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OSSCube to sponsor ZendCon 2011


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OSSCube is proud to announce that they are sponsoring ZendCon 2011, an event focused on PHP best practices and emerging new technologies.

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OSSCube to sponsor ZendCon 2011

  1. 1. OSSCube to sponsor ZendCon 2011 OSSCube is proud to announce that they are sponsoring ZendCon 2011, an event focused on PHP best practices and emerging new technologies. Taking place in Santa Clara, California on October 17-20, 2011, the conference will bring together PHP developers and IT managers from around the world to explore the latest developments on in PHP ecosystem. OSSCube, the world’s first ZEND Center of Excellence for enterprise PHP and Product Development, aggressively supports open source focussed conferences. The company also contributes regularly in open source technology by way of code contributions. This 7th Annual Zend PHP Conference will feature renowned speakers, in depths tutorials and an exhibit hall featuring industry leaders where you’ll have both learning and networking opportunities. The conference is majorly focused on themes Cloud Computing, Mobile and User Experience, and Enterprise and Professional PHP. At the ZendCon 2011, PHP enthusiasts will have great opportunity to:o Explore PHP best practices for architecture, design and developmento Learn about the latest developments in PHP Cloud infrastructure, management and application serviceso Discover new advances in the PHP language and how best to harness themo Learn how to build engaging mobile apps with the latest PHP technologies and toolso Explore new technologies like NoSQL and Cloud Computingo Learn how to effectively leverage Zend Framework and the changes coming in ZendFramework 2.0 To know more about the conference, do visit About OSSCube, Zend Centre of Excellence: OSSCube has been consistently rated as one of the best PHP Solution providers in the world. ‘If it is PHP, we do it best’ has been the company’s credo since its inception and living up to this motto has made OSSCube the world’s first Zend Centre of Excellence, housing best of breed PHP expertise and development practices. By forging partnerships with leading open source technology/product providers like Acquia (Drupal), SugarCRM (Gold partner), and EnterpriseDB (Global SI Partner), OSSCube has enhanced its technological expertise and emerged as the ‘preferred partner’ for global corporations looking for outsourced product development engagements. And it has carved a niche for itself in the technology space by delivering
  2. 2. innovative, on-time and cost-effective open source solutions to businesses globally through itsdelivery centres in USA, UK and India. Learn more – The PHP CompanyZend Technologies is the leading provider of software and services for developing, deploying,and managing business-critical PHP applications for on-premise and cloud computingenvironments.PHP runs more than one-third of the world’s Web sites and has quickly become the mostpopular language for building dynamic Web applications. Deployed at more than 40,000companies worldwide, the Zend family of products delivers a comprehensive solution forsupporting the entire application lifecycle.Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr too!