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OSSera's Approach and Commitment to Green IT


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OSSera is committed to Green IT. Founded in 2007 for OSS Business Transformation

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OSSera's Approach and Commitment to Green IT

  2. 2. Challenges• Data Center ProblemsEnergy• Challenges & SolutionsOur Approach• Approach & Key DifferentiatorsSummary• Conclusions
  3. 3. Datacenter Costs 1 large, 100,000 sq ft Datacenter – 30MW Power Consumption • Equivalent Power Consumption of 60,000 individuals • Equivalent CO2 Output of 6,700 Households or 23,000 cars
  4. 4. Data Centers – Highly energy-intensive and rapidly growing – Consume 10 to 100 times more energy per square foot than a typical office building – Large potential impact on electricity supply and distribution – Used about 45 billion kWh in 2005 – At current rates, power requirements could double in 5 years. 4
  5. 5. Key Barriers• Lack of efficiency definitions for equipment and data centers (Being addressed by – Service output difficult to measure, varies among applications – Need for metrics and more data: How do we account for computing performance?• Split incentives – Disconnect between IT and facilities managers• Risk aversion – Fear of change and potential downtime; energy efficiency perceived as a change with uncertain value and risk5
  6. 6. Energy Efficiency Opportunities Power Server Load/ Cooling Distribution & Computing Equipment Conversions Operations6
  7. 7. Data Center Energy Use Typical Data Center Energy End Use100 Units Power Conversions & Distribution35 Units Cooling Equipment Server Load /Computing Operations 33 Units Delivered 7
  8. 8. 2007: Is “Green” Software Possible?• “More efficient, greener coding strategies could also come from developments in high performance computing.• The requirement to devise smarter software to exploit parallel, multiprocessor architectures will inevitably mean more efficient use of hardware resources and better coding techniques all round.• It could even mark a return to the obsessions of an earlier age of software development when resources were scarce - when, indeed, hardware was big, energy inefficient and expensive.” “Is Green Software Possible?”, Phil Manchester It isnt easy being green in an abstract world OSSera Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. 2011: Researcher Nabs $500K to Work On "Green Software" BY DAVID ZAX | 03-28-2011 | 10:28 AM”… if your data centersenergy bill is 10% of youroperational cost, it makessense for programmers towrite code that will saveenergy."David Lui, BYU OSSera Proprietary and Confidential
  11. 11. OSSera’s Commitment to Green IT Software Design ”…our OSS platform is symmetrically distributed for high performance computing – the foundation for green software design.” David Deng, CTO OSSera, Inc.OSSera Proprietary and Confidential
  12. 12. OSSera Platform
  13. 13. …OSSera’s Platform is
  14. 14. Multi-threaded Load Balancing
  15. 15. Benefits
  16. 16. Assurance Suite: CEM,SQM,PM,FM Planning CEM, Blueprints Service Operations Unified Service/Resource Data99.999% Quality, ModelAvailability Impact, Troubleshooting,Symmetrically & RCADistributedMulti-threadedScalabilityHigh PerformanceComputing
  17. 17. Key Differentiators: Server Load / Computing Operations Symmetrically Small Core Distributed • High quality • High Performance • Flexible in extensions • Reliability • Small Footprint • Scalability • Downloadable • Flexibility • Efficient Energy Use High Performance 2007+ • Process more with less • Software Architecture hardware inherently leverages • Process more across newer “Green legacy hardware Architecture • Share processors with Techniques” other software OSSera Proprietary and Confidential
  18. 18. Conclusions• IT is a major power consumer• A significant percentage of the power is wasted• Opportunities exist to dramatically improve IT energy efficiency• IT can be a very beneficial part of the Green movement• Since 2007 OSSera has inherently followed Green Software design for OSS Business Transformation