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Charlie and the chocolate factory


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Charlie and the chocolate factory

  1. 1. Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryΆγγελος κολαγκης
  2. 2. Willy Wonka• Willy Wonka is aneccentric chocolatemaker with animaginative laboratoryfresh which has notmanaged to penetrate nofor 15 years. Not havingclose kin decides to holda contest to find asuccessor to take over thelegendary empire! Fivelucky children earn their"golden tickets" for a tourof the fabulousworkshop. One of them isCharlie, a child from apoor family made ​​hisdream. Enchanted by thedelicious places facing,Charlie enters the fantasyworld of Wonka.
  3. 3. Charlie Bucket• The Charlie is a poor butkalotropos child who wantsmore than anything to visit thefamous chocolate factory ofWilly Wonka, where old andworked his grandfather. Theowner, Willy Wonka, strangeand distant never opens itsdoors to the world for anyone.One day he decides to put fivegolden invitations into thechocolates and invite the luckychildren who will find them inhis factory. The Charlie findssuch an invitation and alongwith four other children thatprove irritating, spoiled orsimply insufferable bratpreparing to cross the gate ofthe chocolate factory. The tour,however, will not be so simplenor children nor theircompanions as many strangeand magical events will happen...