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INFO SESSION: Study Abroad 2019 - Sustainable Transportation in the Netherlands


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INFO SESSION: Study Abroad 2019 - Sustainable Transportation in the Netherlands

  1. 1. Sustainable Transportation in The Netherlands
  2. 2. Instructors Aaron Golub, PhD Professor of Urban Studies and Planning John MacArthur Sustainable Transportation Program Manager TREC
  3. 3. Netherlands
  4. 4. Study Abroad Program Where: Utrecht Program Dates: Monday, June 24 – Friday, July 5, 2018
  5. 5. Course Objectives This program presents an introduction to sustainable transportation and land use applications in the Dutch context. The course creates an immersive experience to explore the Dutch approach to cycling, transit, innovative mobility and land use. The curriculum will feature material that provides a comparison between U.S. and the Netherlands problems, priorities, and solutions.
  6. 6. Specific emphases on planning and engineering principles, policy, and practice will be explored through field trips, tours and guest lectures. Students completing this course will develop a broader understanding of sustainable transportation issues and expand their toolkit for context-sensitive solutions. Course Objectives
  7. 7. Course Topics Bike Planning & Infrastructure Rail, Transit and Streetcar Planning & Operations Pedestrian Planning Land Use planning & Development Process Urban Street Design New Mobility and Mobility as a Service Smart Cities
  8. 8. Draft Schedule Date Morning Afternoon 23 June Sun Arrival Utrecht Welcome Dinner 24 June Mon Orientation City tour and welcome presentation at HU Univ. Applied Sciences. 25 June Tue LECTURE - Urban Trans in NL - Biking, Bike Infrastructure, Policy TOUR with Ronald Tamse (Bike parking, center city/car free zones, road diet, rails to trails, new bridge) 26 June Wed TOUR - Rotterdam TOUR - Rotterdam 27 June Thu TOUR Houten (Vision Zero and unique land use) TOUR Houten 28 June Fri TOUR Amsterdam - Bike TOUR Amsterdam - Transit 29 June Sat TOUR - Hovenring (Eindhoven) OPTIONAL Day off 30 June Sun Day off 1 July Mon LECTURE at HUAS on Land Use Planning Work on projects 2 July Tue TOUR Delft TOUR Delft 3 July Wed LECTURE: at HAUS Pedestrian Planning Work on projects 4 July Thu TOUR Amsterdam LECTURE - Smart Cities/New Mobility TOUR Amsterdam LECTURE - Smart Cities/New Mobility 5 July Fri Present design projects Farewell Dinner 6 July Sat Departures
  9. 9. Course Details ● COURSE OFFERED: CE 495/595: Sustainable Transportation in the Netherlands. ● CREDIT OFFERED: 4 credits ● OPEN TO: Seniors and graduate students from all majors; Non-PSU students Applications for program due March 15, 2019
  10. 10. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Do I have to be an engineer to participate? Absolutely not. Anyone with an interest in transportation would enjoy this course. 2. What does the coursework include? A sample past years' work will be shared. 3. Do I need to speak Dutch to take part in the trip? Nee!
  11. 11. COURSE COST Program fee/Tuition [housing, bike rental, train tickets for field visits, breakfast, and 2 group dinners]: $4,850 Additional estimated out-of-pocket costs [airfare, meals (lunch and dinner), personal expenses]: $1,900-2,400 Financial Aid May Apply
  12. 12. Come Join Us in the Netherlands! ● Exposure to European culture/community ● Inexpensive way to earn credit and travel this summer ● Limited to 15 students, need to 10 students to run course. Register for the course:
  13. 13. Additional Information Register for the course: Contact: John MacArthur (