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Porting smart m3 to the MeeGo


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Porting smart m3 to the MeeGo

  1. 1. Porting Smart-M3 platform to MeeGo OS Kirill Yudenok Open Source & Linux Lab
  2. 2. Outline• Motivation• Tasks & Goals• MeeGo & Smart-M3 platforms• Porting Smart-M3• Launch KP component• Results & Further Work
  3. 3. Motivation• allow to design applications and porting existing applications to new OS;• new opportunity to develop new services for the system and research area of smart spaces in general;• Toolkit is needed for developers.• …
  4. 4. Tasks & GoalsThe main goals:• create a client software packages of Smart-M3 platform for MeeGo OS;• platform works correctly on the MeeGo OS.Goal tasks:• investigate the mechanisms of packages creation on MeeGo OS;• create client side packages of Smart-M3 platform;• complete testing of created packages.
  5. 5. MeeGo platform
  6. 6. Smart-M3 platform Python KP Smart-M3 Qt Core whiteboardlibwhiteboard daemon sib-access- sib-access- sib-access nota plain-nota sib-plain- sib-nota sib-tcp nota piglet sib daemon
  7. 7. Packages requirements• save old functionality;• correct installation on the system;• stability work;• correct handling of error conditions;Two ways to install Smart-M3 platform:• build and install from sources;• automatically installation from trusted repository packages.
  8. 8. Problems and solutionThe main problem, that platform depend on thesystem components (glib, expat) and additionalplatform components, such as nota?;Solution• build and install dependence components from sources;
  9. 9. Porting Smart-M3The software for the MeeGo OS distributed as RPMpackage.Stages of porting• install RPM building environment;• write spec-file for each module package;• make packages using these spec’s-files;• install and test client-side packages on MeeGo.
  10. 10. Launch client side component
  11. 11. Results & Further WorkResults• investigated mechanisms of management and creation packages for MeeGo OS;• created RPM components for each ported module and RPM packages for client modules of Smart-M3 platform;• portable components successfully tested on special developed demo application and ready to work on MeeGo OS.Further work• port other modules of Smart-M3 platform;• push to official repository;• …Links• Project bugtracker:• Project wiki:• Project files:
  12. 12. Questions & Answers Kirill Yudenokkirill.yudenok@gmail.comOpen Source & Linux Lab,,
  13. 13. …• …