The voice march 2013


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The voice march 2013

  1. 1. The Voice Online Our Saviour Lutheran Church – Green Bay, WI March 2013 Volume 1, Issue 15 The Good Samaritan and the Beaten Man By: Pastor Dave HatchA fundamental teaching of the Holy Father’s is gave them to the innkeeper, and said tothat the Church is a "Hospital" which cures the him, Take care of him; and whatever morewounded man. you spend, when I come again, I will repay you." (Luke 10:33-35).But first, who are these “Church Fathers”? TheChurch Fathers, Early Church Fathers, The Church Fathers would tell us, in thisChristian Fathers, or Fathers of the Church parable, the Samaritan represents Christ whowere early, often influential theologians, some cured the wounded man and led him to the inn,of which included eminent Christian teachers that is, to the "Hospital" which is the Church.and great bishops. The term is used of writersor teachers of the Church, not necessarily Several of the Church Fathers would tell us, it"saints", and not necessarily ordained, though is evident here that Christ is presented as themany are honored as saints in the Roman Healer, the physician who cures mansCatholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, maladies and that the Church is presented asAnglican, and Lutheran Churches, as well as in the true Hospital. It is very characteristic thatsome other Christian groups. Saint John Chrysostom (one of the Church Fathers), analyzing this parable, presents theseOnce again, a fundamental teaching of the Holy truths emphasized above.Father’s is that the Church is a "Hospital"which cures the wounded man. In many Here is how he sees the parable’s meaning, andpassages of Holy Scripture such language is our part in it…used or can be inferred. One such passage isthat of the parable of the Good Samaritan: Mans life "in Paradise" was reduced to a life governed by the devil and his wiles. "But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, "And fell among thieves," that is in the came where he was. And when he saw hands of the devil and of all the hostile him, he had compassion. So he went to powers. The wounds man suffered are the him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on various sins, as the prophet David says: oil and wine; and he set him on his own "my wounds grow foul and fester because animal, and brought him to an inn, and of my foolishness" (Psalm 37). For "every took care of him. On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, and - Cont’d on page 2 - 1
  2. 2. The Voice Online - Cont’d from page 1 - people gather, is very much like that place where the Good Samaritan took that weakened, sin causes a bruise and a wound." The beaten man and restored him to health. Samaritan is Christ Himself who descended to earth from Heaven in order We are in Lent. That is a time of reflection and to cure the wounded man. He used oil and contemplation for the redemption and wine to "treat" the wounds; in other words, reconciliation won us in Christ’s victory, at the by "mingling His blood with the Holy cross and open tomb, over sin, death and the Spirit, he brought man to life." … Mingled power of the Devil. Wow, what He has done for together they have the power to unify the us! And now, set free from that deadly trap, our scattered mind. "He set him in His own life is one of ongoing healing, like a lifetime beast," that is He assumed human flesh on patient in a hospital. "the shoulders" of His divinity and ascended incarnate to His Father in When new folks are drawn here to worship, Heaven. Then the Good Samaritan, i.e. they are coming for a healing of the soul in the Christ, took man to the grand, wondrous Lord’s hospital. and spacious inn - to the Church. And He handed man over to the innkeeper… Wowsers! The parable of the Good Samaritan saying: "Take care of the Gentile people, may have a lifelong new meaning for us! whom I have handed over to you in the Church. They suffer illness wounded by sin, so cure them, using as remedies the words of the Prophets and the teaching of the Gospel; make them healthy through the admonitions and comforting word of the Old and New Testaments."In the interpretation of this parable by SaintJohn Chrysostom, it is clearly shown that the Volume 1, Issue 15 - March 2013Church is a Hospital which cures people ‘The Voice Online’ is published monthly bywounded by sin and the bishops and priests are Our Saviour Lutheran Church. All rightsthe therapists of the people of God. reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without permission.And to make a longer story shorter, OurSaviour Lutheran is a hospital. The broken are Edited by Mark Stone.brought here, and Christ, working through us,brings healing to their souls. Likewise, we are, Please feel free to contact the church office withboth the sick and Christ in us, our Healer. constructive suggestions and/or comments at Thanks to those who haveSome folks stay away from the Christian already commented! We are always seekingchurch, saying, “it is a place for weaklings.” more congregational input and submissions.Truth be told, we are weak, worn and troubled,and Christ is our Great Physician. The Church,the gathering place where His Word and His 2
  3. 3. March 2013 OFFICIAL ACTSMembership Changes:IN: Doug and Pamela Gossen, Matthew Gossen, Katelyn GossenOUT: Amy Lin Nelson and baptized child, Emily Her; Gerald Kirchman; Chad and Katie DalebrouxReceived their Crown:Gary Lee MuellerJune 26, 1964 ~ December 17, 2012Funeral service held on December 21, 2012Lorraine M. PieschekMay 2, 1918 ~ January 2, 2013Funeral service held on January 7, 2013Steven AndersonOctober 16, 1052 ~ January 17, 2013Funeral service held on January 21, 2013 April 2013 OSLC Usher ScheduleDay Date Service Lead Usher TeamThu. 04-Apr 7:00 pm N. Krueger †UN; †UN; †UNSun. 07-Apr 7:45 am J. Kielpikowski Chad Kielpikowski; Ron Klumb; †UNSun. 07-Apr 9:15 am D. Bitters Robin Williams; Frank Helebrant; Don Schultz; Shelly Williams; Trey BoerschingerSun. 07-Apr 10:45 am R. Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard ChristiansonThu. 11-Apr 7:00 pm C. Arthur Carl Zimonick; Gary Kirchman; Dick ZimonickSun. 14-Apr 7:45 am M. Dalebroux Andrew Prescher; Al Brietlow; Barry DalebrouxSun. 14-Apr 9:15 am W. Chamberlain Randy Dyle; Roxanne Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; McKenzie Waniger; Nathan ScholzSun. 14-Apr 10:45 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich SpangenbergThu. 18-Apr 7:00 pm P. Kuehl Bill Baneck; †UN; †UNSun. 21-Apr 7:45 am M. Morgan Vernon Siech; Gloria Morgan; Ralph HoerchlerSun. 21-Apr 9:15 am D. Wians Lonnie Peerenboom; Todd Korth; Barb Korth; Davis LaMarche; Dan RicherSun. 21-Apr 10:45 am M. Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; Hunter AlftThu. 25-Apr 7:00 pm N. Krueger †UN; †UN; †UNSun. 28-Apr 7:45 am A. Knaus Clarence Ney; Josh VanKauwenberg; Jerry VanKauwenbergSun. 28-Apr 9:15 am R. Vande Hei Walt Juhnke; Tiffany Duff; Brian Duff; Chelsea Vande Hei; Rachel Vande HeiSun. 28-Apr 10:45 am R. Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard Christianson † UN -Usher Needed: If youd like to volunteer as an usher, please contact the lead usher of the group youd like to join, or contact Rich Spangenberg (920) 857-3014 or email 3
  4. 4. The Voice Online EVENTS TO REMEMBERThere are many events coming up at Our Saviour in the next few months. So that you can add them to your calendar and plan accordingly, they are listed below. Continue to watch the weekly announcement sheets, newsletter, etc. for more details: April 7 Adult Confirmation at 9:15 and 10:45am services April 11 Monthly Fish Fry April 21 Trinity Spring Musical (grades K-4) at OSLC at 2pm April 28 2nd Graders receive Faith Alive Bible; 3rd Graders receive Luther’s Small Catechism at 9:15am service May 1 Last night for Confirmation, Youth Night and Wednesday Night Café May 2 8th Grade Confirmation examination at 7pm service May 4 Ladies’ Luncheon at OSLC May 5 8th Grade Confirmation at 10:45am service** May 10 Monthly Fish Fry (last one until September) May 10 Trinity Spring Musical (grades 5-8) at OSLC at 6:30pm May 12 Mothers’ Day May 13-14 Last Day of Preschool Classes May 18 Kids’ Only Rummage Sale from 8am-noon May 19 Servant Appreciation Potluck and Ice Cream Social from 9am-12:30pm (no 10:45am service) May 19 Last Day of Sunday School May 30 Trinity 8th Grade Graduation May 31 Last day of Trinity classes June 24-27 Vacation Bible School July 4 No Mid-week services August 17 Super Sale** Confirmation for 8th graders will now occur on an annual basis on the first Sunday of May each year,replacing the Fall confirmation for 9th grade. Our Saviour Lutheran Church 120 S. Henry Street Green Bay, WI 54302 (920) 468-4065 Senior Pastor – David H. Hatch Church Office – Michelle Burhite (920) 465-8118 (920) 468-4065 Associate Pastor – Greg Hovland Preschool Director – Christina Scholz (920) 544-3614 (920) 468-3596 4
  5. 5. March 2013 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday3 LHM Sunday 4 5 6 7 1 27:45am Trad Worship 6pm PS and 4K 7am Bible Study 9am Truth Project 4pm Fish Fry Prep 3:30pm Open9:15am Praise Worship Family Night 9am Bible Study 9:15am PS/4K Field trip 6pm Praise Band Gym 4K Preschool sings 7pm Elders Meeting 6:30pm Cub Scouts 12pm Staff Meeting9:15am Beginnings 7pm Choir Practice 3pm Youth Night9:30am Sunday School 4pm Worship Service 8 910:45am Trad Worship NO 4K CLASS NO PS CLASS 4:45pm Café Open NO PS CLASS – 5pm Monthly Fish 3:30pm Open 6:30pm Worship Parent/Teacher Fry Gym 6:30pm Truth Project Conferences NO 4K CLASS – 7pm P&F Board Parent/Teacher NEWLHS Expo Conferences10 Mite Box Sunday 11 12 13 14 15 167:45am Trad Worship 6pm Church Council 7am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting 6pm Praise Band 9am Men’s9:15am Praise Worship 9am Bible Study 3pm Youth Night Retreat9:15am Truth Project 7pm Choir Practice 4pm Worship Service 3:30pm Open9:30am Sunday School 4:45pm Café Open Help for the Homeless Gym10:45am Trad Worship 6:30pm Worship Collection ends 6:30pm Beginnings 7:30pm Youth Board17 St. Patrick’s Day 18 19 20 21 22 237:45am Trad Worship 7pm Board of 7am Bible Study 9am Truth Project 6pm Praise Band 11:30am Trinity 3:30pm Open9:15am Praise Worship Education 9am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting Early Dismissal Gymw/ Holy Baptism (2) and 6:30pm Cub Scouts 3pm Youth NightSS assistance 7pm Choir Practice 4pm Worship Service9:15am Beginnings 4:45pm Café Open9:30am Sunday School 6:30pm Worship10:30am Fellowship Hall 6:30pm Truth ProjectRental10:45am Trad Worshipw/ Holy Baptism24 Palm Sunday 25 26 27 28 Maundy Thursday 29 Good Friday 307:45am Trad Worship 6:30pm GBLSA 7am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting 4pm Worship Service 12pm Office Closed 3:30pm Open8:45am Truth Project 7pm Stewardship 8am OLM Meeting 6pm Praise Band 4:45pm Café Open 12:15pm Worship Gym9:15am Praise Worship 9am Bible Study 6:30pm Beginnings 6:30pm Worship Service 1:15pm 7 Words9:30am Sunday School 7pm Choir Practice Vigil10:45am SS Lenten Pageant 7pm Worship SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK31 Easter5am Silent Prayer Vigil6am Trad Service7:45am Trad Service9:15am Praise Service10:45am Trad Service
  6. 6. The Voice Online Out of the History Books… From The Voice ten years ago, as we were moving into the new building… On the Count of Three, Everybody Move, One, Two, Three...The pastors are at the liquor store asking for empties.... boxes that is.The hallways are busy with the movement of hand trucks transporting book laden containers, files andfurniture. Men are seen carrying tables and scores of chairs from the church basement, up stairs anddown hallways. Shiny toilets get flushed for the first time. The first sound of a basketball bouncing in theMPR [Multi-Purpose Room] is heard. Windows encounter their first Windex washing. Floors meet a wetmop like the hull of a new ship meets a champagne bottle. Chalkboards begin their Gospel storytelling injust-unwrapped classrooms. The new kitchen grill sizzles its first burger while the big oven rolls out its#1 loaf of bread in its new home. Worshippers will bid a "See ya later" to the Sanctuary as it once was,longing to see its new appearance in the months down the road. Hymnals will be moved to a temporaryworship location where songs will be sung while surrounded by fresh paint and curing mortar.Oh the changes! Oh the excitement!This newsletter comes to your door just as the doors open on the new addition. They open into the future,into Gods workshop. SEROOGY’S FUNDRAISER FOR EASTEROur Saviour’s Preschool is holding a fundraiser, selling Seroogy’s chocolates and coffees, just intime for Easter. Order forms are on the office bulletin board. You can place your money in thesecretary’s mailbox (outlined in red) indicating that the money is for your Seroogy’s order.Checks should be payable to Our Saviour Preschool and orders must be placed no later thanFriday, March 8th.Save yourself a trip to Seroogy’s and have it delivered to church for you! Fundraising prices areTHE SAME AS in the store. Items available to order include: CANDY BARS – 1.75 oz SIGNATURE COFFEES – 14 ounces Chocolate Meltaway Bar $1.50 REGULAR Dark Chocolate Bar $1.50 Columbian $11.00 Mint Chocolate Bar $1.50 Hazelnut $11.00 Crispy Chocolate Bar $1.50 Holiday Traditions $11.00 Jamaican Me Crazy $11.00 EASTER BASKET ITEMS Solid Chocolate Bunny – 4 oz $3.20 DECAF Solid Chocolate Lamb – 4 oz $3.20 Columbian Decaf $12.00 Butter Fudge Egg – 7 oz $4.50 Holiday Traditions Decaf $12.00 Holiday Traditions Decaf $12.00 GIFT BOXES – 9 ounces Jamaican Me Crazy Decaf $12.00 Chocolate Assortment $11.00 Meltaway Assortment $11.00 Mint Meltaways $11.00 Caramels $11.00 6
  7. 7. March 2013 Helping the Homeless “The supplies that were given are more than toothpaste and toilet paper; they are a sign that the community cares. Thank you.” Thomas, Shelter Resident We will be collecting NEW hygiene and cleaning items for local homeless shelters and crisis agencies through 91.9/91.5 The Family’s 21st annual “Help for the Homeless” hygiene drive in collaboration with the Brown County Homeless & Housing Coalition and the Brown County United Way from February 22 through March 17. Please place your donations in the Help for the Homeless collection box located by the coat room elevator by March 17th. Supplying these items to the shelters will help them direct their limited resources to providing qualified staff, counseling, food and shelter to those they serve. The most requested items include laundry detergent, garbage bags, dental and hair care items, diapers & wipes, tissue, and soap (a list of items can be found by the donation boxes). Your donations will remain in this community. Thank you! More info can be found at or call 1-800-236-9364. Rummage and Bake Sale Taking Orders for Easter LiliesThe LWML at Christ of the Bay Lutheran Sign-up now to beautify the Sanctuary at OurChurch (450 Laverne Dr., Green Bay) will hold Saviour with Easter Lily plants for Eastera rummage and bake sale on Saturday March morning. Sign-up sheets can be found on the16th from 8:00am-2:00pm. Items for sale will Narthex counter or you can email furniture, small appliances, toys, books, The cost for each plant is $10. Please put $10 inclothing, and more. Please join us. A portion of one of the envelopes provided by the sign-up sheetthe proceeds from this sale will benefit Green and place it in the offering plate (remember to include your name and envelope number). We willBay Trinity Lutheran School. take orders until Sunday, March 17th. If you have any questions, please call Michelle in the office at (920) 468-4065. 7
  8. 8. The Voice Online SAY IT WITH FLOWERSWhy not put flowers on the altar to honor a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion forwhich you want to give thanks to God? It’s EASY! Just sign up on the calendar in the Flower Book,which can be found on the shelf at the west side of the Narthex. Find the date you want to sponsor,write in the occasion for the celebration, and include your name (i.e. Mary’s 45 th Birthday from theGary Wallace family or in loving memory of John Jones from the Alex Smith Family). The cost is$30. Place your donation (checks payable to Our Saviour) in an envelope, include your name andenvelope number and a note that the donation is for altar flowers, and place the envelope in theoffering plate.You may also bring your own flowers and vase for display instead of having the Flower Committeepurchase them for you. Please include a note with your sponsorship that you will bring your own.You are encouraged to sign up at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of your special occasion(many weeks are open now, but don’t wait too long!). After the 10:45am service on that day, youare welcome to take the flowers home for your enjoyment. We do ask that you do not take thevases from church but bring one from home to use for transportation.If you have any questions about this procedure, please feel free to call Michelle in the office at(920) 468-4065 or send an email to The Altar By: Jennifer DampWe all know it’s there, but what is it, who prepares it, and where did it originate? The altar, whichis the raised table where the Holy Communion is received, and the offerings to God are placed,must be maintained. The Altar Guild is the group in each church that devotes it’s time tomaintaining the altar. We keep the candles filled, prepare Holy Communion, change Paraments(the colored linens on the Altar and Pulpit), and we keep the altar clean. This is where we aremaking our offerings to the Lord and receiving His Body and Blood. The history of the Altar isfound throughout the Bible. The ancient altar was the focal point of all religious devotion andaspiration. The Lord met with His children at the altar then and He will meet with His children atthe altar today. What a miracle and blessing! A very special thank you to those of you who havebecome new members, as well as the members who have remained in service. God is shining Hislight through you and the work you do.3From the Negev he went from place to place until he came to Bethel, to the place between Bethel and Ai where his tent had been earlier 4and where he had first built an altar. (Genesis 13: 3-4) 8
  9. 9. March 2013OSLC Business DirectoryAdvertisements in the business directory help Our Saviour defray the cost of ‘The Voice Online’each month. If you would like to advertise, please contact Michelle in the Church officeat (920) 468-4065 or Please support the sponsors who help support us! Out of the mouths of Babes “It’s very important to be quiet in church…because people are sleeping.” “Jesus, if you can’t help me be a good boy, it’s OK. I’m having a good time like I am.” “Grandpa, you are just like God! He’s really old too!” “Lord, forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.” “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from e-mail. Amen.” 10