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Silvia Rondon


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Silvia Rondon

  1. 1. Detecting Colorado Potato Beetle Damage Using Small Unmanned Aircraft SILVIA I. RONDON ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR EXTENSION ENTOMOLOGIST SPECIALIST 2015
  2. 2. Working group Research Office InSitu USDA-ARS Don Horneck† Philip Hamm Silvia Rondon A.E. Bruce Robert Turner Paul Parks Josh Brungardt David Blair Ray Hunt
  3. 3. Hermiston Agricultural Research & Extension Center: HAREC
  4. 4. How to develop a prescription plan? How do we identify and geo-locate plant stress? Existing approaches to identify stress: Historical yield maps Core samples and leaf samples Insect data Disease data Multi Spectral and Hyper Spectral Imagery: Aircraft or Satellites
  5. 5. DETECTION OF NITROGEN DEFICIENCY IN POTATOES USING SMALL UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS E. Raymond Hunt, Jr., USDA-ARS, Beltsville MD Don Horneck† and Phil Hamm, HAREC, OSU, Hermiston, OR Dan Gadler, Gene Bruce, Bob Turner, and Charlie Spinelli, Boeing Research and Technology, Kent WA Josh Brungardt, Paradigm-ISR, Bend OR 2014
  6. 6. Image day before the beetle outbreak
  7. 7. Image next day with beetle outbreak
  8. 8. What is next ? Independent study by USDA and OSU to asses utility of information Validation of data Growers interested in this technology
  9. 9. Acknowledgements