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  •  The idea fell from a tree, literally. Steve Jobs had returned from visiting a commune-like place in Oregon located in an apple orchard. Apple co-founder and Jobs’ pal, Steve Wozniak, picked him up from the airport. On the drive home, Jobs simply said, “I came up with a name for our company—Apple.” Wozniak said they could have tried to come up with more technical sounding names but their vision was to make computers approachable. Apple fit perfectly.
  • Steve Jobs reduced complexity in the Smartphone category by eliminating the keyboard. 
  • The iPad is so simple a 2-year-old can use it.
  • Innovation takes confidence, boldness and the discipline to tune out negative voices.  
  •  Imagine how one young man with big dreams must have felt when he heard the following.  Of course, these statements were all directed at one time or another to Steve Jobs.
  •  Perhaps the ultimate lesson that Jobs teaches us is that innovation requires risk-taking and risk taking takes courage and a bit of craziness. See genius in your craziness. Believe in yourself and your vision and be prepared to constantly defend those beliefs. Only then will innovation be allowed to flourish and only then will you be able to lead an “insanely great” life.
  • Apppleee (1)

    1. 1. Apple Inc.
    2. 2. Outline• Introduction• Apple’s History• Mission and Vision Statements• Products and services• Internal Assessment• External Assessment• Strategy formulation• Strategy Implementation• Strategy Evaluation• Conclusion• Steve Jobs
    3. 3. 1976–1980: The early years
    4. 4. Apple I
    5. 5. 1981–1985: Lisa and Macintosh
    6. 6. 1986–1993: Rise and Fall
    7. 7. 1994–1997: Attempts at reinvention Apple Purchased NEXT and its NEXTSTEP operating system, bringing Steve Jobs back to Apple as an advisor
    8. 8. 1998–2005: Return to profitability First i mac Through this period, Apple purchased several companies to create a portfolio of professional and consumer-oriented digital production software
    9. 9. 2005–2007: The Intel transitionJune 6, 2005, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would begin producing Intel based Mac computers in 2006
    10. 10. 2007–2011: Three HeroesOn January 9, 2007, Jobs announced that Apple Computer, Inc. would from that pointon be known as Apple Inc., because computers were no longer the main focus of the company , which had shifted its emphasis to mobile electronic devices
    11. 11. 2011–Present: Post- JOBS era Siri Apple became the most valuable consumer-facing brand in the world In June 2011
    12. 12. MISSION OF APPLE “ the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple hasreinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad. “
    13. 13. At Samsung Group and Samsung Electronics, ourproducts, our people and our approach to business areheld to only the highest standards so that we can moreeffectively contribute to a better world.
    14. 14. MISSION OF APPLE(proposed)At Apple, we will not only continue to provide revolutionaryand innovative products to the consumer electronicsindustry like the iPod and the iPhone, but we will also makeevery effort to give back to society while recognizing ourresponsibility as a global citizen who strives to reduce theenvironmental impact of the work we do and the productswe create
    15. 15. VISION OF APPLE“ to make a contribution to the World by making tools for the mind that advance humankind “
    16. 16. “Samsung is dedicated to developing innovativetechnologies and efficient processes that create newmarkets, enrich peoples lives and continue to makeSamsung a digital leader. ”
    17. 17. VISION OF APPLE (proposed)“At least one Apple product in each pocket and on each table “
    18. 18. “We’re gambling on our vision, and we’d rather do that than make ‘me- too’ products”
    19. 19. iPad“ it created its own product segment”
    20. 20. iPhone
    21. 21. iPod
    22. 22. MacBook Air
    23. 23. MacBook Pro
    24. 24. iMac
    25. 25. iOS Software
    26. 26. MagicMouse
    27. 27. AppleTV
    28. 28. itunes
    29. 29. Financial Ratios
    30. 30. Market Positioning Map
    31. 31. Whole Mobile Phone Industry Selling
    32. 32. • Product Differentiation• Market segmentation (iPad)• Acquisitions (e.g. Chomp,Siri,Pollar Rose,C3 tech)• Product Development
    33. 33. STRENGTHS WEIGHTS RATING WEIGHT SCOREStrong guarding (it protects the products of apple toward 0,10 4 0,40worms and virus.Diversifications in products 0,10 4 0,40Highly innovative products 0,20 4 0,80Having its own hardware and software 0,09 3 0,27Great ability for new investments 0,14 3 0,42WEAKNESSES WEIGHTS RATING WEIGHT SCOREHigh price 0,15 2 0,30Pattents war with the competitors 0,05 3 0,15Shortage of consultant at operating level rather than partner 0,05 3 0,15level.Retailer and supplier 0,05 2 0,10Steve jobs death 0,07 2 0,14TOTAL 1,00 3,13
    34. 34. • Economical forces – Uncertainty about global economic conditions poses a risk of negative effect on demand for the Company’s products and services• Social, Cultural, Demographic and Geographic Forces – Age, Popular culture and etc – Word of mouth – Emphaty for customers/users – Positive social contribution – Team spread – Individual reward – Recession,Depression,Crisis periods
    35. 35. • Political,Legal and Governmental Forces – Political events, war, terrorism, public health issues, natural disasters and other circumstances could materially adversely affect the Company.• Technological forces• Competitive forces
    36. 36. OPPORTUNITIES WEIGHT RATING WEIGHT SCORESmart-phone market is currently flourishing 0,20 4 0,80Creating more ties with microsoft product 0,10 3 0,30Large population is brand concious 0,10 4 0,40Closer relationship with supplier and distributers 0,15 4 0,60Young population increase in the worlwide 0,10 3 0,30Computer and cell phone software and hardware 0,05 4 0,20THREATSCompetitor’s technology ( Samsung Galaxy) 0,10 1 0,10Intel’ s future pentium release 0,05 2 0,10Macro economic flactuations 0,05 2 0,10Google’s android platform has been gaining market share 0,10 2 0,20TOTAL 1,00 3,10
    37. 37. Swot Analysis Strengths Weaknesses• Brand Name • Legal Proceedings• Growing sale of iPod , iTunes and iPhone • Market share in personal computer• Low Debt • High Pricing for products• Wide rage of innovative products • Hardware and Software programmes• Increase in number of retail stores • Weak relationship with Intel and Microsoft.• Market Share and Global expansion • Slow turn around on high demand products. Opportunities Threats• Competitors Offer Wider Product Line • Competitors’ Technology and Pricing• Expansion of Retail Stores for Customer • the long lasting recession may impact the Convenience sales of the company due to higher prices of• Participate in Joint Ventures the products and services• Increase in worms and viruses on PCs so the • The switching in technology is very fast antivirus solution can be developed by Apple • Substitution
    38. 38. External Acquiring Developing MarketForces Rival New Products Development Weight Rate Total Rate Total Rate Totalsoftware - 0.20 2 0.40 4 0.80 3 0.60hardwareTies with 0.12 2 0.24 3 0.36 3 0.36MicrosoftSmart 0.24 3 0.72 4 0.96 3 0.72phoneRival’s 0.19 4 0.76 3 0.57 4 0.76tech.Supplier- 0.15 2 0.30 2 0.30 3 0.45distributerIntel’s 0.10 2 0.20 3 0.30 2 0.20release
    39. 39. Internal Acquiring Developing Marketforces rival new goods development Weight Rate Total Rate Total Rate TotalStrong 0.10 3 0.30 3 0.30 3 0.30protectionDiversification 0.15 3 0.45 4 0.60 3 0.45Innovative 0.30 1 0.30 4 1.2 3 0.90productsHigh pricing 0.18 2 0.36 3 0.54 2 0.36Patents war 0.16 4 0.64 3 0.48 3 0.48Retailer- 0.11 2 0.22 3 0.33 4 0.44supplier
    40. 40. Total of external sources toward six concepts through threeAcquiring competitor Developing new products Market development2.62 3.29 3.09 Total of internal sources toward six concepts through threeAcquiring competitor Developing new goods Market development2.27 3.45 2.93
    41. 41. • Apple has its own software and hardware programme and they use them in all apple products but when we look at the software market %92 of the market share is owned by Microsoft and Apples shares Is only %6 so to being more competitive in a global market Apple have to invest more on hardware and software in order to increase its reputation in this sector because hardware and software are the main tools for their product and they have a great opportunity to expand their shares in this area but currently other pc firms are using microsofts software and hardware because they think that it is more reliable than Apple’s OSX. So firm has to pay more attention on this sector in order to gain competitive advantage through new and unique programmes.• Reduce the price in emerging markets. For example: China, Africa, even in Turkey their price is much higher than alternative products So this cause millions of lost customers even before they become potential. Because they cant afford those high prices. For example in Turkey to buy one Iphone is cost about 1800 TL which is more than twices high minimum wage.So their Secondry target has to reduce the cost in order to provide better prices.
    42. 42. Ex: FATIH project
    43. 43. Market Share of Iphone(IOS) in smart phone industry is %12
    44. 44. Target Group
    45. 45. 3020
    46. 46. Steve Jobs reduced complexity in the Smartphone category by eliminating thekeyboard.
    47. 47. The iPad is so simple a 2-year-old can use it.
    48. 48. Innovation takes confidence, boldness and the discipline to tune out negativevoices.
    49. 49. “We don’t need you. You haven’t gotten through college yet.”“Get your feet off my desk. Get out of here. You stink and we’re not going to buy your product.”“There’s no reason why anyone would want a computer in their home.” Imagine how one young man with big dreams must have felt when he heard the following. Of course, these statements were all directed at one time or another to Steve Jobs.
    50. 50. “Dream bigger.”Perhaps the ultimate lesson that Jobs teaches us is that innovation requires risk-taking and risk taking takes courage and a bit of craziness.