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Flexing Your Marketing Muscle: Social Media Strategy & Content Creation


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Presentation that accompanied a February 2012 workshop provided by the Power of We Consortium in East Lansing, MI.

Presentation provides topical overview of social media policy creation, content strategy for small organizations, and a brief overview of Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm.

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Flexing Your Marketing Muscle: Social Media Strategy & Content Creation

  1. 1. FLEXING YOURMARKETING MUSCLEStrategy, Content & Policy in Social Media
  2. 2. SocialNomics VidSocialNomics 3.0
  3. 3. Welcome / IntroductionGOALS FOR TODAY:-- Develop an understanding of general content strategyfor your organization-- Brainstorm ideas for specific campaign initiatives thatmay be applicable for your target audience(s)-- Share tips and tricks that will optimize your contentonline
  4. 4. The Plan.  Quick room poll  Lessons from Years One & Two  Campaign Successes  Facebook EdgeRank  Group Brainstorm  Recommendations  Metricsto Employ  People/Pages to Follow
  5. 5. RAISE YOUR HANDIF…(Don’t be shy!)
  6. 6. Who’s Who? Who’s Where? Organization website? Do you control it? Personal Facebook profile? Organization Facebook Page? Do you manage? Personal Twitter account? Org. Twitter account? Personal LinkedIn account? Organization? Are you on Google+? Is your org.? Are you on Pinterest?
  7. 7. OUR STORY:Lessons from Years One & Two.
  8. 8. Writing a Policy? Borrow! Steal! There are plenty of resources/examples online of other organizations (similar to yours!) that have already done this work USE THEM. Review the language. Consult your senior staff. Keep it under two pages. Above all: incorporate your mission and values into the policy.
  9. 9. The MHSAA: Lessons We’ve Learned
  10. 10. Current Quantitative Data MHSAA Facebook  @MHSAA 7,663 Fans  2,184 Followers Average weekly growth: 72.3 Fans  Average weekly growth: 20.9 Followers
  11. 11. How It Allllll Started After creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – we sat back Waited 90 full days before posting anything anywhere Monitored conversation using combination of Google Searches, Twitter Keywords, Facebook Searches Developed strategy based on trends witnessed during 90-day period
  12. 12. Developed a Baseline forMeasurement EXCEL: Use what you know!
  13. 13. Three-Prong Content ApproachUpdates Recommendatio Up-to-the on MHSAA ns for non- minute clinics, MHSAA tournament meetings, created information trainings, content, article from on-site events and s, news staff news Outside Live Event Announcements Contributions Updates
  14. 14. Why Andi? Youngest? No. Blondest? No. Select the person who understands your message and mission: truly. Tech-savvy doesn’t hurt, but isn’t required Don’t assign an intern. This is your brand, your reputation, your public perception!
  15. 15. Connection: Campaigns &Convos Individual attention: personalized content Targeted and tailored for specific audience Goal is to interact/engage with both new & established members through new medium(s) Fresh content, “Nuggets” Contests, polling, voting – “Call to action”
  16. 16. Tie It All Together
  17. 17. Measurable, Trackable, Fun-tastic: DisplayedParticipants seeimmediate results,understand scopeand action required
  18. 18. Tie It AllTogether
  19. 19. Drive Them Where You Want Them•12 clips garnered over17,500 unique views onYouTube (to date)• Integration ofFacebook event andTwitter posts generatedbuzz• Shared results withmost engagedaudience: fans at theBreslin Center over twoweekends in March
  20. 20. Press On!•Battle of The FansContest: started withstudents• Integration ofFacebook event andTwitter posts generatedbuzz• Will share results withmost engagedaudience: fans at theBreslin Center over twoweekends in March
  21. 21. OPTIMIZING CONTENTFacebook EdgeRank – Making It Work ForYou
  22. 22. How do you consume online?
  23. 23. They will rarely come backhere…
  24. 24. News Feed = your channel.
  25. 25. The Rules of Threes:
  27. 27. Affinity Affinity is the user’s relationship with the items creator.  The more a person comments, likes or interacts with your posts, then the more likely your update will show up in their News Feed.  The more a person’s friends comment, like or interact with your posts, then the more likely your update will show up in that person’s News Feed.
  28. 28. Weight Weight combines what type of object and what type of interactions it’s receiving.  Videos,photos and links are generally considered to have the highest weight.  General text updates (with no videos, photos or links) carry the lowest weight.
  29. 29. VIDEOSPHOTOSLinks
  30. 30. COMMENTLIKEShare
  31. 31. Type of Content Type of RelationshipInteraction to the object
  32. 32. Time Decay Final variable: as an object gets older, the lower value the post carries.  Facebook is concerned with the relevancy of status updates in relation to the amount of time that has passed.  Fresh& frequent content are heavy players in whether your message is being seen.
  33. 33. Posting FrequencyTimes per dayHours of “half life”Different times of day
  34. 34. Tips!
  35. 35. Tips!
  36. 36. Tips!
  37. 37. Tips!
  38. 38. Tips!
  39. 39. Tips!
  40. 40. My Content is Optimized: NowWhat? How do you want to share your stories?
  41. 41. SIX FEARSThe scary stuff.
  42. 42. How many are you thinking?1) Loss of control over your organizations’ branding & marketing messages2) Dealing with negative comments.3) Addressing personality vs. organizational voice4) Fear of failure5) Perception of wasted time & resources6) Suffering from information overload already: a.k.a. “this is too much to handle”
  43. 43. A FEW DON’T ITEMS…Pointers!
  44. 44. Don’t spam your audience. If a company/business posts updated back-to- back, multiple times per day? Hidden from News Feeds or unfollowed. Period.
  45. 45. Don’t neglect issues/problems. Social media is a two-way conversation you have with your members. When you ignore concerns or questions, you appear aloof and ambivalent. Don’t you care?
  46. 46. Don’t use formulaic responses.  In the same vein as ignoring comments, it’s just as bad to post a canned response to all issues or concerns.
  47. 47. Don’t automate your updates. Users notice when they see the exact same content posted on all your networks or marketing channels. This includes marrying your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  48. 48. Don’t turn off the wall. While neglecting issues or problems is a bad practice, turnin g off the wall completely sends the message that you just want
  49. 49. Don’t post this photo if you’re theMHSAA.
  50. 50. CHECKING INGroups of 4-6.
  51. 51. Questions That Need Answers: Who are we speaking to?  What do they want from us online? What do we want from them online?  How can we align those actions? How will we know if it’s working?  How will we keep the ball rolling? How will this evolve?
  52. 52. RETURN ONINFLUENCEWatch, Listen, Measure, Aggregate.
  53. 53. Measuring Quality, Quantity, Reach &Velocity MONITOR ANALYZE Administer searches  Counts Track keywords  Multiple accounts View trends  Data overlay Review conversation
  54. 54. What Is It About? Building New Relationships Generating Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strengthening Brand Loyalty
  55. 55. Free on Facebook: Insights MHSAA Facebook Insights
  56. 56. My Favorites:  Incorporates:  Features: ◦ Twitter profiles ◦ Web-based ◦ Facebook profiles ◦ Free/pay models ◦ Facebok pages ◦ Columns ◦ LinkedIn ◦ Integrated accounts ◦ WordPress ◦ Scheduling ◦ FourSquare ◦ Simple URL shortener and photo uploader ◦ Excellent mobile app ◦ Customizable reports
  57. 57. My Favorites: TwitterCounter Tracks and projects growth in Twitter Followers & tweets Weekly email with average growth, expected growth for coming 7-day period
  58. 58. My Favorites: TweetStats  Graph and see, at-a- glance, tweets per day, most common keywords/trends for your account
  59. 59. My Favorites: SocialMention Aggregates content from across web Allows easy tracking/measurin g of what others are saying about your brand, topic, produ ct, conference Monitors 100+
  60. 60. THINGS TO KEEPEYES ONFollow, Subscribe, Like. LEARN!
  61. 61.  Daily posts: RSS sent right to your Inbox Specific to non- profits and smaller corps “Expert.”
  62. 62.  Webinars RSS feed “Social Media for Social Good” Another “Expert.”
  63. 63.  Hundreds of authors Reputable, current and relevant “Expert(s).”
  64. 64.  Aggregate postings Multiple contributors RSS feed “Expert(s).”
  65. 65.  @MarkRaganC EO RSS feed Social media tab Another “Expert.”
  66. 66. Thank you! Questions? Comments? CONTACT Andi Osters MHSAA (517)332-5046