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                Monitoring Made Easy

Osmius                            ...

            What is Osmius? 
      Main capabilities and Concepts

        Monitoring with Osmius.
What is Osmius?

Osmius is Open software that allow us to 

and supervi...
What is “anything”?

Systems                 Applications
Host Server,           Web Applications
Applications            ...
Why monitoring?

●   Know before your users that a problem has occurred...
      ...before they call you.

●   Foresee pr...
But... why monitoring?

Save costs!

●    Reduce non­availabilities in your business processes.

●    Use resources where ...
Why Osmius?
      Easy:  To understand...
         ...which means easy to implement.

●     Business Oriented:  From tec...
Distributed Architecture
Your “things”                 Servers           Web                            Appl...
Business View
Instances           Routers            Servers         ...
Osmius Features

Easy to understand...
 Instance         : Everything you want to monitor.
 Instance Type    : Defines the...
Osmius Features

Easy to understand...


Osmius Features

Easy to Integrate with the business...
 Instance            : Everything you want to monitor.
 Service   ...
Osmius Features

Service Oriented

        Service                       ...
Osmius Features

Defining SLAs

                     SLA Targets
Osmius Features

Tracking SLAs: Control Panel
Osmius Features

Easy to be informed... notifications
 Subscriptions : Every thing you want to informed about.
Osmius Features

Easy to be informed... global state

 Global State   : Overall system mark between 0 and 100

Osmius Features

Easy to ... maintain
 Concept      : You don't need to know exactly the CPU load on 
                day ...
Osmius Features

Easy to ... maintain
 Osmius automatically takes care of these parameters:
      E : Number of days to Er...
Osmius Features

Easy to ... maintain. Correlation
 Correlation : 
       If last event from HOST01 instance was CPULOAD w...
Osmius Features

Easy to ... maintain. Correlation
                                   Historic View

Osmius Features

Easy to ... configure.
 Templates       : Group events and parameters to apply in batch 
Osmius Features

Easy to ... configure. Silent Mode
 Silent mode : 
        You can configure each defined event to work i...
Osmius Features

Easy to ... manage
 Agents             : They are responsible of retrieve events.

 Master Agents : They ...
Osmius Features
Easy to ... manage


Osmius Features

Easy to extract information from data: Reports

Goals : 
      Provide good reports within the Console.

Osmius Features


  Top N events
  Identify most problematic events by occurrence or criticity.

  Event Evolution...
Osmius Features


  Top N less healthy Services
  Identify most problematic Services.

  Elements, Ser...
Osmius Features
Osmius Features

Easy to install
Downloads         : 
 Source code tarballs in SourceForge.
 Get last code from subversion...
Osmius Features

Easy to expand
 Agent Framework : 
      Develop new agents using Osmius Framework is easy.
Development Model
Scrum Agile methodology.
 ● Organize features in a product stack.

 ● Priorize the features:...
Development Model

          (c) Softhouse

Results and demo every month
Stable release: Twice a year
Task: Lasts tw...
Development Model
Osmius 8.01-1   Osmius 8.04-1

Osmius 8.05-1   Osmius 8.07 Production


      What is Osmius? 

    Osmius Manual ­ Wiki
                        The Opensource Monitoring Tool
                                Osmius is supported by
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Osmius: Monitoring Made Easy


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This is the main presentation we gave at the Open Source World Conference in Málaga, Spain in 2008.
It is a tutorial of concepts and how to work with Osmius the Open Source Monitoring Tool

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Osmius: Monitoring Made Easy

  1. 1. Osmius The Opensource Monitoring Tool Monitoring Made Easy Osmius Peopleware
  2. 2. Schedule What is Osmius?  Main capabilities and Concepts Monitoring with Osmius. Instances and Services – Reports Osmius infrastructure:  Deploying agents and Centralized Managing Osmius Framework: Let's make a new agent 2
  3. 3. What is Osmius? monitor Osmius is Open software that allow us to  and supervise  anything connected to a network 3
  4. 4. What is “anything”? Systems Applications Host Server,  Web Applications Applications Services Databases End user  experience Service is down  Response time  Response time CPU % Load Transactions And what about... Social networks? Clusters? News about a new protein? 4
  5. 5. Why monitoring? ● Know before your users that a problem has occurred... ...before they call you. ● Foresee problems before they arise.... ...so you can prevent them from occur. ● Capacity planning.... ... review historic data to analyze trends ● Improve Quality... ● Monitoring is an increasing Market  ... there are more and more systems connected, true? 5
  6. 6. But... why monitoring? Save costs! ●  Reduce non­availabilities in your business processes. ●  Use resources where they are supposed to be. Prioritize. ●  Foresee problems and save hours spent dealing with them. ●  Use that hours to improve or develop new areas. ●  Avoid false alarms and the “always running” symptom. ●  Learn from your systems your users behavior. 6
  7. 7. Why Osmius? ● Easy:  To understand... ...which means easy to implement. ● Business Oriented:  From technical view... ...to service and business process targets. ● Fast:  Near real time application. ...C++ and C core. Not only scripts. 1000 events/sec in this laptop. ● Extendable: Osmius Development Framewok... ... build your own agents. Chose intrussive or not intrussive ones. ● Multiplatform... ... don't tie to specific vendors or markets. ●     Open software, open architecure, open research ... ... open business model, commercial support, universities. 7
  8. 8. Distributed Architecture Your Business Your “things” Servers Web Applications... Routers Databases Servers Stock Shares... Agents API API API API Monitor Events Agents SSL Masters Config tasks ACE Framework MA MA MA Master Agents Control Fast :: Multiplatform Deployment Central More than Central Server Reception CS correlations 100.000 events/sec Correlations Notifications Round Robin SQL Database Database Storage Policy Console Java Console Operation & admin Business View TomCat Server
  9. 9. Business View Instances Operation Technical Events Instances Routers Servers Web Databases States Servers Services Services Managers Services Availability CRM Intranet ... Web SLA Business SLA Process Staff SLAs Process Gold Silver Bronze Billing P2 ... Pn Control Panel Notifications Subscriptions Broken agreements - Predictions Business oriented notifcations More Views.. Admin Security Data Mining
  10. 10. Osmius Features Easy to understand... Instance : Everything you want to monitor. Instance Type : Defines the class of instance. Event Types : Variables you poll from instance types. Event : Value from a question to a variable. Criticity : Event “color”. Instance Types Instance Event Types Events Intranet DB # Sessions? 13 sessions in Intranet 99 sessions in CustDB Customers DB Uptime? 10 seconds uptime CustDB .... .... CPU Load %? 80% CPU Load in firewall Firewall Host Free disk Mb? 100 users in Other!! .................................. Other Server # Users? 10
  11. 11. Osmius Features Easy to understand... Event State EventType System Desc Instance Type: SNMP Device Instance: “Router” Instance Types
  12. 12. Osmius Features Easy to Integrate with the business... Instance : Everything you want to monitor. Service : A group of Instances SLA : Service Level Agrement   Services should accomplish SLAs Down: less than 10 minutes per week Intranet DB “Alpha” Host SLA Gold These services must be each  “Beta” Router  month: .... Exchange Srv Availability 99.999% Intranet  Ok State 95.999% “Gamma” Host Service 12
  13. 13. Osmius Features Service Oriented Service Service Events Availability 30 days Mean Time Between: Failures - Recovery
  14. 14. Osmius Features Defining SLAs SLA Targets
  15. 15. Osmius Features Tracking SLAs: Control Panel
  16. 16. Osmius Features Easy to be informed... notifications Subscriptions : Every thing you want to informed about.   Even when you are out of office. Subs. Channel : You can be notified in several ways...   By e­mail.   By SMS. By Jabber. Using Asterisk   By a new travel ticketing in the Help Desk. Notification Subscription Channel Time shifts Types “notify me when” “by” “if I am in” Service Availability  Intranet  Working time Changes Service e­mail b Instance State  .... Change SMS Not Working time Y SLA  Jabber X Out of office 16
  17. 17. Osmius Features Easy to be informed... global state Global State : Overall system mark between 0 and 100 Based on Service state and availability. Each service is weighted based on SLAs targets. Can be used to track system evolution. Be notified when it's below 80. 17
  18. 18. Osmius Features Easy to ... maintain Concept : You don't need to know exactly the CPU load on    day February, 16th 2007 at 03:00 a.m. The older the data the lesser the detail you need. 5 minutes ago : Exact CPU Load Last week : Hourly average Last year : Daily average More than two years : Doesn't matter! Osmius parameters: Number of days to delete data. Number of days to group events: one average per day. Number of days to group events: one average per hour. 18
  19. 19. Osmius Features Easy to ... maintain Osmius automatically takes care of these parameters: E : Number of days to Erase data. D : Group events one per day. H : Group events one per hour. E D H CPU LOAD TUX host No Data 1/day 1/hour Today: Max. detail 19
  20. 20. Osmius Features Easy to ... maintain. Correlation Correlation :  If last event from HOST01 instance was CPULOAD with state critical and a new event with the same type arrives  I only want to see one row if the state is also critical. If a new event informs that ROUTER is up and ok,  please remove both events from “active view”. Instance State and Service State is calculated from state  of active events. The Active Events view should be clean. 20
  21. 21. Osmius Features Easy to ... maintain. Correlation Historic View ᄎᄎ Repeated Events “Only” 10 rows 21
  22. 22. Osmius Features Easy to ... configure. Templates : Group events and parameters to apply in batch    mode to one or several instances. Default : Osmius provides a default template with the    main events and parameters a typical Instance   monitoring. % CPU Load Look every   5 mins || Warning: > 90 || Critical: > 95 Template # Users Inactive “Default” Net KBytes Out Look every   5 mins || Warning: > 100 || Critical: > 150 | Silent % CPU Load Look every   30 secs || Warning: > 80 || Critical: > 85 Template # Users Look every   30 secs || Warning: > 10 || Critical: > 15 “Secure” Net KBytes Out Look every   60 secs || Warning: > 30 || Critical: > 40 22
  23. 23. Osmius Features Easy to ... configure. Silent Mode Silent mode :  You can configure each defined event to work in  “silent mode”. “Don't send me events unless there is change of state” From OK  to  WARNING  : YES From CRITICAL to  OK : YES From OK to OK : NO Saves network resources and prevent resource starvation 23
  24. 24. Osmius Features Easy to ... manage Agents : They are responsible of retrieve events. Master Agents : They allow us to manage their agents.    Configuration changes.    Deploy of new agents and files.    Run in several platforms (unix, windows) Deploy HTTP Agent Instances Config. Start | Stop ¨ Tasks Master Reload Linux Agent Server Events Events MySql Agent ... Master HTTP Agent SSL Secured Communications Linux Agent MySql Agent 24
  25. 25. Osmius Features Easy to ... manage Master Agent Agents Agent Parameters Instances monitored by this Master Agent's agent. Remote Tasks 25
  26. 26. Osmius Features Easy to extract information from data: Reports Goals :  Provide good reports within the Console. A few selected reports.  First, think what you want. Design it. Try it. Add paremeters (week, month, top 10, top 20,...) Is it ok? You can always do it your self (Open Source again) Users don't need to install a new product “Osmius Reporter” 26
  27. 27. Osmius Features Reports Top N events Identify most problematic events by occurrence or criticity. Event Evolution per Day.  Identify event stroms and evolution. Top N Active Instances. Which items are generating more events and more alarms. Top N non­available Instances or Services Which items are those “always down”. :( 27
  28. 28. Osmius Features Reports Top N less healthy Services Identify most problematic Services. Inventory Elements, Services, configured events... Infrastructure How many agents, where, type,... 28
  29. 29. Osmius Features Reports
  30. 30. Osmius Features Easy to install Downloads :   Source code tarballs in SourceForge.  Get last code from subversion in SF.  Binary distribution for server and master agents.      One per platform. Next – Next – Next :    We're working with BitRock to make installers: Multiplatform. Graphical and text mode. Very, very easy. www.bitrock.com Bitrock's mission is to make software easier to use and deploy 30
  31. 31. Osmius Features Easy to expand Agent Framework :  Develop new agents using Osmius Framework is easy. Trainig courses and documentation is available. How about one week to have a new agent? (our average) ­ Integrated with Osmius and remote management. ­ Robust and tested. ­ Fast Define you own events: “Notify me when non­procesed orders > 31” Open Source :  (GPLv2 Licence) Users don't have to be tied to a specific provider. What kind of monitoring software you're relying on? 31
  32. 32. Development Model Methodology Scrum Agile methodology. ● Organize features in a product stack. ● Priorize the features:  ● Customers needs. ● Product goals and research lines. ● Prepare a Sprint: Set of features to fit in one­month. ● Release a new internal or customer version every  month. ● Unitary and integrated Tests ● Documentation ● High visibility. Publish “burn down chart” (next slide) 32
  33. 33. Development Model (c) Softhouse Results and demo every month Stable release: Twice a year Task: Lasts two days máx. Updated every day. Visibility Enables work at home. 33
  34. 34. Development Model Osmius 8.01-1 Osmius 8.04-1 Osmius 8.05-1 Osmius 8.07 Production 34
  35. 35. Documentation What is Osmius?  http://www.Osmius.net Osmius Manual ­ Wiki http://www.Osmius.net/osmwiki Osmius Professional Services http://www.Osmius.com 35
  36. 36. Osmius The Opensource Monitoring Tool Osmius is supported by Ministry of Science and Education Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial of Spain Osmius & Peopleware