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Ahead of the Curve


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This webinar goes through how the commerce industry today has changed, causing customers to interact differently, expect more from retailers and demand unique shopping experiences. Rakesh Kumar and John Bernard dive into what makes Magento the world’s leading eCommerce platform and how it puts the retailer back in control.

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Ahead of the Curve

  1. 1. OSSCube Presents: Ahead of the Curve with eCommerce July 2, 2015
  2. 2. How to Use This Webinar • Asking a Question › Enter your questions at any time › Answers to follow the presentation • Recording of Webinar › Available Monday afternoon › We’ll email you the link • Contact us › #AheadOfTheCurve
  3. 3. Rakesh Kumar OSSCube Vice President of Technology Speakers John Bernard OSSCube Executive Vice President of North America
  4. 4. Overview • Disruption of eCommerce • Why Magento • What’s in it for you • Case study • Question and answer session
  5. 5. Connected Constantly From Their Work Any Payment Method From Their Home On Any Devices To Their Friends To Their Favorite Retailers On the Go The Changing Rules of Commerce
  6. 6. 66 % Consumers Expect More of consumers expect retailers today to provide a good smartphone experience Mobile Friendly 93 % of consumers expect retailers to provide them with a choice of delivery method Convenience 84 % of consumers believe retailers should do more to integrate offline and online channels Connected Experience 76 % of consumers have access to more than one digitally connected device Choice *eBay, June 2015
  7. 7. Magento Gives You More • Open source platform › Responsive design and seamless experience • Tailored user experience › Full brand and functionality control • Adapts to your business › Customize for your unique business model and processes With 30% of the market, Magento is the world’s leading eCommerce platform.
  8. 8. eCommerce Landscape Products and Transactions Small Business Midmarket Enterprise Volusion Bigcommerce Drupal Commerce Magento Community Edition Pimcore Magento Enterprise Oracle Commerce IBM Low Volume High Volume
  9. 9. And much more… Content Managemen t Search & Navigation Inventory Management Mobile Apps & Web Merchandisin g Promotions Payments Coupon s Segmentation & Personalization Order Managemen t Shippin g Returns Features of Magento Enterprise Edition
  10. 10. Attract & Engage Retain & Drive Loyalty Grow & Scale Convert & Sell What’s In It For You?
  11. 11. Case Study A tailored solutions for a unique business. Existing Provider Expensive to Maintain Lack of Business Continuity Unable to Scale with Business Growth
  12. 12. The Problem • Client – North American subsidiary of a global manufacturing company • 5000+ of SKUs, millions of visitors per month • Business growth inhibited by a inflexible vendor controlled eCommerce platform • Not scalable, expensive customization efforts, slow response from vendor • Dependence on the vendor for any changes and integrations • Legacy architecture (scripts and file-exchange based integrations)
  13. 13. The Solution • Control and flexibility back to client • Designed scalable system to support business growth • Created eCommerce platform with Magento EE • Migrated from legacy solution provider • Integrated with the backend ERP system (real time and batch) • Integrated with third party service providers › Fraud Protection › Product reviews › Payment gateways • Configured production deployment environment for scalability and performance • Trained in-house team on technical and functional aspects
  14. 14. The Stack • Technical Highlights › LAMP based platform › App and database servers configured for LB and HA › Magento EE 1.14 › Zend Server with Z-Ray (Dev env.) for profiling and root cause analysis › Zend Studio (Dev env.) as IDE integrated with Zend Server
  15. 15. Solution Architecture ERP Magento US / Canada orders returns return authorization shipment product info 3rd Party Integrations Fraud Detection Customers Support Admins
  16. 16. Deployment Architecture Load Balancer App Server 1 MySQL Master MySQL Slave Apache 2.x Apache 2.x Database Cluster MariaDB Cache Redis App Server 2 Apache 2.x Load Balancer App Server 1 Apache 2.x Apache 2.x Cache Redis App Server n Apache 2.x Curren t Future
  17. 17. Business Value • Enterprise › Free from vendor lock-in › Platform controlled by in-house IT team › Modern and scalable platform to meet the future business requirements › Low cost of ownership • IT and Products › Flexibility of customization › Directly control performance with growing business needs › Serve internal stakeholders’ demands with more agility
  18. 18. • Disruption of eCommerce industry • Retailers must keep up with consumer expectations • Magento is the right choice for any sized business • Reach new customers, retain current ones, and grow your business Summary
  19. 19. 1-888-967-7282