OCentric Content, Commerce & Community SaaS from Optaros


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OCentric Content, Commerce & Community SaaS from Optaros. OCentric natively supports the online convergence of Content, Commerce & Community (3Cs) for retailers and brands.

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OCentric Content, Commerce & Community SaaS from Optaros

  1. 1. Add Optaros and OCentric logos like OView datasheet OCentric. A Single Web Solution for Brands Challenge Consumer expectations for a Brand’s website are rising quickly. No longer is it enough to have corporate product information and links to retailers. Consumers now expect to visit a Brand’s site and to be able to easily: • Find useful product information to help them make a purchase decision (Content) • Engage with others to share product insights and experiences (Community) • Buy their chosen products directly from the Brand site (Commerce) Brands are currently challenged to meet these expectations seamlessly since the enabling software is separated into 3 software packages resulting in 3 software payments with no consolidated administration or user experience: • Content [Web Content Management] - Open Text (Vignette), and Autonomy (Interwoven) • Community [Community platforms] - Awareness, Mzinga, and Jive • Commerce [Ecommerce platforms] - ATG, Demandware, and GSI Commerce Addressing the new requirements of their consumer base, Brands are looking for a single solution for their web content, community, and commerce management (W3CM) needs to provide an uninterrupted user experience, easier administration and a more cost effective approach. Solution OCentric is the first W3CM solution on the market and offers user experiences that cross traditional software boundaries to increase revenue and loyalty. Fully Customizable User Experience – No constraints on what your site looks like. You decide and can change when you want. Add Integrated search, ratings/reviews – Popular OCentric add-on functionality is available as part of logo, more the core service. brand-like homepage Facebook/Twitter/etc. – Native support for viral traffic generating social graphs and SEO Twitter posts for chosen keywords on product detail pages. Blogs – Provide powerful SEO traffic to product details pages, increase conversion rates of shoppers and increase loyalty through the personalization of the brand. Syndicated Product Content – Brands often want to embed and manage product information on retailer sites to ensure compelling, accurate information.
  2. 2. Add Optaros and OCentric logos like OView datasheet Event management – Manage all types of events such as private sales and community events. Centralized Admin – Manage 3Cs from a single admin interface that can be managed by a business user. Integrated Product Catalog – Easily associate any content with related products and automatically place on product detail pages. Search Engine Optimization – Blogs, photos, Twitter, etc. all setup to auto- optimize product detail pages for search traffic. Analytics/Testing – Full web analytics and A/B, multi-variate testing. Internationalization – Multi-lingual, multi-currency as part of the core service. Open SaaS OCentric is an Open SaaS solution. By assembling from open source components and hosting on virtual machines we are able to provide the efficiencies of multi-tenant SaaS without the constraints caused by forcing everyone on the same codebase. • SaaS – All the benefits of software as a service: hosted, supported, and upgraded, all bundled into a cost-effective subscription fee based on usage with no IT hardware hassles. • Open – Provides flexibility not usually found in SaaS. Your own unique instance is assembled from open source components with a unique user experience. You decided when you want to make any changes to the user experience or underlying components. Why Optaros? Experience. No other company has the years of experience deploying open source W3CM solutions for large scale enterprises such as InfoWorld, Washington Times, Nestle, Experian, Hearst, Activision, Electronic Arts, the New England Patriots, etc. W3CM leadership. Optaros was the first to recognize the need for a single solution instead of 3 separate ones and through our close work with clients we are leading the market in determining specific user experiences that combine the 3Cs for business value. Open source assembly. Our unique Optaros Assembly Methodology (OptAM) enables us to assemble numerous open source projects into a complete solution that is manageable, scalable, and easily upgradable.