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Tips and Tricks coding with Zend Studio for Eclipse Part-1


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A webinar on 'Tips and Tricks coding with Zend Studio for Eclipse Part -1' by Peter B. MacIntyre, ZCE

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Tips and Tricks coding with Zend Studio for Eclipse Part-1

  1. 1. Tips and Tricks coding with Zend Studio for Eclipse Part 1Hosted by:Peter B. MacIntyre, ZCE<br />
  2. 2. About Me<br /><ul><li>Over 20 years in the IT Industry
  3. 3. Wrote “PHP: The Good Parts” - O’Reilly Press
  4. 4. Co-authored:
  5. 5. “Programming PHP 2nd Ed.” - O’Reilly Press
  6. 6. “Zend Studio for Eclipse Developer’s Guide” – Addison-Wesley
  7. 7. Tech Edited 10+ IT Books
  8. 8. Wrote Whitepaper for Zend on Team Development within Zend Studio
  9. 9. Working on a PHP Book for APress
  10. 10. Live in PEI, Canada</li></li></ul><li>Zend Studio for Eclipse<br /><ul><li>Introduction to IDE interface
  11. 11. Views –a window tab for a specific purpose
  12. 12. Perspectives – collection of views for an overall task
  13. 13. Project concepts – collection of files / resources needed to produce a product
  14. 14. Preferences / settings – the way to control your IDE environment. </li></li></ul><li>Zend Studio for Eclipse<br />
  15. 15. The PHP Perspective<br /><ul><li>Stock Perspective
  16. 16. Views involved
  17. 17. PHP Explorer (Project View)
  18. 18. Type Hierarchy
  19. 19. Outline
  20. 20. Problems
  21. 21. Tasks
  22. 22. Console
  23. 23. Code Editor(s)</li></li></ul><li>Code Folding<br /><ul><li>Code Folding
  24. 24. Collapses known trusted code out of the visual view so that you can concentrate on other sections of code
  25. 25. Works on Classes, Methods, Functions, some HTML element groups and PHPDoc Comment blocks
  26. 26. Controlled by: Preferences->PHP->Editor->Code Folding </li></li></ul><li>Code Formatting<br /><ul><li>Code Formatting
  27. 27. Allows you to format your code in the editor according to a pre-set pattern
  28. 28. Controlled by: Preferences->PHP->Code Style->Formatter</li></li></ul><li>Code Linking & Syntax Coloring<br /><ul><li>Link files with Editor
  29. 29. Connects the Editor in focus with its location in the Project list
  30. 30. Syntax Coloring
  31. 31. Allows you to customize the code editor how you want.
  32. 32. Preferences->PHP->Editor->Syntax Coloring</li></li></ul><li>Marker Bar<br /><ul><li>Vertical Strip to the left of line numbers
  33. 33. Set breakpoints (double-click)
  34. 34. Set Bookmarks
  35. 35. Displays Syntax errors
  36. 36. Signifies code related tasks //TODO
  37. 37. Shows range of code block (Functions, Methods)</li></li></ul><li>Problems View<br />Tracks Syntax errors and warnings<br />Tracks across multiple files<br />Double-click on the problem takes you to the file and the line of code where the issue is suspected to exist<br />
  38. 38. Tasks View<br />Assign yourself something to do<br />Can be directly linked to code<br />Has 3 severity levels (High, Normal, Low)<br />Can be triggered directly in the code: //TODO<br />You can create your own task handles and severity levels<br />Preferences->PHP->Editor->Task Tags<br />
  39. 39. Outline View<br />Shows break down of code file in focus<br />Breaks down functions, classes, methods, properties, and variables (file-wide context)<br />Can be very helpful in navigating in a large file<br />Sorts elements alphabetically if desired<br />Can even filter the view to reduce clutter<br />
  40. 40. Short Snappers<br />Ctrl + Down Arrow – Duplicates the current line of code<br />Ctrl + Space – brings up detailed code assist<br />Ctrl + Shift + space - when inside a function call will bring up the expected parameters list<br />If code does not seem to “act” like a PHP file within editor – check project -> configure to ensure PHP support is turned on<br />
  41. 41. For more information visit http://osscube.comOr drop-in an email to<br />Thank you for your <br />Time and Attention!<br />Reminder Part 2 of this webinar is on June 27th<br />