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Recomendations I have received via LinkedIn

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  1. 1. Olivier P. Soares Web 2.0 marketing professional, leveraging Social Media tools & Strategies to benefit the industry in Portugal. 14 people have recommended Olivier P. "Olivier is a unique mix of a solid professional consulting approach, constant client orientation and excellent relationship skills. He is able to tactfully manage delicate situations, and has a natural flair for teaching and developping a project team while ensuring the desired results. Working with Olivier was an experience I appreciated immensely and would be happy to have him in my team anytime." — Pilar Casquilho, senior partner, Eurogroup Consulting, managed Olivier P. indirectly at Eurogroup consulting "Olivier is a free thinker and also a hard worker. The projects he did at Methodus were top quality. He is not a yes-man, just the opposite. He talks about what he thinks and he lives according to what he talks. It was great to have him working at Methodus." — António Lucena de Faria, President, Methodus Group, managed Olivier P. at Methodus "I really enjoyed working with Olivier because he has the necessary hard skills to ensure relevant knowledge in a complex project like the one we were involved in the automotive industry, and in the meantime he always try to give responsibility and autonomous task to his team members. Olivier is an excellent Team Leader from whom anybody can learn a lot." — Alessandro Cappelletti, Senior Consultant, Eurogroup Consulting, reported to Olivier P. at Eurogroup consulting "Olivier is what I called a serious and conscencious worker devoted to perform very well he's projects and commited to develop he's knowledge. Since he's not a classical consultant he follows the projects together with his clients to help them achieve their goals. He's openminded, optimistic and seems happy with life." — Joao Caxias, Business Consultant, Eurogroup consulting, worked directly with Olivier P. at Eurogroup consulting "I had the opportunity to work with Olivier during a study that was initiated by ILM for the meetings industry in the Algarve. Olivier was leading this effort and managed to carry out the task in an impeccable manner by leading his colleagues and Team, and liaising with all the directors and managers of the partipating hotels. Soon he gained the respect of the relevant committee and was Page 3
  2. 2. pivotal in the successful final outcome of the study. A good prefessional with attention to the detail and with an aptitude to learn and grow in his field by searching more in depth all relevant areas. Consulting is definitely an area in which he "fits in" well." — Yannis Petrakis, Director of Business Development, Hilton Vilamoura, was with another company when working with Olivier P. at ILM Portugal "It really was a pleasure to work with Olivier. He had a really strong Knowledge of the Market and even in Stressful Situation he never lost the Focus of the Project." — Walter. Deworezky, Senior Consultant, update, was with another company when working with Olivier P. at Eurogroup consulting "Olivier was one of the first and best project managers I have the pleasure to work with. Skilful and with very strong interrelation and leadership skills, Olivier managed to achieve results while maintaining his team motivated. I’ve learned a lot with him. He was one of the most important coachers in the beginning of my career contributing a great deal to what I am today." — Diana Nunes, Senior Consultant, Eurogroup Consulting, reported to Olivier P. at Eurogroup consulting "A dedicated professional with the skills to overlook "domestic" issues, without losing ground. We worked together in a relaxed but business driven manner. Strong in strategic thinking and high presentation skills!" — Michael Boeren, Sales Development Manager, Pernod Ricard Nederland BV, was with another company when working with Olivier P. at Eurogroup consulting "Olivier has a very straight forward and professional approach to his work, this made our meetings progress smoothly and profitably." — James Harrison, Sales Director, Grupo Pestana, was with another company when working with Olivier P. at ILM Portugal "I've worked with Olivier in a global management change project. He had been essential to the achievement of the project's goals, not only providing is exceptionnal technical skills, but also investing on getting all people involved and motivated. He was determinant in the final result and I counted with him all time. He as a commitement to each task that I've rarely seen in my long carreer and he´s very reliable, both technically and personnaly. I strongly recomend work with Olivier, it's easy, nice and you get what you have proposed to. Count also with a critical, firme and construtive support from Olivier at every time." — Mario Curveira Santos(, was Olivier P.'s client "I`ve met Olivier 7 years ago. At the time Olivier has Business Consultant. He has drive, Page 4
  3. 3. commitement and empowerment and result oriented, a consultant aiming for business results. It is a good partner with whom who can expect ideas, energy, method and a pragmatic way of dealing with challenges. I strongly recommend him! Olivier is not a Business Consultant ... he is THE Business Consultant." — Paulo Doce de Moura - Executive Manager, was Olivier P.'s client "I had the opportunity to know Olivier work as a project manager. Olivier is someone who has a strong drive and who is result oriented without losing a permanent sense of humor." — Dalila Pinto de Almeida, MANAGER, EUROGROUP CONSULTING, worked with Olivier P. at Eurogroup consulting "Olivier is able to manage correctly the relationship with the top client, as well as the relationship with the actor of the project. Capable of defining the main sucess points of the project and use his cpresentation capacity to sell the outcomes of the project. Also the way he managed his collegues, mainly the new ones, are the main reasons for wich I recomend Olivier as a Project Manager." — Jorge Santiago, Manging Partner, Cendrillon, Consultoria de gestão e de negócios, lda, managed Olivier P. at Eurogroup consulting "Olivier, is a pragmatic and highly strenuous professional. He as a very positive attitude towards challenges, good relationship abilities and strong uptake skills. For that, and for his unshaken good mood I strongly recommend him." — Bruno Santiago Correia, Business Consulting Manager, Methodus, worked with Olivier P. at Methodus Contact Olivier P. on LinkedIn Page 5