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Overview of

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. MesInput, what users say* inNokia Store… *) A selective subset of comments,
  2. 2. MesInputMesInput is a full solution for personalized text entry with a possibility toshare your keyboards with your friendsMesInput consists of: • a web solution at • a device side client for N9 available in the Nokia Store at add-on for the Maliit text input solution (see • Maliit is the Nokia copyrighted input method solution – suitable for large variety of devices, from slate and tablet form factors to smart phones
  3. 3. MesInput, contd.Statistics• 5000 downloads for the application• 10000+ keyboard layouts downloaded• 300+ keyboard layouts submitted to the service• 10+ power users contributing to the service with advanced custom designs in XML (other possibility is with the predefined layouts)• 4/5 star app in the Nokia StorePosts from external bloggers• MesInput mentioned as one of the "10 apps to have for N9"• MesInput mentioned as one of the "20 must have apps for N9“
  4. 4. MesInput in Action
  5. 5. Main page – ’Recently used keyboards’ updated concurrently as download in device side has
  6. 6. Search and results
  7. 7. Viewing a keyboard
  8. 8. Forking an existing keyboard
  9. 9. Editing an empty keyboard
  10. 10. Invoking device side application (running in emulator/target HW)
  11. 11. Iterating through all the layouts available in the service
  12. 12. Invoking text entry after fetching a new keyboard – normal keyboard appears
  13. 13. Horizontal flick gesture on top of the keyboard changes to the newly downloaded keyboar
  14. 14. Writing with the new keyboard
  15. 15. ImplementationDevice side client, Qt C++Server side implementation • Django/Python/JQuery • REST APIs with JSON replies • Hosted on the Google App EngineClient code available at - server side codenot released yet
  16. 16. SummaryMesInput boosts the device keyboard software with an onlineservice, harvesting unique virtual keyboard designs from the endusers.