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Corinth ppt


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Corinth ppt

  1. 1. The radical pilot for ITec by Şanliurfa Halfeti Saylakkaya Secondary School, Turkey. Class : 8/A English group
  2. 2. Our project group 8/A
  3. 3. After we had grouped , we went outside the school , took photos about our town., made powerpoints about our city . Searched the city of Brno. Watched the Hungary’s videos . Finally ,we compared our city ‘s historical ,agricultural and animal specilalities with Check Republic and Hungary. We used Corinth classroom for making our project more visual . We integrated to our project in science lesson . Our teacher summarized subjects via Corinth classroom . We chose a subject from our curriculim and presented it to our friends by using Corinth classroom.
  4. 4. Pistachio Tree
  5. 5. You can see clearly
  6. 6. Leaves
  7. 7. This is how we can see its parts if we look in it with a microscope. We will use Corinth Classroom and see them as 3D.
  8. 8. Also we can see the soil in this picture.
  9. 9. Soil
  10. 10. Bald Iblis
  11. 11. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s Statue
  12. 12. Example monuments and statues