Social Media and Organized Crime in Mexico


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Social Media and Organized Crime in Mexico

  1. Social Media andOrganized Crime
  2. bala = bulletbalazo = shot#balacera = shootout
  3. #balaceratec
  5. “It is sad to see this type ofsituation so close up. It is sad thatMonterrey has become a mimicry ofsome video war game. Many havecompared it to Call of Duty, othersto Grand Theft Auto, Whichever youchoose, it’s violence.”
  6. La Compañia C.D.G
  7. Narco-Censorship“¿Qué predomina en los periódicos: lo que sedice o lo que se calla?” - Diego Enrique Osorno
  8. Blog del Narco
  9. Blog del Narco
  10. Blog del Narco
  11. Blog del Narco
  12. Blog del Narco
  13. Blog del Narco
  14. Blog del Narco
  15. Blog del Narco
  16. Anonymity = Cloak from fear, government regulation"For the scanty details that they put ontelevision, they get grenades thrown at them andtheir reporters kidnapped. We publisheverything. Imagine what they could do to us." - Blog del Narco
  17. This is being produced bysomeone who is not doingit from a journalisticperspective. He is doing itwithout any ethicalconsiderations."Carlos Lauría - Committee to Protect Journalists
  18. Yet Another DivideAcademia vs. Journalism vs. Citizen Journalism
  19. Reach
  20. Leonarda Reyes“for criminals to share information among themselves”
  21. NarcoTube"Canal oficial del Cartel del Golfo"
  22. “I would describe journalism as the act ofpublishing photos or videos. People have a rightto know why things have become so insecure inrecent years. The violence that is happening inMexico is not because the public reads aboutwhat is happening in Thefactors that provoke violence in Mexico aremuch more important, and ultimately they areeconomic.” - Blog del Narco
  23. NarcoCensura >> Internet Censorship?,8599,1981607,00.html
  24. Video and Accountability
  25. Video and Accountability
  26. #balacera #saltillo
  27. @Fiscaliacoah
  28. Mainstream media
  29. “Ejecutometro” - @diegoeosorno
  30. • Inform • Seek information • Criticize“#Saltillo y l@s tuiter@s” -@frankstrada
  31. What can be done?
  32. “Queremos ponerlesnombres, rostros. Dejar debanalizar la muerte.”Menos Días Aquí
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