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TAC by Schneider Electric Corporate Presentation


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Company Infomation, Stategy, Solutions and Product Offering

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TAC by Schneider Electric Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. TAC Corporate Presentation Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Corporate Presentation 1. TAC at a Glance 2. Our Strategy 3. Strategic Solutions 4. System Offers 5. Customers Presentation Agenda
  3. 3. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC – A Company of Schneider Electric Comprehensive range of products, software and services. We help people make the most of their energy.  productivity, flexibility, safety, traceability availability, safety, cost- effective comfort, communication, safety, operating costs safety, comfort, communication Energy & Infrastructures Industry Buildings Residential
  4. 4. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC’s Foundation Vision Statement  With advanced technology and innovative solutions, Open Integrated Systems for Building IT®  To end users and property owners  Delivered by TAC’s (/Schneider’s) offices in defined markets and partners throughout the world We help people make the most of their energy, while providing added value through building services for energy and security… A world where we all can achieve more while using less of our common planet. Mission Statement SecurityIndoor Climate Energy
  5. 5. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC’s Core Values Customers for life Passionate: • For customers, For people, Positive Embrace change Open: • Curious, Collaborative, Diverse We keep our promises Straightforward: • Walk the talk, Integrity, Talk straight Raise the bar Effective: • High Performer, Pragmatic, Fast
  6. 6. TAC Corporate Presentation • TAC systems are found in over 150,000 installations, on every continent. • 120-year history in building automation, access control and security. • Over 8,000 employees worldwide. • Offices, branches and partners in: • Americas – Dallas, TX, USA • Europe – Malmö, Sweden • Asia-Pacific – Hong Kong • Manufacturing in the USA, Europe and China: • Rockford, IL, USA • Stockholm, Sweden • Genoa, Italy • Gaoming, China TAC’s Global Reach Presence across 80 countries in 3 regions. Revenue Distribution by Region
  7. 7. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC’s Route to Market • Develop and manufacture products and software • Design, integrate and install systems • Provide ongoing life-cycle energy and management services At TAC, we: Services Security Products through Partners Building Automation Products through Partners Systems EnergyEdge & Energy Solutions Revenue Distribution by Business
  8. 8. TAC Corporate Presentation • Revenue of $2 billion (US) in 2007 • Consistent profit growth year-after-year, in tandem with sales growth • Organic growth, significantly higher than industry average • Strategic acquired competence:  2000: CSI Control Systems International  2004: Andover Controls  2005: Invensys Building Systems - Europe  2006: Invensys Building Systems - Americas  2007: Pelco TAC’s World Class Strategic Growth Most profitable, fastest-growing company in the industry!
  9. 9. TAC Corporate Presentation First to develop a spring return proportional globe valve actuator First to provide direct digital control technology for building automation First to incorporate dual redundant networking in a building automation system First to seamlessly integrate HVAC and access control First to develop a freely programmable LON® -based controller First to integrate a web server into a building controller First to develop a telephone voice command interface for BMS First to integrate BACnet® support to all facility and security controls First to provide occupants with personalized environment control through a web browser First to provide complete solutions based on Open Integrated Systems for Building IT First to provide a complete range of wireless-enabled BACnet controllers TAC’s Innovation Leadership
  10. 10. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Corporate Presentation 1. TAC at a Glance 2. Our Strategy 3. Strategic Solutions 4. System Offers 5. Customers Presentation Agenda
  11. 11. TAC Corporate Presentation HVACElevators Fire Lighting & Closing Electrical Distribution Security IT & TelcoRefrig. Building management consulting (including energy efficiency / performance contracting) Facility management Security monitoring Elevators Refrigeration Lighting & Closing Fire Extinction Security Equipment MV & LV Equipment Servers, Mass Storage Building Security Fire Lighting & Closing Control ED control & Monitoring Routers, VoIP Building Automation HVAC Systems Integration Partners & Branches TAC Product Divisions Convergence area The Building Ecosystem Equipment Controls & Field Devices Systems & Services Extended Services
  12. 12. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC’s Strategies Lower CapEx Reduced OpEx Improved Business Performance Market Strategy Technology Strategy Taking Open Integrated Building IT to the Next Level Offer Strategy Life Cycle Strategy
  13. 13. TAC Corporate Presentation Market Strategy Our Convergence Solutions • Decrease initial system and building investment • Reduce ongoing operational costs • Add additional business performance to increase:  Revenue  Employee productivity  Quality  Customer experience Business Value Lowered CapEx Reduced OpEx Improved Business Performance
  14. 14. TAC Corporate Presentation Technology Strategy • Secure intelligent IP implementation • Robust functionality; easy-to-use • Pushbutton engineering • Scalable  Future-proof migration  Backward compatible Open Integrated Building IT Taking Open Integrated Building IT to the Next Level
  15. 15. TAC Corporate Presentation Integrated HVAC Security Offer Strategy
  16. 16. TAC Corporate Presentation Customer Life Cycle Strategy Customer Benefits • Long-term profitable buildings • Secure investment • Improved functionality • Well-thought-out system architecture Creating customers for life.
  17. 17. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Corporate Presentation 1. TAC at a Glance 2. Our Strategy 3. Strategic Solutions 4. System Offers 5. Customers Presentation Agenda
  18. 18. TAC Corporate Presentation Strategic Solutions • EnergyEdge • Energy Solutions • Security • Convergence • Services • Segment Expertise
  19. 19. TAC Corporate Presentation Strategic Solution: EnergyEdge • Save as much as 30% in utility costs • Upgrade with programs that pay for themselves • Align objectives to increase productivity • Continue savings with strategies and expertise • Contribute to Green building strategies TAC finds your facility’s hidden savings while showing you how to gain control of its energy usage. Predictable ROI, sustainable results.
  20. 20. TAC Corporate Presentation • Complying with new, emerging security standards • Applying security strategies through integration and convergence throughout the building • Delivering comprehensive solutions:  Video Security Management  Access Control  Intrusion Detection  Fire & Life Safety • Leveraging existing technology investments • IT integration expertise • Customized cost-effective solutions When you need a complete security solution, TAC puts it all together. Strategic Solution: Security Leveraging our market leadership in both integrated security and seamless BMS/IP security solutions.
  21. 21. TAC Corporate Presentation • Integrate all building management systems • Lower initial system investment by as much as 25% • Realize up to 36% decrease in ongoing facility operational expenses • Capitalize on long-term financial value • Create new revenue opportunities • Increase employee productivity • Improve the customer experience • Enhance building asset value Significant initial investment and life-cycle savings are provided by convergence of building systems. Strategic Solution: Convergence
  22. 22. TAC Corporate Presentation • Operational services for guaranteed system performance • Periodic adjustments and optimization to ensure system performance • Energy and indoor climate analysis • Programs that enable minimal staffing requirements • Expert Facility Consulting TAC takes responsibility … offering customized support, fulfilling your needs. Strategic Solution: Services
  23. 23. TAC Corporate Presentation • Commercial Offices • Data Centers • Education/University • Government and Military • Healthcare • Hospitality • Industry and Technology • Life Sciences • Residential • Retail • Transportation Together with Schneider Electric, TAC delivers segment specific expertise. Strategic Solution: Customized Segment Solutions
  24. 24. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Corporate Presentation 1. TAC at a Glance 2. Our Strategy 3. Strategic Solutions 4. System Offers 5. Customers Presentation Agenda
  25. 25. TAC Corporate Presentation Global Brands
  26. 26. TAC Corporate Presentation • Wireless BACnet® field bus for cost-effective installations • Integrated building automation and security • The industry’s first PDA-based BACnet service tool • Native BACnet at all levels, BTL listed. Supports other industry leading technologies: TCP/IP, LONWORKS® , Modbus® and Ethernet Based on the BACnet open standard, Andover Continuum provides a secure, convenient, and intuitive means to manage a facility from anywhere at anytime. The most powerful, integrated BACnet Building Management System
  27. 27. TAC Corporate Presentation • Industry-leading graphics • State-of-the-art user-interface • Unique support of IT standards and web-based solutions • Integrated building automation and security • The most flexible and easy-to-use zone solutions • Based on LONWORKS® and supports other industry-leading technologies: TCP/IP, BACnet® , Modbus® and Ethernet The most open, scalable and IT-friendly Building Management System Based on the open LONWORKS standard, TAC Vista is one of the most advanced and efficient solutions for building automation.
  28. 28. TAC Corporate Presentation • Robust with unmatched availability • The security solution for TAC Vista • A proven solution for integrated building management The most dependable integrated Security & Building Management System TAC I/NET provides powerful and reliable security solutions with features that make the systems easy to install, operate, integrate, expand and maintain—throughout the life of a facility.
  29. 29. TAC Corporate Presentation Protecting People and Property, Worldwide As one of the pioneers in the industry, Pelco has been manufacturing video security equipment for more than 20 years, providing a high-quality, diversified product line that emphasizes the total system needs of its customers. • The largest video security systems manufacturer in the world • Industry leader in the development of full-featured, end-to-end video security systems • Broadest, most advanced product line in the industry • Fanatical customer service and technical support • Seamless integration with TAC’s building automation systems
  30. 30. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Field Devices Integration products •Variable speed drives •Power measurement •Lighting control •UPS’s Security products •Access control readers •Biometrics •Cards • Broad portfolio of TAC/Schneider Electric solutions • History of design innovation • Unmatched reputation for quality and reliability • Engineered compatibility with TAC building automation systems Helping buildings operate more efficiently, while assuring safety and comfort. HVAC products • Valves, Actuators • Sensors (temp, pressure, humidity, CO2) • Thermostats Ancillary products • Wire/cable • Transformers • Relays
  31. 31. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Corporate Presentation 1. TAC at a Glance 2. Our Strategy 3. Strategic Solutions 4. System Offers 5. Customers Presentation Agenda
  32. 32. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Buildings - Americas Shedd Aquarium Yale University Héma-Québec Golden Gate Bridge Rockefeller Center
  33. 33. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Buildings - Europe Eiffel Tower The Kremlin Byblos Bank Harrods Sanoma House
  34. 34. TAC Corporate Presentation TAC Buildings – Asia Pacific Petronas Towers Sydney Opera House Two International Finance Centre Westin Resort Kuala Lumpur Airport
  35. 35. TAC Corporate Presentation Global Customers ROCKEFELLER CENTER Petronas Towers
  36. 36. TAC Corporate Presentation Just Ask Our Customers… “With minimum effort and cost, our building automation system has been upgraded four times. We have been a TAC customer for over 26 years.” - Dubai World Trade Centre “The current electrical savings are both measurable and impressive. The indirect savings on manpower, plant operations management, electrical component savings and equipment life is immense!” -The Breakers Hotel “We were impressed with the simplicity of the TAC system…this was a deciding factor for us.” -Shedd Aquarium “Although we are not requesting custom work, TAC makes us feel like we are getting it.” -Merck Pharmaceutical “TAC has been a great team player by providing Verizon with value-added support in the areas of standards and training.” -Verizon “TAC is an integral part of the development at the Land Rover site. Their unique product allows Land Rover personnel to be at the forefront of technology, which in turn keeps us ahead of the competition.” -Land Rover
  37. 37. TAC Corporate Presentation Improving Business Performance