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Rob Holman


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From the Autonomous Systems @ OSU conference.

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Rob Holman

  1. 1. • High societal interest • Complex oceanography problem • High spatial variability • Full of visible signatures UAVs at the Beach Rob Holman SECNAV/CNO Chair in Oceanography
  2. 2. Oregon State University Argus cameras in lighthouse Optical Measurements From Fixed Platforms (The Argus Program) Palm Beach, Australia
  3. 3. Oregon State University Year-long Time Exposure Movie (Palm Beach, Australia) Sandy beach Sand bar Deep water
  4. 4. Oregon State University cBathy – Bathymetry From Wave Speed • 2-year test • 16 surveys • global bias 0.19 m • global rmse 0.51 m Ground truth Remote sensing estimate
  5. 5. NATO Experiments with UAV (2006, Spain and Sardinia) • Issues related to transition to moving UAV, • Using Raven A, standard DOD UAV, • Image quality NOT an issue, • image navigation, dwell and record gaps ARE problems. Oregon State University
  6. 6. Quadcopter Experiments, (The Netherlands, 2015) • Phantom V2P • VERY stable • 17 minute dwell on station • Studying characteristics, photogrammetry, imaging physics Oregon State University VERY Powerful Platforms and easy to use