20 Social Media Strategiesfor Public Companies


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2- Social Media Marketing Strategies For Public Companies

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20 Social Media Strategiesfor Public Companies

  1. 1. 20 Quick Tips for IR, PR, or Social Media Marketing for Public Companies By www.publishknowledge.com October 1 2009
  2. 2. Internet & Investor Relations Investor Relations has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry in combination with the internet. The compensation for services related to the attraction and communication to shareholders often surpasses executive compensation as companies strive to increase their liquidity and the attractiveness of their firm for large scale investors.
  3. 3. OTCBB and Pinksheet Companies Over the counter bulletin board and Pinksheets have been a positive place to take a firm public for both domestic and international companies due to the high liquidity which makes it easier to finance a company and also to exit those shareholders who have been invested into a company over the long term.
  4. 4. Don’t Jam The System The answer is that the very principles behind Social Media Marketing is based on building a relationship, permission based following, and etiquette. How can you combine social media marketing into your business model for public relations, follow a social media business plan such as:
  5. 5. Have a Blog Have a blog built for your firm, such as www.otclistings.com (One can be set-up initially for free with a small monthly maintenance fee and you can begin updating the blog or hire a person to do it on behalf of your company)
  6. 6. Blog Integrates with Traditional • Automate your press releases to publish on the blog • Automate your newsletter to publish on the blog
  7. 7. Blog Integrates Continued • Automate investor notices, proxy notices, filings, etc, to be published as notices on the blog • Write one blog a week and post it within your blog on why people are investing in your industry, what is going on in the industry, all of the success stories in the industry and why you compare. • Set-up a Twitter account, every time you publish a press release, newsletter, notice, or post, paraphrase the title and twitter the title with a link to the website
  8. 8. Blog Integrates Continued • Read some of your followers comments, and interact via twitter by asking them why they decided to follow your firm, and do they have a blog, etc. Create interaction. Use the twitter account for the marketing people and traveling executives to, so that you can twitter “our CEO is in Florida today speaking at a conference” or “I am at the Hard Assets Conference in Las Vegas this weekend, who else is going” etc. By putting in the personal touches, updates, and personal location, the followers have a genuine feeling of who they are reading and why.
  9. 9. Blog Integrates Continued • Spend 1 hour a day at least updating the blog and twitter account, so that the market gets a continued feeling that you want to communicate with them. Never go silent for longer than a week, it is a bad sign, like not sending out a press release. We are all aware of the cost of a press release, and the companies limiting how much and how often due to budgets, but social media is free, the company has no excuse.
  10. 10. Blog Integrates Continued • Ensure research reports written on your firm include the blog and twitter account in the company profile • Inform people of your blog in investor presentations, corporate presentations, etc. • Develop a press release related to your social media marketing campaign, and inform the investors of all the places they can follow your firm online.
  11. 11. Blog Integrates Continued If you hire any investor relations firms, make sure they notify people of the blog and twitter account to follow, but also make sure they are not spamming it to people or else you will lose followers and market respect. That’s my queue for a pitch, contact info@publishknowledge.com for Mark Bragg to build an strategy that suits regulation FD and complies with current publication regulations and use of the internet.
  12. 12. Other Mediums • Utilize newsgroups, discussion forums, and targeted postings to discuss your blogs, free and useful information, and why they should follow the company profile, blog, twitter, etc. Leave links to all of the mediums you are using and try to participate within the groups once a week, or the day of posting, whichever is sooner. This way, your forums become defacto followers of your content, but ensure you are commenting on relevant information to the groups and not just spam posting.
  13. 13. Youtube and Video Blogs Utilize youtube for loading up video’s of corporate presentations, talking heads about the most current press release launched by your CEO or executives, etc. Blog the content with a link to the video, twitter its publication. My favourite is simply reading your press releases and blog aloud and posting them.
  14. 14. Twitter • Encourage your executives to sign-up for twitter accounts and update their accounts with links to your press and posts, or have them retweet your tweets as employees and executives of the company. Ensure there is a policy in place as to what executives can and cannot discuss as ultimately the SEC is very clear about the liability of what employees say online falls upon the company. For example, they can post links to press, but can not discuss price of the share, how much money the company has, etc, unless its within the filings, and even then, it has to be in a capacity of not advice. Best to have them use it socially and randomly post into their “personal” profile a link to press here and there.
  15. 15. Twitter Continued • Put your twitter and blog account information in your press contact information for press releases • Put the blog and twitter links on your company website • Send out a newsletter to your current base of contacts informing them of the new blog and twitter account following your firm, and continue to do so at the footer of your emails, newsletters, etc, so that individuals begin to follow your firm there. • Ensure research reports written on your firm include the blog and twitter account in the company profile • Put the Blog, Twitter, and Facebook group in filings as sources of information. (Helps legitimize future eProxy uses)
  16. 16. Before Launching Make Sure You Have.... • Prepared the content for blogs and press • Set-up all the accounts, post content preprepared • Interlink the accounts once they are all set-up • Integrate into website and blogs • Automate as much as possible • Set-up tracking tools, and spreadsheet to measure results • Insert a method into all tools for collecting emails and contact information of followers/friends/users For tracking tools and templates please contact us info@publishknowledge.com
  17. 17. What would we suggest using....... • Set-up an account at all the live chat softwares, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Gtalk, Ichat, and have your IR Person on this software or an outsourced one to handle immediate incoming questions. Post the IDs in your blog, network, contact us page. • Set-up Twitter, Hootsuite, Twitpic, account so you can manage multiple twitter accounts, track, and engage. • Set-up Facebook Account, Events, and Groups – Use the Group or Corporate page functions, don’t make a personal account that ends up being a company, that is cheese...
  18. 18. What we suggest continued... • Set-up Bebo for micro blogs, Video/Audio Distribution, integrate Bebo with facebook, twitter, etc. Basically republish summaries of larger existing blogs and press to link back to your corporate blog, enforce with messages and tweets onto your twitter account and facebook. • Fastpitchnetworking.com is decent for networking in a target business market, integrate applications on twitter, facebook, and blogger. Utilize for distributing video, micro blogs, etc. Build the account up the same way that the other accounts are done. • Utilize NING to build a community with the social networking events of Polls, voting mechanisms, comments, etc. • Gather.com is an excellent hub for publishing information, Gather also offers a percentage of advertising to the authors. Post releases in PDF and word docs, PowerPoint Presentations. The more formats the better.
  19. 19. What we suggest continued... • LinkedIn Best for integrating all of the other modules. Really its a list of connections, very useful for individual credibility of Directors, Officers, and staff, not really companies. • Myspace.com A good publication tool with an internal network for promotions that would help the company be recognized, i.e. a banner exchange. (MUST Set-up) • NING – I bring NING up again as it really is one of the best tools for integrating into blogs, websites, and communities to drive users to a social media product. • Orkut and google Talk- Google is one of the largest networks of users in the world. Good for SEO, Publishing, Chatting.
  20. 20. What we suggest continued... • Blogger.com is integrated. I suggest having at least one blogger account and update with blogs from your main blog. They could be micro blogs that point people over to the full content on the website. • Slideshare.com For power point presentations and PDFs. • Typepad.com free blog software, you should consider setting it up. It adds to the overall exposure and we can link it back into your other blogs and websites. Can publish the publishing of others on it as well; and new accounts.
  21. 21. What we suggest continued... • Wikia and Wikipedia Good definition and publication websites, it builds a profile for your company as it grows and or states the story and history. • Meet-up Accounts is a useful tool for organizing events, one could use the tool for example to promote a Meet-Up within a conference. For example in a Gold Conference, a meetup.com account could be set-up for a specific event organized by your staff for your company, of which people register to go to within the event itself. • Wordpress Website- The best darn blogging software for SEO and ease of use for your social media marketing and IR Team. (Thats our opinion but millions agree by using them. If you want to launch a 20 step program to for your overall investor relations strategy contact info@publishknowledge.com
  22. 22. OTC Listings Marketing Some of the marketing services offered 1. Online research report writing once a month 2. Industry reviews including your company 3. Audit of sources of information on your company monthly for the CEO and CFO to have full confidence in their internet disclosures and company policies being followed before signing off on filings. 4. Press release reviews and opinions and social media integration 5. Broadcasting company information, similar to a newswire but via blogs 6. Interlinking of social media platforms and continued updates on behalf of the company on all mediums when a press release occurs or notice, versus your firm manually maintaining the process 7. Corporate competitions and marketing to build newsletter databases 8. Building Broker dealer, Press, and Capital firm contacts and followings 9. Syndicate development for combined posting, discussions, and communication online with other social media experts 10. Building a social media marketing plan for your firm using the twenty strategies discussed.
  23. 23. What does it mean for Public Companies? If you are not public yet and would like to consider going public, contact Mark Bragg @ info@otclistings.com or go to www.otclistings.com and fill in the form in the top menu. We have contacts with firms who engage in activities such as IPOs, Reverse Mergers, Shell Transactions by way of Reverse Mergers, OTCBB Shells for sale by way of purchasing control. In addition, we have trusted legal counsel who can work with you for filings and regulation compliance when using the internet, which we call the Internet Audit. Feel free to contact us.