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Published on is for people who want to find what sports they can play today, tomorrow and this week. We can also help sporting clubs grow their membership and exposure. It's that simple.

We are introducing people to new sports, by showcasing all the classes in one simple online platform.

We are focused on the sporting community and our customers range from the person looking to try a new sport or the local running club who wants to grow their membership to the pro active sport enthusiast.

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  3. 3. jad ghaz Previously Jad worked as the Xbox Marketing Manager at Microsoft France (5 years) and Microsoft Gulf (1 year) managing a product portfolio of more than $100M across hardware, software and services in the entertainment industry. He has launched products and partnerships in digital music, movies, gaming or TV on demand with Orange, Canal+, Nokia, TF1, Deezer, M6, Warner Bros... His core skills and experience are in sales, strategy, digital marketing, product management and business and partner management. Creative Director and co-founder of Maek digital a global design agency based in London, Dubai, Bangkok. He has worked for clients such as Microsoft, Nokia, Nike, Universal Music, MTV and Mercedes-Benz. Ghazwan graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. His core skills and experience span strategy, brand identity, animation, website design, illustration and video editing. The marketing guy The creative guy
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITY A DISSECTED MARKET ON A GLOBAL LEVEL. Nobody currently owns the local sporting community on a global level. For most sports enthusiasts, the way to find sports to play is through Internet search, recommendation, trial and sometimes luck. For clubs and event managers, the way to get exposure is through their own websites (google Search), word of mouth and traditional paid media, marketing and partnerships. Smaller clubs, sport associations and amateur clubs are finding it challenging to attract new members and manage event organization while still focusing on their main effort which is to provide a great sport experience. There is a need for a platform that will allow sport enthusiasts to find the right clubs and clubs to easily grow and manage their members without defocusing from their main objective.
  5. 5. There has never been a better time to create both a solution designed to help clubs and event managers take advantage of the digital world, as well as something that ignites and inspires people to seek out sports they can take part in their local community. We believe we have that solution.
  6. 6. GAMEPLAYSPORT.COM IS BUILT FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO PLAY SPORT AND FOR SPORTING CLUBS WHO WANT TO GROW THEIR MEMBERSHIP. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. We are introducing people to new sports, getting the local/global community more active and fit, and helping local clubs and events grow their membership. We are focused on the sporting community and our customers range from the person looking to find a squash partner or the local running club who wants to grow their membership to the pro active sport enthusiasts looking to try different sports in their area. We believe in associating creative ingenuity and disruptive technology to markets that haven’t changed in decades. For us, the three go best together.
  7. 7. nOW PEOPLE CAN EASILY FIND THEIR PREFERRED ACTIVITIES and CLUBS can BETTER MANAGE ATTENDANCE TO THEIR CLASSES. Sports enthusiasts GPS Proposition EVENT ORGANISERS Are looking for : Community Flexibility Trial Fun New sports to try Provides : Event management Awareness Attendance New Subscribers Flexibility Deals Simplicity Are looking for : Reach Flexibility Better Management Communication tools Simplicity Exposure
  8. 8. our Model valuable serviceS to clubs & users for better connections GPS offerings for Clubs GPS offerings for Users 1. Booking platform Clubs can reach to new participants beyond their already engaged user base. Unique pass for several clubs, value offering or trial sessions are some examples of ser- vices provided by GPS. What it does Booking management for members to confirm Attendance, price, location and other details associated with a booking. Full online payment. No more paper, Less phone call management, no more random emails. More time to play. Business Model: Fixed percentage charge for clubs on indi- vidual club’s activity pass purchased on GPS. BOOKING 2. Communication Clubs, sports apparel companies or sports institutions can communicate to the right user base through efficient targeted properties across the platform including rich and standard formats. What it does: Clubs can get extra exposure on homepage, monthly newsletter or other premium spaces. Editorial options include writing posts about members, club news or general information through GPS. Business Model: Fixed pricing based on 3 level of communication package. MARKETING 3. Event Management Tool No more endless email and wassap threads… GPS provides a stop shop event set up tool. From a friendly tennis match to a several thousands corporate marathon, event organizer can now easily manage participation, payment and communication. What it does: Allow clubs to take payment for class or event and track their members progress on GPS, attendance, general info and other member details. Business Model: Subscriptions pass for setting up and managing events with pricing variable based on participants’ number. 0-30 participants = Free for non-clubs. MANAGEMENT
  9. 9. THE POWER OF NOW WHY DUBAI? The internet age has changed it all… we want access and discovery on the go and GPS is all about discovering or setting up and participating in new activities easily and rapidly. The digital trend is only starting in Dubai while all the criteria are available for the trend to catch up with more mature markets. With a telecom’s infrastructure ranked among the world’s best, a 300 000 medium to high income expatriate community and an excellent range of activities ranging from from sailing to kite surfing, Dubai needs a centralized digital sports platform to help sports enthusiasts find the sports they like and meet new people.
  10. 10. There is still a BIG opportunity to solve a BIG CHALLENGE. Some current platforms cater for one sport only (cycling, running) while some are very closed off and others are simply human resources intense (Duplays). Majority are administrative tools which are tailored made for a few sports (football). Game Play Sport aims to provide a simple yet comprehensive solution for sport enthusiast to discover, try and participate in their sport community. On the club side, we believe they deserve a better digital platform to connect and inspire their members to support them in doing more sport. Biggest local player by a long way. Established for 5 years, only in the region, curates leagues, games, events for b2b Biggest global player by a long shot. However this is not sport specific, but more on general group activities like parties, events, stags, hen do’s, birthdays etc. With Sport organisation tool for clubs and teams. Closed off so it’s very private and not open.Out of date brand and hard to use. Suggestion of 1.8m members. Has app support for mobile. Subscription model Sport organisation tool for clubs and teams. Closed off so it’s very private and not open.Out of date brand and hard to use. Suggestion of 1.8m members. Has app support for mobile.Subscription model There are other sport directories that showcase a variety of content. Time out being the best well known brand, but with majority of out of date content. THERE ARE OTHER PLATFORMS...BUT SOLVING ONLY A SMALL PART OF THE PROBLEM. SPORT DIRECTORIES EVENT MANAGEMENT
  11. 11. 1. GPS will initially roll out in Dubai as a sports directory to become the one stop shop for finding out what is happening in sports near you. 2. Create powerful Services for clubs and events that solve their trickiest of problems and give them new ways of doing things easily that they never thought they could, cheaply. 3. Partner with sport brands, sports institutions and advertisers on a ground level to encourage people to us GPS to play more sport. 4. To launch in other cities around the world once Dubai has proven successful. WE HAVE A VISION
  12. 12. GAME.PLAY.SPORT WE CAME TO PLAY. LaUNCHING NOV 2013! Support us at: @gameplaysport facebook/gameplaysport