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Modelos de negocio con datos abiertos


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Talk at World Bank workshop in Montevideo. June 24, 2013

Published in: Technology
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Modelos de negocio con datos abiertos

  1. 1. Omidyar Network and the Omidyar Network logo are trademarks of Omidyar Network. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 1Open Data Business ModelsMontevideo, Uruguay24 June 1980
  2. 2. Definitions:Big Data = “Everything that can’t fit into an Excel spreadsheet.”Open Data = Abides by the 8 Principles of Open DataBig Data = Private sector data about customersOpen Data = Public sector data about servicesComplementary:• Yelp• CloudMade• Nike+• Waze• Everyblock
  3. 3. • Data = Information ≠ Knowledge• Knowledge: Informs decisions• in info + in choice = in anxietyOpen Data Business Theorems:People & institutions are willing to pay to reduceanxiety and gain competitive advantage.
  4. 4. Zillow• 2010 Revenue = $30 million• 2011 Revenue = $66.1 million• 2011 successful IPO• Current valuation = $1 billion
  5. 5. Antimordidas• Developed in 1 week• 30,000 downloads in first month• $2 app
  6. 6. Sectors and Samples (User Facing)• Maps: CloudMade,• Finance: BrightScope,, GuideStar• Legal: CENDOJ, Anti-mordidas• Weather: Weather Channel - sold to NBC for $3.5 billion in 2008• Transport:• Travel:,• Legislative:, ElectNext,• Health: Castlight, iTriage,, 100Plus, Healthline• Safety:, Earthquake Apps (UrbanDF)• Agriculture: ? (Big G8 push• Energy:• Zoning, Housing: Zillow, Zonability.comGov facing: Socrata, Junar, Granicus, Delphi
  7. 7. Observations• You don’t need a business plan to get started, but you either need amassive user base or a revenue model to attract serious funding• Human capital is important. Recruit top-rate engineers and statisticians. (Goto math departments at universities.)• Gaining access to data could require working with and/or againstgovernment (Brightscope filed 50 FOI requests).• Take advantage of social nextworks (Facebook Connect, etc.)• Be the first to examine ethical questions: Privacy, inequality• Exploit niche markets (moms, handicapped, cyclists)
  8. 8. 14Thx!David SasakiPrincipal, InvestementsOmidyar