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How to make Awesome Diagrams for your slides

Some guidelines for making your presentation diagrams more understandable, efficient and visually pleasant.

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How to make Awesome Diagrams for your slides

  1. How To Make AwesomeDiagrams u r F o r yo slides
  2. MeEnrique García CotaI do software at Splendeo@otikik
  3. © Disclaimer● Im not a designer.● Ive just done lots of diagrams in presentations.● These guidelines work for me.● “Right” and “Wrong” are used in that context. Dont take them personally.
  4. 1. Lines ©
  5. Never use 0pt line width Wrong Right Visible from the far end of the room
  6. Have consistent line width Wrong 0.06 0.32 0.10 Right 0.06 0.06 0.32 Maybe two very different widths; not more
  7. Use only one line ending Wrong Right People at the far end wont see the difference
  8. Use one dashed style Wrong Right Guess
  9. Arrows instead of lines vs. When? See example on next slide
  10. Use connectors, not straight lines With lines With connectors
  11. Shapes instead of lines (sometimes) Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 vs. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 They look better on simple workflows
  12. Colors instead of outlines (sometimes) vs. Useful to reduce the number of colors
  13. 2. Shapes ©
  14. Use a grid Wrong Right
  15. Align when possible Wrong Right
  16. Size means Importance Wrong Right Not Very Not VeryImportant Important Important Important
  17. Size means Hierarchy Wrong Right Face FaceEyes Nose Mouth Eyes Nose Mouth
  18. Size means Relative Size Wrong RightElephant Duck Elephant Duck
  19. Size doesnt mean “long name” Wrong A Long Name Right A B* A A ...* Long Name Long Name Long Name
  20. Different Shape = Different Type OK Better ? ?Yes No Yes No
  21. Maximum number types: 4
  22. If you need more, use images OK BetterA B C Warning! Finding appropriate images takes time
  23. Transparencies, Shadows & Gradients Dont They take a lot of time to get right, and most projectors wont show them anyway
  24. © 3. Nesting
  25. One nesting level per slide Wrong Unique slide
  26. One nesting level per slide Right Slide 1
  27. One nesting level per slide Right Slide 2
  28. One nesting level per slide Right Slide 3
  29. One nesting level per slide Right Slide 4? Is this level really needed?
  30. But, wont adding slides increase the presentation complexity?Yes, it will.But less than nested shapes.
  31. Complexity → → ting Nes Sli d es → 1 slide / 1 nesting level
  32. If you need everything in one place You are not making a presentation Consider other formats
  33. © 4. Color
  34. Color count Fill + Text + Lines - Background Fill = Green + Red = 2 Hi Text = White = 1 Lines = Black = 1 Background = White = -1Bye! 2+1+1–1=3
  35. Color count should be ≤ 3
  36. The magic of combinatoryIm only using threestill but here colors combi-can make many nations
  37. When in doubt, use Primary colors Red Yellow Green Blue #c5000b #ffd320 #008000 #0084d1 In LibreOffice: Chart 11, Chart 3, Green, Chart12 These are awesome for diagrams
  38. Color is great for Stress or Status Wrong Right OK OK Alert OK OK Alert Alert Alert OK OK Alert Alert OK OK OK Alert OK OK Alert Alert OK
  39. Color is not great for lines Wrong Right More easily seen from far away
  40. Use bright background colors Wrong Right Some projectors dont handle dark slides well
  41. Dont use pale colors in foreground Wrong Right Gray 10% Gray >20% To projectors, any pale color = white
  42. Printing: Black and WhiteOK OK Alert OK OK AlertAlert OK OK Alert OK OKOK Alert OK OK Alert OK Black and White = information loss
  43. Printing: Graceful DegradationOK OK Alert Alert OK OK Alert AlertAlertAlert OK OK Alert Alert OK OKOK Alert Alert OK OK Alert Alert OK Use contrast and borders to compensate
  44. 5. ext ©
  45. First and foremost: Are you anoptometrist?
  46. us feel like this. Then dont make©
  47. Smallest font size:20px Otherwise its impossibly difficult to read from far away
  48. Only one font Wronga a a a Righta a a a
  49. Exception: Typographic diagrams Nice Yuck
  50. Bigger shape ⇒ Bigger or equal text Wrong Right Letters LettersA A Otherwise text size contradicts shape size
  51. Italics: Dont bother Wrong Right a a No one will notice the difference
  52. Bold: Dont mix itWrong Right a aa a a a Again, the difference is hard to notice
  53. a hard to re d, n te of esp is ec iall Oblique text when y Use horizontal text up font. sid l al d e ow sm n and with a©
  54. That was it!© Enrique García Cota
  55. GoNow And Make Some Awesome Diagrams!
  56. Now Go Make Some Awesome Diagrams!
  57. © Enrique García Cota Thank you!