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Hayes sharing economy TCS2015


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Tommy Hayes, Lyft

Published in: Education
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Hayes sharing economy TCS2015

  1. 1. Ridesharing & Sustainable Mobility Tommy Hayes, Transportation Policy Manager
  2. 2. AnOrigin/DestinationStory
  3. 3. of seats on the road are empty
  4. 4. Transit Challenges,TrafficWoes,LimitedResources $533Billion Estimatedcostto expandroadsand relievesevere congestioninUS urbanareas <50% Americans livingwithin 1/4miofa transitstop 5.5Billion hourswastedby urbanAmericans eachyeardueto roadcongestion
  5. 5. + Carpooling’sChallenges
  6. 6. Lyft’sAnswers
  7. 7. Lyft RideTypes Lyft Ride solo or with up to three friends. Available nationwide. Lyft Line Shared rides along shared routes, priced for daily use. Available first in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Lyft Plus Our six-passenger ride for when you need more space, or just wanna roll with all your friends. Available nationwide.
  8. 8. Lyft Line
  9. 9. Just look at t hat route
  10. 10. Transit
  11. 11. 2013 2014 63%ofChicagoLyft ridesstart/endinareas co nsideredunderservedbytr ansit
  12. 12. Triple match to transit!
  13. 13. On the horizon…
  14. 14. Thank you