David Wood: Why I Started Empower Network


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David Wood, Co Founder of Empower Network tells his story.

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David Wood: Why I Started Empower Network

  1. 1. David Wood: Why I Started Empower NetworkMan, I’ve been so busy in the last six weeks, that I haven’t even had a chance to post to my own personalblog* yes, I’m going to keep this site going and strong – although my focus is now solely on empowering othersto succeed, and be able to live the same kind of lifestyle that I do, and I now have the means to do it.I’ve been wanting to write a post on this blog since we launched the Empower Network on Halloween daythis year, but haven’t had the time.Literally, I’ve been working probably harder than I ever have in my entire life – and that’s ok, because whatI’m doing is making a difference in a tremendous amount of people’s lives all over the world.I didn’t expect us to grow this fast – honestly, it has been totally out of control, which is where I want tobe – in the unknown, and on the edge of life.Here’s what’s happened in just over 2 weeks (16 days):We’ve paid out $774,499.20 in commissionsWe’ve grown to have over 6,067 paid affiliates in about 40 countries around the world.Our website for the last 7 days has been in the top 900 websites in the world in Traffic according toAlexa.com:Here’s the powerful thing though – that $774,499.20 in commissions that we’ve paid out hasn’t just gone toone or two people – an incredible amount of people have started making more money than they’ve evermade in their entire life.Here’s a snippet – all of these are real and verifiable:Lawrence Tam has now made $34,500 in only 16 days – he’s a part time Dad, husband, and a full timeEngineer.Toby and Layla Black have now made $30,800 in 16 days – they were a couple of broke musicians.Bryan Addison has now made $6,775 in just 16 days – I don’t know if we’ve ever talkedJon Mroz has made $9400 in less time – I think 7 or 8 days – he’s a great friend.Barbie Zabel has made $11,250 in 10 or 15 days – I’ve never met her, and neither had her sponsor, Nick.He actually called me and said – “Dave, I got a lady named Barbie in my group who’s made over $10k, isthat badass or what?”
  2. 2. Here’s the thing though – Barbie sponsored Beau Bridgewater (again, we’ve never met) and Beau has nowmade $8,850 in only 2 weeks – and I’ve never met Beau, eitherAlthough I’m looking forward to meeting him.Right now – we’re adding over 550 PAID MEMBERS a dayThose are not leads – those are people who make a decision.That’s a tiny amount of the people who are making it – look at these Facebook Comments:The fascinating thing about the Empower Network is the sheer number and quality of people who havegotten on board – and we’re not even a network marketing company – we’re just here to help you makemore money, no matter what business, system, company, or affiliate tools you’re promoting – and that’s justa snippet.There’s more – a LOT more. So we’re doing good – that’s obvious, and not the point of this post. We have some critics, too – and that’s
  3. 3. fine – we’re a new concept, and not everyone ‘gets it’ yet – some people see what we’re really offering, andsome people just think we’re only here to get money.They will see it – and I love them even if they don’t – you and I can do great things together, regardless ofwhether you see the vision or not.So I promised that I would share why I really decided to start this company – really, we’ve got to go back intime about 2 1/2 years.When I started my business online, I was not in a good situation – I needed to make it work. I was broke,and homeless – although I chose that situation, the reality was that every day of my life was a struggle.Just as an example, one day my wife and I were hungry, and my brother Jonny and I lifted her up to grab abreadfruit from a tree. She started to slip a bit and we dropped her, breaking her foot. It was a small break,but we had no insurance and had to use government medical assistance to get her to a doctor – the doctordidn’t give her a cast, and the break wouldn’t heal.I made her a cast out of card board and pieces of wood that I dug out of a trash can, and she hobbledaround on a make shift cast and a walking stick until her foot healed – somewhere, I have a picture and I’lldig it up and show you some day – the point is, I know what it’s like to struggle.I remember not having money for food, the shameful feeling of borrowing money from my Parents over andover again, and walking around a deserted business street looking for any job that would pay me, no matterhow menial the task.When I got started, and made a decision – I took action all day and night. I can’t tell you what courses Iwent through, because I don’t remember – it got lost somewhere between writing an article at 4am, makinga phone call to a craigslist lead, and making a 200 slide sales presentation while trying to love my wife thebest way I know how.I worked until I almost bled from exhaustion.I didn’t complain, and I didn’t whine – I didn’t ask my sponsor for anything – no webinars, no tech support –nada.If it needed to be done, I did it.And more.While other people were going to parties, eating out, and socializing – I was marketing, making videos,setting up blogs, and writing reviews.While other people took their money and spent it – I took it and put it all back into the process, and I cansay one thing – that I have out worked almost everyone I know.It worked. I started making $5,000 a month, and then $10,000 a month, and then $30,000 a month, andmore…However – about six months into my business, I realized there was a massive disconnect in the industry.There was too big of a gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’There was the ‘rockstars’ and the ‘grinders’ – not really much in between.The reality was – the pure truth, without the courses, the hype, the launches – what we are doing is toohard for a normal person, who works a job, has a family, and is part time.The real money in this industry is protected by an iron curtain, an almost impenetrable wall of elite – andyou know what? They’re all great guys and gals – truthfully. But there was nothing for the common man orwoman – nothing for the masses in our entire niche.No matter how hard I tried to teach people what I’m actually doing – no matter how many webinars I did toexplain the tactics – people just couldn’t do it all. It was too complicated – too much work, too expensive.
  4. 4. There was too much ‘buy this to get the results that you want‘, and too much knowledge required to getstarted.Outside of the internet, the network marketing industry teaches things that have too much ‘cognitiveresistance’ in industrialized countries, and as a result, the real numbers reported by the DSA show that theMLM industry has been in decline in the USA for the last two years – and it’s because what we do is eithertoo complex, or has too much social resistance.Option #1 – Old School:Pull out a 1982 notebook, slam all your friends in, and use this script:“Hi Grandma, I just decided to expand my business operation here in South Carolina and…”Option #2 – Attraction Marketing:First, setup……everything – learn FTP skills, configure plugins, setup social profiles – go to design school……and when you’re done, learn to marketBecause of the simple reality that people hate chasing prospects – they rush to option #2, with the promiseof great riches at the push of a button – but here’s the real problem……attraction marketing doesn’t work the way people are socially wired.As a result, although there’s no emotional inturruptions to doing it like their are in old school behaviors, it’sjust too complicated to work without an 18 month learning curve.Those of us who are willing to quit thier job, go full time, and spend five hundred hours reading forums canmake it.Nobody else.Ask yourself this, and be honest – who do you know online that makes a REAL full time income part time?Nobody.Until this little thing that just happened two weeks ago.Why? Because they can’t do it – there’s too much to learn, too many things to do, too much money tospend, and too little profit.So one day, walking through the woods……shirtless (of course)With the sun shining – I came up with an idea that can change the world.What if I could build something that paid out exponentially more money than even the company made –where anyone – even someone who didn’t understand technology, FTP, blogs, plugins, or ANY of it – couldget started and make more money than I did from my own creation?What if I could make it so easy – a Grandma could do it?What if I could make it so credible – a teenager could do it?
  5. 5. What if I could make it so social – that Facebook would love it?What if I could create such value – that Google would marry it?What if it was so duplicatable – the old Schoolers would join it?…and it wasn’t network marketing, wasn’t really an affiliate program……but – something new all together? That couldn’t interfere with what you do.and the idea of the Empower Network was born. <— by the way, that’s not an affiliate link – just the blogto go see for yourself.That day – wandering in the wilderness, shirtless, I also became restless.For months, I came up with sketch after sketch, process after process – but something was missing – Ihad the idea, I figured out the technology – and I had money to invest……but I didn’t have David Sharpe.Why was David important?Because simply – I don’t make high converting capture pages and split test stuff – I create social salesprocesses – and it’s different.Sure, I’ve been the #1 recruiter in the top attraction marketing system for 2 years, and am the #1 recruiter ina network marketing business as well – but the reality is, Dave Sharpe can do something I can’t do alone –he’ll sit there……not kiddingSTARING at a capture page for hours – moving a word to the left, and say:“God that page looks Gorgeous”Lol.And I’ll walk in the room, and look at a single headline, start laughing – and we’ll test it and it pulls 50%landing page conversions like clock work. That’s a skill that I want to put into your hands.Dave has a gift.So I said – “hey man…““…why don’t we get together – and make people more money, and give them more freedom – than hasever been able to happen, ever – online or offline…”and we said:“Fu#% the bull sh#%– let’s just pay out 100% commissions“Because it’s not about us anymore – it’s only about you. You don’t work for me at the Empower Network – Iam here to serve you. You are not my slaves, I am your servant. And I want to help you change yourbusiness.I want to help you change your life.I want to simplify everything.
  6. 6. If you’ll let me.The Empower Network is more than just a good idea – it’s a system for the little people. And it’s not anattraction marketing system – and it doesn’t replace or compete with any sytem or Network Marketingbusiness out there.It is something new.It is an idea – an idea that works the way people work.It’s an idea that works the way the internet works.It’s a system that pays the way the people want.It’s a community that can help YOU get what YOU WANT.It’s an idea that has created a frenzy.It’s an idea who’s time has come.It is not about me – it’s about you.You will be the product.You will be the face, the training, the message……and the inspiration to change the game.We are the Empower Network.And have formed an alliance of minds that cannot be stopped.I want to pay you guys $2,800,000 in commissions in the next 4 weeks. Directly into your bank account –like a real business owner.With a real merchant account.Finally in control.This is your busines – you will not be silenced, controlled, or told what to do.I will not stop you from marketing in any way that you desire – as long as it’s honest and ethical you haveour blessing.I will support you in ANY network marketing company that you’re in.You can find a home here if you hate network marketing.I am here to serve you, to lift you up – to inspire you.Will you let me?Join now!In success,David WoodEmpower Network Co Founder