving the social part• Augment the sent log packages with the rider’s name – Hard coded at the moment but the service does differ between the riders (simulated with straight curl POSTs)• Add board, stance and music listened – This is also hard coded atm in the service side...• Individual runs, i.e. when the user starts the client, are differentiated with a GUID – First approach with straight time stamps was not succesful due to network latencies and order of the received packages
  6. 6. Improving the social part, contd.Server side: – Support multiple users – Support data consolidation E.g. average speed during an individual run – Support location AND resorts Harvested ~1000 ski resorts to produce meaningful places rather than plain coordinates – Support real time logging – Live at – Source code for the server (Python/Django/JQuery/)
  7. 7. Use CasesUSER DATA INDIVIDUAL USER RUN ANONYMOUSTotal runs Map – trail path/polyline is Current rides missing ongoingTotal kilometers - length Duration TOP resorts*Total time Length TOP boards*Jumps cumulative Jumps TOP ridersSticks used* Stick used*Recent runs* Speed (max, avg)Activity feed, i.e. events in Stance*runs (not just logs, but”1st time in Flachau” etc.)* Music listened during run* Resort – coordinates are nothing without the resort information – supporting ~1000 resorts atm *) Not implemented
  8. 8. Future PossibilitiesUSER USER RUN ANONYMOUS MORESeason stats Rotations (360° etc.) TOP music Expose API• Total jumps• Air timeUser profile Elevation graphs Rides ongoing Clients – Android/iPhone• Change picture, (just like in profile) • Music player incorporatedboards etc.• AuthenticationActivity feed Trick details – dig Follow the verified Data needs and more sensors into shorter time riders (e.g. team with more riders) data/informationFriends list OTHER IDEAS: • First time in resort – benefits for the user/advertisements • ”Tour Big 5” – ticket discounts etc. • BURTON – Ship the service + HW • Helmet cameras… • Resort usage analytics
  9. 9. Conclusions• Pistelogs is a prototype to enhance the Push Snowboarding client with a service• The service concept solves the local limitation and provides social aspects for the ride logging• Pistelogs provides a number of possibilities for further improvements