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Scott Sedlik LTI Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Scott Sedlik LTI Presentation

  1. 1. INRIX Overview & Market Trends<br />Scott Sedlik, Vice President of Marketing<br />July 19, 2011<br />
  2. 2. INRIX OverviewThe Leading Global Provider of Traffic Information & Driver Services<br /><ul><li>Independent, neutral, technology–oriented content company
  3. 3. Founded in 2005
  4. 4. Profitable and growing at ~75%/yr
  5. 5. Primary business is SaaS: delivering ‘data-as-a-service’ to B2B customers
  6. 6. Key predictive technology originally spun out from Microsoft
  7. 7. World’s largest traffic network
  8. 8. 5M GPS-enabled vehicles and 400+ sources
  9. 9. #1 market share in US, top 2 in EU
  10. 10. 140+ industry-leading customers
  11. 11. Across 22 countries:
  12. 12. 1M+ miles in North America
  13. 13. 1M+ km in Europe
  14. 14. Currently opening office in China
  15. 15. Expansions planned in Latin America, India, and Australia</li></li></ul><li>Our Vision<br />Reduce traffic congestion by delivering the best traffic information and driver services globally<br />Wastes:<br /><ul><li>Time
  16. 16. Money
  17. 17. Gas</li></ul>Traffic Congestion:<br /><ul><li>Hampers economic activity
  18. 18. Causes pollution/CO2
  19. 19. Impacts quality of life</li></li></ul><li>Strategic Direction<br />“Traffic Information Everywhere” - drive ubiquitous availability of rich traffic information and driver services globally to consumers, businesses and government agencies<br />Across all roads: highways, arterials, ramps, inter-city roadways, etc.<br />Across all cities and countries globally<br />Across all devices and apps, via customers and partners<br />Deliver innovative traffic-powered applications and solutions withselect industry partners<br />
  20. 20. TRAFFIC INFORMATION<br />DIRECTIONS & DRIVER SERVICES<br />APPLICATIONS & TOOLS<br />INRIX provides best-in-class traffic info, a suite of innovative directions and driver services, and apps and tools all designed to get your traffic powered solutions to market rapidly<br />Traffic Information<br />The world’s largest traffic network to gather the best data<br /><ul><li>Real-time, Predictive, Historical Flow
  21. 21. XDTM Traffic
  22. 22. Total FusionTM
  23. 23. Journalistic Incidents
  24. 24. Traffic Cameras
  25. 25. Traffic Maps</li></ul>Directions & Driver Services<br />Get consumers where they want to go fast and efficiently<br /><ul><li>3rd Generation Routing
  26. 26. Red Light Cameras & Speed Traps
  27. 27. Map Data
  28. 28. Fuel Prices
  29. 29. Road Weather Forecasts</li></ul>Applications & Tools<br />Take the fast track and speed the development of your solutions<br /><ul><li>Developer Zone
  30. 30. Mobile SDK
  31. 31. Busy CommuterTMApp
  32. 32. EV Services App
  33. 33. Eco Driving App
  34. 34. Alerting
  35. 35. Traveler Web Sites</li></ul>What We Do<br />
  36. 36. INRIX Smart Driver Network<br />M<br />G<br />M<br />M<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />M<br />G<br />M<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />M<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />D<br />D<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />C<br />S<br />G<br />G<br />GPS Vehicle Probe<br />Mobile / SmartphoneProbe<br />Driver Generated Report<br />GPS Vehicle Probe<br />Mobile / SmartphoneProbe<br />Driver Generated Report<br />GPS Vehicle Probe<br />Mobile / SmartphoneProbe<br />Driver Generated Report<br />GPS Vehicle Probe<br />Mobile / SmartphoneProbe<br />Driver Generated Report<br />C<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />M<br />M<br />M<br />M<br />M<br />M<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />G<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />C<br />C<br />C<br />C<br />M<br />M<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />D<br />!<br />!<br />S<br />S<br />S<br />Road Sensor <br />Traffic Camera<br />Road Sensor <br />Traffic Camera<br />Accident<br />Construction<br />Event<br />Road Sensor <br />Traffic Camera<br />Accident<br />Construction<br />Event<br />!<br />!<br />C<br />C<br />C<br />M<br />M<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />
  37. 37. INRIX Smart Driver Network – North America<br />Billions of real-time GPS probe reports per month (real-time snapshot below)<br />8-20-2010 4:40 PM PT<br />
  38. 38. INRIX: A History of Innovation<br />INRIX forms partnership with Clear Channel Total Traffic Network<br />Ford standardizes on INRIX traffic across all vehicle platforms<br />INRIX launches world’s 1st crowd-sourced traffic network<br />INRIX Introduces Real-Time & Predictive Traffic Application for Windows Mobile<br />MapQuest & INRIX Deliver Traffic-Enabled Navigation Solutions<br />INRIX Triples Real-Time Traffic Flow in NA to 160K miles<br />INRIX provides traffic info to drive Entune platform<br />SYNC with Traffic, Directions & Information services live<br />INRIX Offers Pan-European Road TrafficInformation with coverage in 16 countries<br />Ford relies on INRIX to develop SYNC Destinations<br />MapQuest introduces INRIX arterials coverage<br />INRIX formed, spins out predictive traffic IP from Microsoft <br />INRIX Announces Dynamic Fuel Prices Service <br />FINLAND<br />INRIX Real-Time Flow Coverage Reaches Milestone of 100 U.S. Markets <br />INRIX to power Highways Agency new NTIS service<br />First Telematics Solution Using INRIX Connected Services Announced<br />INRIX Launches Real-Time Traffic Flow coverage in Canada<br />2011<br />2010<br />2009<br />2008<br />2007<br />2006<br />2005<br />NORWAY<br />45 U.S. DOTs using INRIX traffic<br />DENMARK<br />Audi AG Selects INRIX XD Traffic to Power the Automaker’s 1st Connected Nav System <br />UNITED<br />INRIX launches initial 15 markets of traffic based on DOT data<br />INRIX live in the UK<br />TomTom adopts INRIX traffic in U.S. <br />INRIX Launches Connected Services platform and world’s first 3rd Generation Routing Engine<br />NAVIGON standardizes on INRIX traffic in Europe & North America<br />INRIX Introduces XD Traffic<br />KINGDOM<br />NETHERLANDS<br />GERMANY<br />BELGIUM<br />Frost & Sullivan Study Recognizes INRIX as the Leading Provider of Real-Time Traffic<br />LUX<br />INRIX Provides Real-Time Flow in 18 countries in Europe<br />CZECH<br />INRIX Partners with Viasuisse for Next Generation Traffic Information Services  <br />INRIX Launches Real-Time Traffic Alerts Across U.S. Highway System<br />TeleNavadopts INRIX traffic for TeleNav Navigator<br />FRANCE<br />INRIX Launches Real-Time Traffic Flow Across Europe<br />AUSTRIA<br />SWITZERLAND<br />HUNGARY<br />SLOVENIA<br />CROATIA<br />INRIX forms partnership with Tele Atlas and acquires TA’s Traffic Operations Group<br />INRIX Traffic! Pro App launches on iPhone; hits iTunes Top 10 <br />INRIX launches Nationwide Average Speeds, offering historical coverage on 750K miles of roads<br />INRIX Launches Real-Time Traffic Operations Site for Agencies across Europe <br /> <br />INRIX Deliver Real-Time Traffic Information for 16 State I-95 Corridor<br />SPAIN<br />INRIX Expands Real-Time Traffic Flow to 73 US Markets & 47K Road Miles<br />INRIX SpeedWaves ™ improves traffic quality on arterials by 70%<br />INRIX Delivers Real-Time Speed & Flow Information for 36 Metropolitan Markets <br />INRIX MDK accelerates development of mobile apps for the car<br />
  39. 39. Customers<br />
  40. 40. INRIX Key Customers<br />Automotive <br />BMW<br />Mobile<br />Internet & Media<br />Public Sector<br />Fleet & Enterprise<br />
  41. 41. Recent Customer Announcements<br />Introduction of INRIX’s XD Traffic by Audi AG via Audi Online on a pan-European basis.<br />INRIX’s real-time traffic information will fuel navigation for the new Entune infotainment system. INRIX provides drivers the best route, expected travel time and ETA as well as accident and incident alerts to help them reach their destination without delay.<br />Developed by INRIX for Ford, SYNC Destinations for iPhone and Android Smartphones offers owners the convenience of sending new destinations to their car and one-touch access to the latest travel times when they’re on the go. The result of an expanding role with Ford, this is the first mobile navigation app that seamlessly integrates with an in-car system.<br />The INRIX Traffic app for iPhone is one of the first apps to support Pioneer’s new AppRadio, the first aftermarket in-dash radio designed around the smartphone to support an in-car display using the radio's touchscreen controls.<br />
  42. 42. Example: I-95 Corridor Coalition<br />INRIX collaborated with 16 states along America’s eastern seaboard for what the Wall Street Journal called, “one of the biggest rollouts yet for technology designed to help motorists avoid traffic jams”<br /><ul><li>The I-95 Corridor Coalition region is the 7th largest economy in the world handling 565 million long distance trips and 5.3 billion tons of freight representing $3.9 trillion in U.S. GDP
  43. 43. INRIX provides travel times and traffic speeds in support of 511 call services, traveler information websites, traffic message signs; daily traffic operations and performance measures.
  44. 44. Project spans the entire eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida covering approximately 5000 miles of freeways and 1000 miles of major arterials
  45. 45. INRIX data accuracy is independently validated every month in a pay for performance model; In 2+ years, INRIX has not missed its accuracy requirements once</li></ul>12<br />
  46. 46. INRIX Traffic! AppsFor iPhone, iPad, & Android<br />INRIX Traffic! (Free App):<br /><ul><li>Real-time traffic flow (colored congestion) on a map
  47. 47. Predictive traffic (1 hour forecast)
  48. 48. Traffic incidents & Community Traffic Reports</li></ul>INRIX Traffic! Pro (Premium App):<br /><ul><li>Designed for daily/busy commuters
  49. 49. Includes all free app features plus Best Time to Leave, Expected Travel Times , ETA, Traffic Cameras, and more
  50. 50. In-app upgrade</li></ul>“One of my favorite apps of the year.”<br />“I recommend this app to anyone who hates being stuck in traffic.”<br />“People need to understand real-time traffic conditions to know the best way to get place to place. Having access to one of the largest socially powered traffic networks through a mobile app is a great way to access that information.” <br />“Once you load this app, your traffic intelligence gathering capabilities skyrocket.” <br />* Android version currently available in U.S. and Canada<br />
  51. 51. Market Opportunity<br />
  52. 52. Key Market Drivers<br />Traffic congestion across the globe continues to get worse. In the U.S. alone congestion increased 10% in 2010<br />Massive shift by all car manufacturers to 2-way device connectivity and phone integration with the car. EVs will all be connected<br />Mobile applications and maps are becoming pervasive worldwide<br />Departments of transportation and metro planning organizations are collaborating with private companies to license traffic data<br />
  53. 53. Traffic Services Market is GlobalAutomotive Market Sizing<br /><ul><li>Nearly 1 billion vehicles in 42 countries
  54. 54. 61 million vehicle sales forecast in 2011</li></ul>Europe: <br />285M Vehicles<br />No. America: <br />303M <br />Vehicles<br />Jp/Kr: 85M Vehicles<br />China: <br />171M Vehicles<br />South America: <br />42M Vehicles<br />ROW: <br />42M Vehicles<br />Sources: INRIX/ScotiaBank/SBD<br />
  55. 55. Traffic Impacts the Daily Driver<br />INRIX Positioned to Offer Traffic Across Segments, Applications, and Devices to Gain Ubiquity<br />207 Million Drivers (US)<br />Demand for Traffic <br />Information Everywhere<br />120 Million Commuters<br />Urban <br />Drivers<br />47mm<br />Commuters<br />120mm<br />Travelers waste one week per year stuck in traffic  <br />at a cost of over $750 per person!<br />
  56. 56. Traffic Congestion on JBLM Corridor<br />
  57. 57. Traffic Congestion on JBLM Corridor<br />
  58. 58. Overview of INRIX’s Potential Role in Project<br />
  59. 59. EV Range and Routing Importance of Accurate Road Conditions<br />Assumed EV Range without good road condition data<br />Target Charging Station<br />Actual EV Range due to unfavorable road conditions<br />Traffic Congestion<br />Traffic Lights<br />Hill<br />Route<br />Alternate Charging Station within Range<br />Having accurate traffic data and road profiles is critical with routing for EVs<br />
  60. 60. Electrical Vehicle Services<br />Key Consumer concern  Range Anxiety<br />Will my charge last me to where I am going?<br />What is my current charge and how far can I get with it?<br />Where can I next add to my charge, what is it like there?<br />Vehicle Status<br />Locate Station<br />Vehicle Range<br />Set Vehicle<br />Plan Route<br />Vehicle Status<br />Locate Station<br />Vehicle Range<br />Set Vehicle<br />Plan Route<br />
  61. 61. go anywhere™<br />