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Company Brochure


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Company Brochure

  1. 1. Introduction to Rilwood AssociatesRilwood Associates are a nationwide executive recruitment consultancy with our headoffice in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Historically the business was set up in 2003 by twoDirectors; Ben Riley and Wayne Underwood with the belief that they could offer a moreprofessional and consultative service than was currently available to their clients.Through the realisation of this vision the company was able to expand significantly andby the end of 2004 we had moved into new offices giving the business the potential toexpand to 50 people. 2005 and 2006 saw significant growth with the advent of newdivisions including a specialist sales recruitment division and the training division. Staffnumbers also grew in this time sufficiently to prompt another move, at the end of 2006,to the current offices which provide for upwards of 100 people. The move also saw thecreation of further new divisions focusing on the IT industry, engineering andmanufacturing, the marketing discipline and the retail industry.Since then the business has progressed from being one of the UK’s largest single siteconsultancies to offering a multi-site approach with offices now situated in The Midlands,Yorkshire and Mayfair, London with future plans to open in Manchester and the NorthEast providing a local service on a national scale.In order that our clients and candidates are correctly advised and represented, RilwoodAssociates’ consultants work within specific divisions including Retail, FMCG,IT/Telecoms, HR, Engineering, Construction, Lighting/Specification, Packaging, Oil &Lubricants plus a full array of further sectors across Sales & Marketing functionalities.By specialising in individual sectors, the consultants at Rilwood are able to advise andrepresent our clients and candidates more effectively, efficiently and most importantly,more professionally than other recruiters.We pride ourselves on the amount of repeat business and candidate referrals that wereceive through the provision of this quality of service. Last year, 73% of RilwoodAssociates’ business was repeat business. This has allowed Rilwood to comfortably re-invest into the business to look at new and improved ways to continually exceed theexpectations of our clients and candidates.
  2. 2. What makes Rilwood different?In order to compete with more established names in recruitment we must differentiateourselves. We firmly believe that it is the individual consultant who makes the differenceand at Rilwood Associates we have some of the best Sector specific recruitmentconsultants in the business. It is our opinion that the only way to offer our clients a trulyindividual and tailored service is to provide them with a consultant who understands theissues facing their industry and the markets they operate in. This is why each member ofour team operates in their own specialist area. By operating in this way it enables us totruly understand the requirements of both our clients and candidates, resulting in ahighly efficient and effective recruitment solution.Unlike many consultancies, Rilwood’s Teams operates in a highly pro-active manner.We do not simply rely on recruitment databases or on candidates coming to us butactively headhunt and network to source candidates. From experience we genuinelybelieve that this pro-active approach achieves the best results. We source not just thebest candidates who are currently actively looking for a new role, but the best candidatesfull stop.
  3. 3. Candidate Services:Reactive:Like most recruitment companies when an opportunity arises that matches therequirements of both candidate and client we contact the candidates and inform them ofthe opportunity to see if they would like to be put forward for the role and if it is ofinterest. However, attending an interview is a big decision for a candidate, especially ifthat involves taking a precious day or half day off as “holiday”. Rilwood Associatesunderstands these concerns and supports our candidates in their decision making. Wego to great lengths to provide every single candidate as much information regarding thecompany and role in question and help in their preparation.Honesty is key and we professionally highlight all the positives and any potentialchallenges of the opportunity. Rilwood Associates passionately believes that if a full andhonest description is presented, the candidate can make an informed decision onprogressing to interview and ultimately accepting an offer of employment. By doing this,we’ve found that our candidates are certainly not the ones that leave a company within 8weeks and are 100% committed to the challenges and opportunities ahead. The lastthing we want is wasting the time of our candidates and clients.Proactive:Our “Proactive” approach is surprisingly uncommon for recruitment consultancies.Rilwood are very selective with the candidates we choose to represent. Why? Becauseeach and every consultant invests a significant amount of time in proactively making themarket aware of a specific individual. As a result we want to make sure we can place anindividual in the right company sooner rather than later. Working closely with aCandidate, ‘target lists’ are created of companies that they believe they can make agenuine impact within, based upon skill sets, achievements and sector knowledge.The assigned consultant will then go about contacting each and every one of theseorganisations and their decision makers, looking to represent our candidate, handle anyobjections or preconceived ideas and highlight the benefits the candidate could bring totheir business. This has proven incredibly successful with many companies creatingroles for our candidates rather than just waiting for vacancies to arise.
  4. 4. Client ServicesRilwood is dedicated to helping our clients attract and retain the right people, with theright skills and the right attitude.Job seekers today expect more than just a competitive salary from their prospectiveemployer. When choosing who to work for, many place as much emphasis on companyculture, work life balance and ancillary benefits as they do salary. In today’s market thebest candidates also expect more from their recruitment partner. At Rilwood we offer apro-active, transparent recruitment solution that is completely committed to deliveringcandidates a solution as unique as they are.Retained Search & SelectionSearch & Selection has proven to be the most effective and expedient method ofrecruiting talent. Search is a solution driven service which enables clients to source thestrongest talent within their sector. Within each organisation there is often a core ofhighly competent, well-qualified individuals with the ability to deliver results. Often theseindividuals are content within their role, and therefore not actively looking for a careermove. Consequently, it is more challenging to attract and select individuals withinspecialist disciplines using traditional recruitment methods.Once identified, we approach the top tier of individuals within our client’s market,developing a long-term relationship with them whilst ascertaining their interest in movingand, more importantly, their interest in working for our client’s organisation. Our processensures that we offer our clients the very best talent within their market place.Retained Advertised SelectionAdvertising provides numerous benefits and most importantly attracts exclusivecandidates unavailable from any database. As a leading advertiser in the qualitynational/trade press and high profile websites, Rilwood offers a wealth of experience increating and managing all aspects of advertised recruitment campaigns. We areexperienced in planning integrated media solutions, incorporating the best mix of on andoff line options. Advertising is a powerful method of sourcing candidates, specificallywhen coupled with a Search & Selection campaign.ContingencyWhilst most of our clients prefer to retain us to handle specific assignments,incorporating a comprehensive recruitment process, we recognise that there are certainsituations where companies need an ongoing source of quality candidates withoutembarking on a full search. Our database is a key part of our successful candidategeneration process and it can be an effective stand alone method of recruitment.
  5. 5. Examples of some our key clientsThrough providing an excellent overall quality of service and differentiating ourselvesfrom the competition, we have built strong working relationships with some of the leadinglights in Business. Equally adept at representing both blue-chip corporate clients andmore entrepreneurial SME’s, Rilwood Associates specialist approach has proved a bigsuccess. Below is a just a small example of the clients we have successfully workedwith.Some examples of Companies we have recruited successfully for:…..a few of our Client Testimonials
  6. 6. “From the first meeting we had with Rilwood it was clear to us that we were dealingwith a professional company that fully understood our requirements and took on boardthe type of candidates we required. We were constantly updated and thecommunication was excellent.”“Thank you for finding Kate for us. We’re excited that she’s agreed to join the team.With regards to the recruitment process itself, when I received your call I wasimpressed by your manner which was why I was happy to explore using RilwoodAssociates. I receive many cold calls a day from search and recruitment people andhave done so for many years. To be honest it can be quite irritating but I have to saythat was not the case with Rilwood.Having talked you through the role and negotiated terms, I was impressed by thespeed with which you approached the assignment and also the fact that you listened towhat we had said.We will certainly utilise your services in the future for similar senior positions within theGroup.”“Thanks for all your help with recruiting such a key role within our business. The wholeprocess was smooth from beginning to end and it was great that both sides of theprocess were fully briefed throughout. It was great to meet someone of Steven’scalibre and from a retailer we don’t always attract people from. We will work with youin future if we have another similar vacancy we cannot fill from within. Many Thanks.”“Having used Rilwood for a number of assignments over the last year, I would say thatI have found the team very professional, supplying candidates of a high calibre.Rilwood have communicated clearly with candidates, managing their expectations andensured that the interests of both candidate and client are managed effectively.”
  7. 7. “Rilwood Associates successfully assisted Finlay Beverages Ltd in the recruitment of aCommercial Business Manager for the ASDA account. Our Business Consultant wasvery efficient and professional during initial business introductions and the agreementof terms of contract through to the appointment of the candidate. Candidates profileswhere well presented, submitted within agreed timescales, accurate in detail and metthe criteria listed under the job and person specification.”“Philips has used Rilwood Associates successfully for both retained and non-retainedrecruitment. They are knowledgeable in the sales and marketing area and we havefilled several positions using their services. They ensure they have a goodunderstanding of the company and the role and have always provided candidates thatwere well matched to the required profile. Their approach is always professional and Iam confident to recommend them to others.”“Well done on the recent recruitment process for a new team of 9 customer servicereps. I liked the seriousness with which you went about understanding our company,its culture and our specific requirements for this customer service team.The advertisement looked good and seems to have attracted a good number ofappropriate candidates. The assessment centre was excellent, with the venue, thequality of the exercises and the team spirit imbued on the day first class. Thank you foryour contribution to this as we felt you were very much part of the process on the day.The finalising of contracts and your handling of the candidates has been good and Iam looking forward to the new team starting later this month. I will let you know howthey get on in their new adventure with Amer Sports!”
  8. 8. “I just want to thank you for all your hard work during our recent recruitment campaign.After our face to face meeting I was confident you had a firm understanding of ourrequirements and was not disappointed.Having been initially dubious about the retained way of working, I was very impressedwith the level of candidates presented to us at shortlist stage and would definitely workin this way again.The fact that we have employed two of the candidates presented to us is testament toits effectiveness.”“I want to take this opportunity to thank Rilwood Associates in Sourcing Mike to ourcompany. Both me personally, and the rest of the senior management team havebeen very impressed with the attention to detail and level of service provided byRilwood.I must admit, I was apprehensive and perhaps a little reluctant to proceed down theretained route for our last campaign. However, the speed of service and quality ofcandidates presented to us was a revelation.I have no hesitation in recommending Rilwood Associates and particularly, theirretained methodology to any business looking to strengthen their sales & businessdevelopment teams.”“You have done a great service to EOGB Energy Products Ltd in enabling us to findthe correct person for our Sales Manager requirement. When we have any furtherpositions to fill you will certainly be the first person we will contact.”
  9. 9. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Rilwood for your assistance andsupport in sourcing the Sales Manager required by our company.Having been sceptical about approaching a recruitment agency, I have been delightedwith the service received and I will not hesitate in approaching you for your servicesagain. It was a pleasure working with you and furthermore the successful candidate isalready proving a success and I have no doubt she will play a key role in MACH4’sgrowth.”“In six months you have successfully placed four high quality candidates into salesroles which we were struggling to fill. Your approach has been one of total commitmentto understand our needs and align that with finding suitable people in front of us. Ineach case you have fulfilled your obligations extremely well.My experience of dealing with recruitment companies has generally not been apositive one. However I am happy to say that Rilwood have changed that perception.”“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Rilwood Associates for yourassistance in sourcing the sales personnel required by our company. Finding the rightperson for the job in you own can be both time consuming, costly and stressful.Rilwood have taken away all that pressure by finding quality candidates with thequalifications and experience we needed.I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any business and look forwardto working with you again in the future.”
  10. 10. “Just a quick note to thank you personally for all the time and effort you have put in forus on this project. I know it has taken a great deal of your time up and I reallyappreciate it. I believe you have found 3 really good appointments for us and hope wecan keep the relationship going as CCI always needs a pipeline of good people.”“Thank you for all your help recently in recruiting Paul and Martin. I found that youmatched the candidates to the candidate profile that I gave you. This saved mewasting time interviewing candidates that did not match my requirements.This alone set your company aside from the many other companies I have haddealings with in the past. As a result I have no problem recommending Rilwood to anyprospective employer or employee.”“Rilwood have always supplied me with excellent candidates that have somethingabout them, you totally understand what I look for in people. I can highly recommendyour services in the recruitment market.”“To date I have employed 5 out of the 6 candidates that you have put forward forinterview with my company and all these employees are doing brilliantly within theGroup. I was impressed with the fact that you researched our industry and yourcandidates thoroughly and presented me with candidates that were difficult to choosebetween which was a very nice change!”
  11. 11. …And a few from of our Candidates:“Being a sales professional and having lots of previous contact with recruitmentagencies in the past 10 years, I must say how pleasing it was recently in dealing withRilwood Associates. I could use every complimentary and praiseworthy euphemism inthe book and all of them would apply, but Ill try and keep it brief.I had my first general conversation with Nicola on Friday April 7th after my details hadbeen passed on to her following a recent application I had made via The Grocermagazine, we spoke again on several occasions on Monday 10th and by the end ofthe day an interview with an interested employer had been arranged. I was interviewedon the following Thursday and offered a position which I have subsequently accepted.As you can imagine Im obviously very pleased to have landed a new job and can onlyput this down to Nicolas input, creating a position by using excellent networking skillsand conducting herself in an exemplary manner. In addition her extremely positive andbubbly approach was a real breath of fresh air.”PLACED AT:“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rilwood Associates for the care andprofessionalism shown to me recently during my job search.I cannot commend Shaun and Rilwood highly enough as I have been made to feel thathe regarded my application and subsequent client interviews of personal interest anddedication.”PLACED AT:
  12. 12. “Firstly I would like to thank your company and yourself for helping me find a positionof employment with Belfield Furnishings Ltd, which I see as a great opportunity.Secondly, I have to point out that Lee has been an absolute star from day one,opening doors to create a job. His attitude and professionalism is a credit to both yourcompany and himself and may I also point out that this is also the feedback from thepeople who interviewed me.I genuinely see this as a great opportunity that I would have not come across withRilwood, for that I am extremely grateful.”PLACED AT:“I would like to write to say many thanks for finding me a new job so quickly. Beingmade redundant in November was very difficult especially in current climates so Iregistered with a number of recognised agencies but sadly with little response andbecame very disheartened.We spoke in December and from the Initial call from yourself I was receiving numerousupdate calls from Rilwood to discuss my welfare and the opportunities you had. The 3roles that you obtained interviews for myself were all fantastic and of genuine interest.The effort that you made to ensure that I was fully prepared for each interview andyour communication was totally fantastic, knowledgeable and supportive and I believea major factor in me being offered the role of which I am very thankful.”PLACED AT:
  13. 13. “I would like to express my thanks for the professional manner in which you providedtimely support and guidance during my recent search for employment.I was particularly reassured to be kept informed of proceedings and must also thankyou for the range of documents and conversations to help in initially deciding on theopportunity and maximising the interviews.”PLACED AT:“I wanted to take a minute to pass on my sincere thanks for the time and effort you putinto my recent career development. I particularly liked the way that you genuinelylistened to my needs with feeling and the way your nurtured me through the threeinterviews.I would have no hesitation in recommending you and Rilwood Associates to anyone.”PLACED AT:“The service you gave me was first class. From the start you were always veryefficient and informative keeping me up to date with events during the process. Forsomeone in my position who had been with my past employer for a considerable time,I was apprehensive about what I would be facing during the process of interviews etc,but you were very supportive at all times and put my mind at ease.”PLACED AT: