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Zodiac & personalities pm presentation

  1. 1. Basic Understanding of Relationship between Astrology and Common Personalities Employee and Manager Traits with the help of Astrology Uses of Astrology for HR Processes
  2. 2. i. Personality Typesii. Astrology History Zodiac Signs & Traits Zodiac Facts Personality & Zodiac Zodiac Signs & Bossi. Boss Typesii. Role Of Astrology in World War IIiii. Astrology & Human Resource (HR) function of businessesiv. Conclusion
  3. 3. Self Observation Self Presentation Less Successful In Private Self Monitoring Self Report Measure Relationships High Upward Mobility More Prone To Loss High Achievers Risk Taking Use Less Information While Quick Decision Making Making DecisionsType A & B Personality Do Work Quickly Impatient A Strive To Do Two Or More Inefficient Work Work Together Never Suffers From The Do Not Show Their B Sense Of Time Urgency Achievements Emotionally Stable
  4. 4. Identify Opportunities Takes Action Likely To LeaveProactive Personality Challenge Status Quo Organization Entrepreneurs Sensitive To Criticism Poor Listeners Great Vision Narcissistic Lack Of Empathy Scores Of Followers Distaste For Mentoring Self Centered Practical Sneaky Believes that ends can Conniving Machiavellianism justify means Deceitful Assertive Untrustworthy Like Themselves Dislike Themselves Capable & Effective Believes they cannot Believes they can ControlCore Self Evaluation control their fate (Luck, their fate Chance) Ambitious Goals Committed
  5. 5. Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is arelationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human worldWestern astrology is largely horoscopic, that is, it is a form of divination basedon the construction of a horoscope for an exact moment, such as a personsbirth. It is founded on the movements and relative positions of celestial bodiessuch as the Sun, Moon, planets, which are analyzed by their aspects (angles)relative to one another. These are usually considered by their placement inhouses and their movement through signs of the zodiacIndian astrology uses a different commencement point to its 12-fold division ofthe zodiac than Western astrology but retains the same names and meaningsfor the signs and shares many of the same traditional principles
  6. 6. Originated by Babylonians about 1000 BC (applies to the world)Greeks developed natal (birth) astrology (2nd century AD)Argues that a persons character and destiny can be understood from thepositions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the moment of his or her birth.
  7. 7. 1. 10,000 practicing astrologers2. 1000 full-time professionals3. 20 astrological journals4. 10 new books a week5. More than 1000 newspapers with astrological forecasts6. 5 million people spend ~ $200 M per year consulting astrologersRef:Ball State UniversityMuncie, IndianaUSAhttp://www.bsu.edu
  8. 8. Sun Sign Duration Symbols Ruling Planet Element Trait Aries Mar 22 - 20 Apr The Ram Mars Fire I Am Taurus Apr 21 - 21 May The Bull Venus Earth I Have Gemini 22 May - 22 June The Twins Mercury Air I Think Cancer 23 June - 23 July The Crab Moon Water I Feel Leo 24 July - 23 Aug The Lion Sun Fire I Will Virgo 24 Aug - 23 Sep The Virgin Mercury Earth I Analyze Libra 24 Sep - 23 Oct The Scales Venus Air I Balance The Scorpio 23 Oct - 22 Nov Pluto Water I Desire ScorpionSagittarius 23 Nov - 22 Dec The Archer Jupiter Fire I SeeCapricorn 23 Dec - 19 Jan The Goat Saturn Earth I Use The WaterAquarius 20 Jan - 19 Feb Aquarius Air I Know Bearer Pisces 20 Feb - 21 Mar The Fish Neptune Water I Believe
  9. 9. Sun Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Independent Dependable Loyalty Confident Analytical Energetic Generous Persistent Dependable Ambitious Observant CleverStrengths Optimistic Loyal Imaginative Caring Generous Helpful Enthusiastic Patient Adaptable Loyal Reliable Adaptable Courageous Generous Responsive Encouraging Precise Moody Stubborn Superficial Moody Choosy Short Laziness Bossy Restless Self-pitying InflexibleWeakness tempered Possessive Dishonest Oversensitive Arrogant Cold Self-involved Materialistic Stubborn Doubtful Self-absorbed Interfering Impatient Self-indulging
  10. 10. Sun Sign Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Independence Responsible Compassionate Diplomatic Loyal Honest Patient Clever Adaptable Graceful Passionate Lighthearted Ambitious Humanitarian AcceptingStrengths Peaceful Resourceful Intellectual Resourceful Inventive Devoted Idealistic Observant Excellent Loyal Original Imaginative Hospitable Dynamic Communication Skills Superficial Jealous Unemotional Dictatorial Oversensitive Arrogant Obsessive Prone to Change Inhibited Stubborn IndefiniteWeakness Indecisive Suspicious Restless Distrusting Unemotional Self-pitying Unreliable Manipulative Flirtatious nature Unimaginative Unmanageable Lazy Unyielding Blunt
  11. 11. Sun Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo George V Henry VIII William Audie Murphy Princess Diana, Napoleon Charlie Shakespeare Anna Michael Famous Mike Tyson Arnold Chaplin Elton Leonardo De Kournikova JacksonPersonalities Nelson Mandela Schwarzenegg John Vinci Nichole Sean Connery Alexander The er Adolf Hitler Kidman Great Rafael Nadal Fire-fighter Explorers Chemists Doctors Managers Surgeon Bankers Writers Doctors Pharmacists Architects Mechanic Artists Merchants Investigators Teachers Inventors Ideal Jobs Dentist Accountants, Translators Nutritionists Nutritionists Teachers Professional Musicians Publicists Veterinarians Chefs Athletes Athlete Gardeners Talk Show Managers Realtors Presidents Entrepreneur Hosts Entrepreneurs Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius CapricornCompatibility Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus
  12. 12. Sun Sign Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Bill Gates Thomas Steve Jobs Picasso Walt Disney Sir Isaac Matt Damon Edison George Famous Christopher Bruce Lee Newton Elvis Mohandas Abraham WashingtonPersonalities Columbus Steven Presley Gandhi Lincoln Albert Einstein Prince Charles Spielberg Muhammad Ali Franklin David Gilmour Julia Roberts Diplomats Travel Agents Doctors, Generals Inventors Veterinarians Judges Explorers Investigators Administrators Politicians Biologists Public Professors Ecologists Ministers Writers Artists Relations Photographers Ideal Jobs Managers Managers Scientists, Doctors Consultants Ambassadors Engineers Computer Astronauts Musicians Counselors Import-export Navigators Wizards Artists Psychologists Psychologists Traders Secret Agents Engineers Astrologers Mediums Artists. Thrill-seekers Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini CancerCompatibility Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
  13. 13. Suitable ZodiacPersonality Type Strength Weakness Sign Self Observation Self Presentation Less Successful In Pisces Self Monitoring Self Report Measure Private Relationships Virgo High Upward Mobility More Prone To Loss High Achievers Aquarius Use Less Information Risk Taking Quick Decision Pisces While Making Making Leo Decisions Do Work Quickly Impatient TYPE A Strive To Do Two Or Leo Inefficient Work More Work Together Never Suffers From The Sense Of Time Do Not Show Their TYPE B Taurus Urgency Achievements Emotionally Stable
  14. 14. Suitable ZodiacPersonality Type Strength Weakness Sign Identify Opportunities Aries Takes Action Likely To LeaveProactive Personality Sagittarius Challenge Status Quo Organization Gemini Entrepreneurs Sensitive To Criticism Poor Listeners Great Vision Libra Narcissistic Lack Of Empathy Scores Of Followers Capricorn Distaste For Mentoring Self Centered Practical Sneaky Believes that ends can Conniving Machiavellianism Scorpio justify means Deceitful Assertive Untrustworthy Like Themselves Dislike Themselves Capable & Effective Believes they cannot Believes they can CapricornCore Self Evaluation control their fate (Luck, Control their fate Cancer Chance) Ambitious Goals Committed
  15. 15. bosses are just fine, as long as you do what they wantimmediately. Lateness is not tolerated.When you ask for a raise let them know its for yourcar or a gym membership or a new gun.Strengths: Inspiring, Dynamic, TrailblazingWeaknesses: Unheeding, Stressed, UnawareInteractive Style: Confrontational, Commanding, Blunt
  16. 16. bosses are slow to change, even for their owngood.Once you win their trust, youre in. Meanwhile,offer to pick up the lunch tab.Strengths: Stable, Attentive, CarefulWeaknesses: Bossy, Inflexible, InsensitiveInteractive Style: Concerned, Instructive, Explicit
  17. 17. bosses are sure to change everything at least threetimes a year. Try to deal with a Gemini boss onesound bite at a time.To have your way with them, give them newsclippings of relevant materials.Strengths: Lively, Communicative, InterestingWeaknesses: Distracted, Superficial, NervousInteractive Style: Forward, Adaptable, Logical
  18. 18. bosses. Dont like the mood theyre in? Just wait 6hours, their mood is sure to change.Give them lots of hugs, gifts of silver and homecooked goodies. Talk about your kids. Invite them toyour home.Strengths: Low-key, Easy, HarmoniousWeaknesses: Overly Demanding, Expectant,ParticularInteractive Style: Persuasive, Feeling, Empathic
  19. 19. bosses are creative geniuses, especially with yourideas.Give them a round of applause every day and you willprobably do just fine. Dont forget to give themmonogrammed gifts.Strengths: Fair, Proud, CommandingWeaknesses: Egotistical, Power Hungry, Self-centeredInteractive Style: Friendly, Open, Generous
  20. 20. bosses are just perfect, if you are.Give them a bottles of vitamins and natural springwater. Be sure to carefully observe all of their littlerituals.Strengths: Pragmatic, Realistic, Matter-of-factWeaknesses: Unresponsive, Unsympathetic, ColdInteractive Style: Literal, Concise, Economical
  21. 21. bosses are just fine until its time to make a toughdecision. You can tell when theyre stressed out, theyllequivocate and vacillate.Loud crude talk is a definite no, no here. A "classic"approach works best with a Libra boss. Strengths: Popular, Charismatic, Likeable Weaknesses: Conceited, Needy, Self-defeating Interactive Style: Agreeable, Charming, Magnetic
  22. 22. bosses will stick with you through thick and thin, ifyou are loyal.You will have to win their trust by passingmany, many tests or they could give you the one bigtest.Strengths: Well-directed, Protective, PowerfulWeaknesses: Inflexible, Unforgiving, HarshInteractive Style: Serious, Hard-driving, Dominant
  23. 23. bosses will tend to be lucky. That is to say they usually get away with their mistakes. Far away. They love vacations, long lunch meetings and business trips. You can get on their best side by doing working as far as possible away from the office.Strengths: Intuitive, Forceful, QuickWeaknesses: Uncommunicative, Unclear, UnsympatheticInteractive Style: Independent, Individualistic, Impulsive
  24. 24. bosses can be just a bit like dad. They think that they were meantto rule and theyre usually right. Humor them.If they can depend on you when it really counts most likely youllbe ok.Strengths: Dominant, Determined, Self-assuredWeaknesses: Insensitive, Unheeding, StubbornInteractive Style: Authoritarian, Commanding, Firm
  25. 25. bosses can be friendly yet cool.Dont get into personal things with them. They arefavorably impressed by innovations.Strengths: Quick, Bright, OpenWeaknesses: Impatient, Erratic, ElusiveInteractive Style: Immediate, Unpredictable,Ungovernable
  26. 26. bosses are fine in creative and monastic fields otherwise, dont expect them to stay around too long. To get on their best side go away with them on a retreat, seminar or workshop.Strengths: Affluent, Fluid, EmpathicWeaknesses: Easily Manipulated, Oversensitive, OverprotectiveInteractive Style: Relaxed, Adaptable, Influential
  27. 27. Plot of Adolf Hitler s horoscopeBRITISH intelligence during the second world war flooded the world ofastrology with fake horoscopes in an attempt to influence Hitler.Propaganda weapon by the Special Operations Executive (SOE), set upby Winston Churchill to sabotage the Third Reich.Hitler was known to be interested in astrology.On early 1923 he had taken a prediction that a man with his birth datewould sweep to powerHis astrologer Karl Krafft, a Swiss astrologer, warned him of darkpowers at work in November 1939. Hitler ignored the warning andattended an anniversary celebration of the putsch in the beer hall,leaving just before a bomb exploded, killing eight people.British agents decided to exploit Hitler’s interest in the stars byinserting bogus horoscopes in newspapers around the world.It was hoped that it would undermine Hitler’s authority and cause himto doubt his own decision-making ability.Astrologer Louis de Wohl recruited by British Intelligence during theSecond World War to second-guess and counter the work of HitlersAstrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft to outwit Hitler. A Colonial Office file kept secret for 63 years shows that Charles Hambro, deputy director of SOE, introduced the plan.
  28. 28. Major Leslie Sheridan, an SOE operative, provides Colonial the “accurate” data on which to predict the dictator’s downfall.Hitler’s birth time of 6.30pm on April 20, 1889, made him a Taurus by a few hours. As his birthday approached in1941, Neptune would be in opposition to his birth sign. Sheridan wrote: “Neptunian fate is always mysterious, usually violent and full of conspiratorial danger from closest associates. Agents were dispatched to spread the word in Turkey, Egypt, Singapore and West Africa. Sir Geoffrey Northcote, the British governor of Hong Kong, entered into the spirit of the plot, briefing a Chinese contact who arranged for the prediction to emerge from a planchette message — a type of séance — at a Chinese temple in Macao. This was passed to ******* news agency, which filed a dispatch reporting the prediction that Hitler would suffer a great reverse in the second half of 1941 and die in 1942. Unbeknown to the British, however, Hitler had lost some of his faith in stargazers after Rudolf Hess, his deputy, had used astrological charts to plan a flight to Britain that ended with him being incarcerated for the rest of his life. Krafft later died of typhoid on the eve of being sent to Buchenwald concentration camp. However, Shelley von Strunckel, the Sunday Times astrologer, said: “It appears Hitler ignored his astrologer anyway. Krafft was arrested after the beer hall bomb on suspicion of being involved. Talk about shooting the messenger.” Nicholas Campion, editor of the Astrological Association’s historical journal Culture and Cosmos, said: “British intelligence made a convincing job of Hitler’s horoscope. The stuff about his closest associates conspiring against him is plausible and Neptune is said to be the symbol of deception and illusion.”
  29. 29. How can astrology be useful in choosing employees?1. Prospective employee is fit for the function/responsibility, based on his natural inherent abilities as well as his ability.  May have studied very much contradictory to his basic nature  Natural inherent abilities in that profession  Misfit employee, liability for the company?2. Which employee fit in higher up levels in your employee pyramid,  Need staff who are honest, sincere, loyal  Ones who are going to have a good time in their own near future  Important staffer’s times will allow to understand his problem and also help him, so that in turn he’ll be loyal to you.  On the other hand you can also be ready with your back up3. Help you to choose people in the same arena  Who can be compatible  Leading to a stronger team spirit  Give better, higher, faster productivity  Compatible colleagues akin to a compatible couple, can work wonders, right?
  30. 30. Steps HR can Follow  Approach an astrologer for HR  Define the job functions clearly (some or many astrologers would not know)  Define your requirements for the employee and what you can compromise on  Clearly word your question  Be patient  Provide more information if requiredExamples Sales and Marketing  Arians can be good at sales of arms, ammunitions, machines, and other things Arians Arians are not good in sales of luxury cars or luxury homes.  Arian employee’s basic nature is speed, not luxury. Pure Accounts  You need someone good at numbers, data entry, who sits at the table and is comfortable at a desk job, who loves detailing and all such stuff.  No Arian will fit this place ever, in fact they will mostly not apply for this job, unless they are in dire need of employment.  Employees with flavors of Mercury and Saturn in various forms and combinations, not necessarily, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius sun signs only. Accounts with Treasury functions  You need a person who can plan and act on cash reserves to generate some other income and plan your working capital  Someone with a good Jupiter and Venus, he would be able to generate money with his own instincts as well as foresight and knack of making money work. May be Sagittarius, Taurus or Libra
  31. 31. Astrology and other related sciences can help Managers andEmployee to have a better understanding of organizationalculture and their behaviors.Initial personality screening could have a weightage ofAstrology and Zodiac based findings but HR Departmentshould also determine the Personality Type and its Traitswhich then should be matched with the Job Specificationand requirement of the position.Employees should try to understand their Manager’s psychein order to avoid any mishap or miss-understanding.
  32. 32. Personality Types & Astrologyhttp://nuclear.ucdavis.edu/~rpicha/personal/astrology/index.htmlhttp://randomastrology.tumblr.com/post/579530349/zodiac-psych-profileshttp://www.astro-visions.com/http://www.businessballs.com/personalitystylesmodels.htmhttp://edition.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/worklife/10/15/cb.astrology.career/index.htmlBoss Typeshttp://career-advice.monster.com/in-the-office/workplace-issues/understand-boss-by-astrology/article.aspxRole Of Astrology in World War IIhttp://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?29686-Devilish-plot-of-Hitler-s-horoscopehttp://www.astrology.co.uk/news/worldwar2.htmAstrology & Social Networking/Social NOTWorkinghttp://www.astrology.co.uk/news/socialnetworking.htmAstrology & Human Resource (HR) function of businesseshttp://blog.astrolife.com/2010/07/09/astrology-human-resource-hr-function-of-businesses/http://www.yournetastrologer.com/corporate_astrology.htmhttp://www.insightfulpsychics.com/zodiac-signs-the-relationship-between-serial-killers-criminal-behavior-and-their-signs/