SkySQL MariaDB 云数据组件


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SkySQL MariaDB 云数据组件
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SkySQL MariaDB 云数据组件

  1. 1. MariaDB SkySQL Cloud Data Suite Enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL A Highly Available Cloud Database with Monitoring and Management Tools
  2. 2. SkySQL Cloud Data Suite ● Everything that runs in the cloud ● Predefined template in the cloud with all software installed ● On Amazon an AMI ● On OpenStack a Glance image ● On Linux platforms a set of RPM/DEB packages ● All elements highly available
  3. 3. SkySQL Provisioning SkySQL Cluster Replicator Data StoreAdmin. Console SkySQL Cloud Data Suite
  4. 4. ● MariaDB database instances ● Administration Console User Interface ● RESTful Administration API ● SkySQL Monitoring Server ● MONyog ● phpMyAdmin What runs in the cloud?
  5. 5. MariaDB High Availability ● Pacemaker resource agents ● MHA resource agent ● Replicated data ● Hot standby server ● Read load balancing ● MariaDB Galera Cluster ● Replicated data ● Hot standby server ● Read/write load balancing ● Shared Storage ● Replication via storage device ● Cold standby server ● Transparent access via virtual IP addresses
  6. 6. Support Software ●Pacemaker/Corosync ●Apache Webserver ●Tomcat servlet engine ●Gluster distributed & replicated filesystem
  7. 7. Pacemaker/ CoroSync Pacemaker/ CoroSync Pacemaker/ CoroSync Apache Web Server ElasticIP SkySQL Monitor MONyog Admin DB MONyog DB Tomcat Admin Console Replication Master/Slave Resource Group Clone Resource Group Bound Resources Bound Resources Console REST API Apache Web ServerApache Web Server MariaDB MariaDB MariaDB
  8. 8. Administration console
  9. 9. Monitoring
  10. 10. Provisioning system:
  11. 11. Free trial from SkySQL team!
  12. 12. What is MariaDB? ● MariaDB is an enhanced, drop-in, binary compatible replacement for MySQL ● created by several of the former core developers of MySQL including Monty ● is not just a set of patches applied on top of MySQL – includes features which are similar to the corresponding features in MySQL, but the implementations differ, like for example the thread pool, microsecond support and query annotations in RBR binlog – includes a lot of features that are not in MySQL See
  13. 13. MariaDB: key improvements ● More Storage Engines ● Speed improvements ● Extensions & new features ● Better Testing ● Fewer warnings and bugs ● Truly Open Source – all code in MariaDB is released under GPL, LPGL or BSD: no closed source modules – MariaDB includes test cases for all fixed bugs – All bugs and development plans are public – MariaDB is developed by the community in true open source spirit Bugs and plans: About Community:
  14. 14. MariaDB 10 ● built on the MariaDB 5.5 series ● backported features from MySQL 5.6 ● Re-implemented MySQL 5.6 features ● entirely new features not found anywhere else – Multi-source replication – Even faster Group Commit – SHOW EXPLAIN – Cassandra Storage Engine – Improved Dynamic Columns ● For all details see e-now/
  15. 15. MariaDB Foundation “The MariaDB Foundation promotes, protects, and advances the MariaDB codebase, community, and ecosystem.”
  16. 16. Info ● ● ● ● ● FRUCT13 Demo, Apr 25