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Crowbar2 update


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Crowbar2 update

  1. 1. Crowbar 2 updateOsonoi@Dell
  2. 2. Agenda• Crowbar overview• Openstack,DevOps, Chef, Puppet, Ruby on Rails• What is a Crowbar• Crowbar architecture• Demo• Crowbar 2• Whats new• Upstreaming• Community Support & Contents
  3. 3. Speaker Introduction• Yasushi Osonoi•1989 ~ 2006 Intel•2007 ~ 2010 OpenDreamLinux Foundation•2010 ~ DellOSDL LinuxWorldAdvisoryboardDrupalJapanJapan LinuxSymposiumMoblinJapanLinuxassociationMeeGoDell Techcenter communityCommunities
  4. 4. Openstack• Cloud management software• Over 80 countries• Over 100 companies• Over 7000 developpers• Cloud OS mainly for IaaS• Amazone EC2/S3/EBS/VPC compatible• OpenStack Mission“To produce the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform that will meetthe needs of public and private cloud providers regardless of size, by being simpleto implement and massively scalable.”
  5. 5. Openstack History• 2005 Rackspace development start• 2010.3 Rackspace make cloud software to open source• 2010.5 NASA Nebula opensource• 2010.6 Rackspace, NASA established OpenStack• 2010.10 Austin release• 2011.2 Bexar Release• 2011.4 Cactus Release• 2011.9 Diable Release• 2012.4 Essex release• 2012.9 Folsom• 2013.4 Grizzly Release• 2013.10(?) Havana• Release Naming•
  6. 6. Openstack Component• Swift - Object Storage• Glance - catalog and repository for virtual disk images• Nova - provides virtual servers upon demand• Horizon - provides a modular web-based user interface for all theOpenStack services• Keystone - provides authentication and authorization for all the OpenStackservices• Quantum - provides "network connectivity as a service" between interfacedevices managed by other OpenStack services (most likely Nova)• Cinder - provides persistent block storage to guest VMs
  7. 7. Chef• Chef is a systems and cloud infrastructure automation framework thatmakes it easy to deploy servers and applications to any physical, virtual, orcloud location, no matter the size of the infrastructure. relies on abstract definitions(known as cookbooks and recipes)Cookbooks and receipes are writtenin Ruby
  8. 8. Chef Cookbooks• Cookbooks are used to tell Chef how each nodein your organization should be configured.
  9. 9. OpsCode Community
  10. 10. Puppet• Puppet is IT automation software that helps system administratorsmanage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, from provisioning andconfiguration to patch management and compliance
  11. 11. DevOps• DevOps (a portmanteau of development and operations) is asoftware development method that stresses communication,collaboration and integration between software developers andinformation technology (IT) professionals.[1] DevOps is a responseto the interdependence of software development and IT operations.It aims to help an organization rapidly produce software productsand servicesWikipedia:
  12. 12. Layer Vs. Image
  13. 13. Crowbar Overview• What is a Crowbar• Crowbar is a platform for server provisioning and deployment from bare metal.• Crowbar was originally developed by the Dell CloudEdge Solutions Team asan OpenStack installer.• Features• Server discovery• Firmware upgrades• Operating system installation via PXE Boot• Application development via ChefPlease Find Dell Crowbar at GitHub
  14. 14. Crowbar Overview• Current ReleaseThe release currently under development is Pebbles, which will be the base of our nextOpenstack Grizzly and Cloudera Hadoop solutions. It is based on the Crowbar 1.xcodebase.Crowbar 2.0Latest releaseDetail to be shown later
  15. 15. Crowbar Archtecturer(1.*)
  16. 16. • Barclamp is the description of a component that can bedeployed on the target node. It generally consists of:o Rails components (i.e. models, controllers, views, etc.)o Contents component (Chef components cookbooks, data bags etc.)o Executables (e.g. a CLI interface)o Meta-data describing the barclamp and its dependencieso Documentationo TestsBarclamps
  17. 17. Crowbar Screen• Admin screen
  18. 18. Crowbar Screen• Node Dashboard
  19. 19. Crowbar Screen• Discovery
  20. 20. Crowbar Screen• Edit proposal for each Barclamps
  21. 21. Crowbar Screen• Edit proposal for each Barclamps
  22. 22. Crowbar Screen• Barclamps
  23. 23. Crowbar• Video
  24. 24. Crowbar 2 architecture
  25. 25. Crowbar 21. simplify our use of Chef and eliminate Crowbar requirements in our Opscode Chefrecipes.A.reduce the initial effort required to leverage CrowbarB.opens Crowbar to a broader audience (see Upstreaming)What does “enable upstream recipes” mean? Not just fishing forcommunity goodness!
  26. 26. Crowbar 22. provide heterogeneous / multiple operating system deployments. This enables:A.multiple versions of the same OS running for upgradesB.different operating systems operating simultaneously (and deal withheterogeneous packaging issues)C.accommodation of no-agent systems like locked systems (e.g.: virtualization hosts)and switches (aka external entities)D.UEFI booting in Sledgehammer3. strengthen networking abstractionsA.allow networking configurations to be created dynamically (so that users are notlocked into choices made before Crowbar deployment)B.better manage connected operationsC.enable pull-from-source deployments that are ahead of (or forked from) availablepackages.
  27. 27. Crowbar 24.improvements in Crowbar’s core database and state machine to enableA.larger scale concernsB.controlled production migrations and upgrades5. other important itemsA.make documentation more coupled to current features and easier to maintainB.upgrade to Rails 3 to simplify code base, security and performanceC.deepen automated test coverage and capabilities
  28. 28. Crowbar 2 info•• 2.0 archtecture•• Crowbar 2.0 objectives
  29. 29. Crowbar @ Dell Techcenter•• And find Crowbar
  30. 30. Crowbar
  31. 31. In Japanese