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Brouwer - performance measures


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Travis Brouwer (Oregon Department of Transportation)

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Brouwer - performance measures

  1. 1. Implementing Statewide and National Performance Measures Travis Brouwer ODOT Assistant Director Transportation and Communities Summit September 15, 2015
  2. 2. ODOT’s Performance Measures Preservation Mobility Stewardship Safety Sustainability
  3. 3. Aligning performance measures to mission and goals Mission for ODOT: To provide a safe, efficient transportation system that supports economic opportunity and livable communities for Oregonians. Our Goals Safety - Engineering, educating, and enforcing a safe transportation system. Mobility - Keeping people and the economy moving. Preservation - Preserving and maintaining infrastructure.
  4. 4. MAP-21’s Performance Measure Framework MAP-21 specifies national goals and performance measure areas tied to programs U.S. Department of Transportation sets specific measures and data sources States and MPOs set targets for each performance measure States and MPOs report on progress toward meeting targets
  5. 5. Performance Measure Bundles Safety • Fatalities (number and rate) • Serious injuries (number and rate) Infrastructure Condition • Bridge condition on NHS • Pavement condition on the Interstate and non-Interstate NHS System Performance • Traffic congestion • Performance of the Interstate and non-Interstate NHS • Interstate freight movement
  6. 6. How ODOT will respond to federal measures Safety: Yep. The federal safety measures are similar to ODOT’s measures. ODOT will likely migrate our measure on injuries to match. System Performance: Very Interesting. These federal measures may offer an interesting opportunity to measure the system’s performance and reliability– or not. Infrastructure Condition: Not so much. Federal measures aren’t as good as ours. We’ll report ‘em, but won’t use ‘em.
  7. 7. Contact Information Travis Brouwer ODOT Assistant Director 503-986-4214