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Nadia y Coraima violence against women

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Nadia y Coraima violence against women

  1. 1. No to Violence against Women 25 of November
  2. 2. Even Knowing… … You gave your heart…
  3. 3. But he betrayed
  4. 4. You know it hurts But you think That it will change
  5. 5. Do not wait because It will not change So…
  6. 6. Do not shed your tears for him, He nerver
  7. 7. Do not let you make his slave When you beat a woman, you stop being a man…and you become a coward
  8. 8. If you are his torture doll… Do not Panic…
  9. 9. You are unhappy… Feel the end near… Do Not Wait !!!
  10. 10. Don’t listen to their threat !! Don’t be silent
  11. 11. Do not consent to Shatter his Childhood!
  12. 12. Scream as loud as you can!! You will never be over my life and my dignity… I will win this war!! Feel the shame…
  13. 13. Fear not, be happy, we’re with you!!
  14. 14. We hope this videowill make everyone thinkabout it