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  1. 1. RINOInformation SystemsPlatform & Products JSC RINO Research & Production Company
  2. 2. Company profileJSC RINO Research & Production Company has been active on the telecommunicationsmarkets of Russia and CIS for 20 years, offering various soft and hardware bearingthe Company’s recognized trademark.Chief avenues of Company’s business:  R&D works in the following areas: • Telecommunications equipment, • Software for telecommunications and networks, billing service, service provisioning and management.  Manufacturing, supplies and deployment of telecommunications systems, software and software-based solutions.  Maintenance and upgrades of existing telecommunication systems.
  3. 3. RINO IS Multiservice platform The soft hardware of RINO IS serves effective base for design of both sophisticated, multifunctional solutions and individual products. Among the most common services & solutions RINO IS offers to its customers are the following:  RINO Call Centre,  Virtual office,  RINO Billing System,  Automatic phone marketing.
  4. 4. RINO Call CentreFunctional capabilities: Intelligent routing;  Caller number recognition; Effective system of tips, subscriber  Support of unlimited number of IVR information available, forms of levels; outgoing and transit call order, access  Voice mail; to information server;  Redirection of calls; Calls automatic distribution to ensure  Support recording of calls and operator’s optimal load retrieval of recorded calls by date, time, operator and more); Possibility of grouping operators by call types;  Operator job management (work time count, records of Virtual queuing of incoming calls; processed/unprocessed calls, orders, etc.);  Collecting statistics for reporting.
  5. 5. RINO Call CentrePotential applications: Organization of emergency response;  Marketing questionnaire survey; Information services;  Polling; Hot lines;  Other applications. Shopping by phone; Support of advertisement campaign and elections; Voting by phone; Virtual office; Paying by phone;
  6. 6. Virtual officeAdjustable from personal office over the InternetCapabilities: Variable algorithms and scenarios of call  Multilevel IVR option (virtual office redirection; assistant); Redirection on time schedule and by list  Information offered to the caller of recepients; during call hold; Assigning a short number dialing to a  Hot redirection during the call; regular phone number;  Conference calls; Powerful graphic scenario editor;  Unlimited number of voicemail and Call tones (a feature playing a fax boxes; customized remark or music during  Black lists and white lists; redirection of incoming call);  Distributed call forwarding to external number or voicemail box;  Calls recording;  Retrieval of virtual office statistics.
  7. 7. Virtual office Mechanism of call processing
  8. 8. Automatic billing systemRINO delivers true diversity of billing operations. Our solution offers everycustomer all available services regardless of how they pay for it. This increasesproviders revenue while enabling new service offerings.Services: Subscriber (Individual and legal  Rating of voicemail and data transfer entities) database maintenance; services; Accounts maintenance;  Credit and debit cards; Organization and accounting of  Interaction with outside information services; systems, including accounting; Automatic change of tariff  Compatible with equipment using (roaming); standard and brand name protocol Call charging (on-line and deferred); (RADIUS, SNMP, NetFlow, ATC M-200 and more – tailored to customer order;  Management applications, reporting.
  9. 9. Automatic telecom marketingTelephone Marketing Software System is specifically designed for outbound calling. Ithas multiple purpose: To make outbound telemarketing calls, Generate leads for your product, For market research activities, To increase productive and efficiency of Staff And much more…The system can perform the following functions: Making outbound calls by the list  Support of interactive communication made for special purpose; with clients by means of voice menu; External storage of interaction potential of parallel drawing of history; necessary data on the Web, including from http-servers, data bases or text Release of information to the files; customer (audio files);  Possibility to extend and change service scenarios.
  10. 10. CertificationStarting from 2001, JSC RINO IS has been certified for compliance with GOSTand ISO 9001 on a yearly basis, as appropriate.The entire list of Company products is subject to essential certification. Our productsquality meets absolutely all industry requirements applicable to telecommunicationequipment in the Russian Federation.Over two decades our Company has been recognized the best and awarded contractsat the total of 15 tenders held among similar type producers both in Russia and CIS.
  11. 11. Our customersAmong the buyers of our products are currently over 700 companies of telecomindustry and other sectors, including electric power distributors, Rosneft, Gasprom,Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior and more. Over 6,000 automatictelecommunication systems bearing the logo of RINO IS have been installed in thetotal of 1000 plus locations, in 79 regions across Russia and CIS.
  12. 12. JSC RINO IS – our advantagesSuperior qualityWe guarantee total compliance with the highest industry standards.Broad specter of applicationsWe produce complex solutions based on own soft and hardware.Innovative technologies and vehicles of communicationOur company is specialist in manufacturing versatile telecommunications soft andhardware. Their primary advanced features are flexibility and all-purposeapplications, which is ensured through the use of own effective gateway softwareand products of renowned brand names.Extended record of success and profound expertise of our specialists allowfor providing highly professional technical support to customers. Over the 20 years of successful business our Company evolved into a trusted partner and reliable supplier-of-choice of quality services.
  13. 13. Welcome to join usfor beneficial partnership and cooperationNew offer to potential customers:  RINO Information System solutions or any product now available under lease agreement Pay for start & adjustment and get the entire package for monthly rental fee based on configuration and scope of services under agreement.Updating technologies to meet growing demands!  Get RINO soft and hardware, or any product free of charge We shall commit to establish a partnership which will help our most daring ideas come true. We will work out an effective customer-tailored solution of automated controls and telecom that will allow you to offer versatile services to customers, as we upgrade your system on a regular basis. Do not hesitate to call us, and you will enjoy our flexibility. We will surely come to the terms that will fit you best.
  14. 14. Our contact information:Office 206, Lenin Avenue 82, Kaluga region, Russia, 249038Multichannel phone/fax +7 48-439 4-07-82rino@rinotel.comhttp://www.rinotel.com Obninsk