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  1. 1. OUR SAVIOUR The Voice LUTHERAN CHURCH LUTHERAN CHURCH- MISSOURI SYNOD GREEN BAY, WIS. V O L U M E 1 0 , I S S U E 2 2 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 0 Appreciate your contemporaries Find us on the Web! http://www.oslc-gb.org By David H. Hatch Biographies had died and others Sometimes our can teach us a lot were miles away. The minds live in the “good about how others cabin had even been old days”, missing out lived their lives. From swept away by a on the God-given their weaknesses, we spring flood. He contemporaries and can learn about their could not go back. settings of now. poor decisions, His contemporaries Sometimes, we long for choices, mistakes, and settings had tomorrow but similarly etc. And the opposite changed. miss the can be learned from Likewise, Mark contemporaries and their strengths. A Twain, at the height settings of now. Caption describing picture very large lesson of his writing career, or graphic. In our daily rush learned is to “see” had blossomed with through life, are we the changing a wonderful little blind to see the contemporaries and American family precious settings in their lifestyle. They lived in contemporaries in our lives. their dream home in stories, or the blessed For example, Hartford, setting of our current Teddy Roosevelt ex- Connecticut. He place in life? plored the frontier in wished to freeze time God is blessing North Dakota. He had here, but could not. your now, count those close companions He made some poor blessings! there and built a financial choices and cabin on a river. they had to leave that Volumes of house. Soon adventures were afterwards, one of his experienced with his beloved children friends in this place. died. He could not Years later, when turn back time. His Teddy was in the contemporaries and White House, some of settings changed. those close friends So do ours.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 VOLUME 10, ISSUE 22 OSLC official acts Membership Changes IN: Melody Ashmore, Adult Confirmation (6/13/2010) Mary VanHouten, Adult Confirmation (6/13/2010) Irma Jensen, Profession of Faith Dennis and Cheryl Timm, transfer from Faith Lutheran Church, Green Bay (LCMS) Pat Baumgartner, Profession of Faith Brad Baldschun, Jack Baldschun and Kim Baldschun, Profession of Faith OUT: Leo and Deb Druar and children, Wyatt, Wade and Nadine, release Jason and Mindy Zielinski and children: Mya, Zoe and Eli, transfer to Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Green Bay (LCMS) Received their Crown: David Joseph Swagel January 16, 1920 ~ August 11, 2010; funeral service held at Our Saviour Lutheran Church on August 15, 2010 Uno E. Maki March 11, 1918 ~ August 24, 2010; funeral service held at Our Saviour Lutheran Church on August 26, 2010 The little church in the 2011 theme announced: His Love – Our Response suburbs suddenly stopped buying from its Imagine you are driving down a As we look toward 2011, what regular office supply dealer. wonderful country road on a summer might be our response to His love for So, the dealer telephoned vacation. You see a sign that reads, us? Shall we consider some new year Deacon Brown to ask why. “Yellowstone National Park – three resolutions this far in advance? What miles ahead.” You begin to anticipate, habits need shedding? What habits need "I'll tell you why," shouted imagine, visualize and become eager for to be polished and revived? Worship Deacon Brown. "Our the adventure ahead. habits or Bible study commitments? church ordered some Likewise, here is a real road How about home devotions with the pencils from you to be used sign, “His Love – Our Response* – family? How about reactivating our in the pews for visitors to three months ahead.” prayer life? Maybe consider serving our register." On January 1, 2011, we will pass Lord in some capacity at church, "Well, interrupted the into new territory, entering a joyful year applying the gifts He has given us? dealer, "didn't you receive themed “His Love – Our Response.” It’s going to be a wonderful new them yet?" Your pastors are hopeful that you will year as we respond to His love. That begin to anticipate, imagine, visualize new year is just around the corner! We "Oh, we received them all and become eager for the adventure this hope you look forward to embracing this right," replied Deacon theme inspires. theme as much as we do! Brown. His love for us is displayed in creating us, redeeming us, sustaining us *The 2011 theme for Our Saviour "However, you sent us and preparing our Heavenly home for Lutheran Church was the Synod’s some golf pencils...each us! That’s deep love! theme in the early 1980s. stamped with the words, What is our response? How `Play Golf Next Sunday.'" would you answer that question? Pause and think. THE VOICE
  3. 3. PAGE 3 Roving reporter, Adeline, lays down her pen Our dear and faithful roving reporter, Adeline Grieser, is setting down her pen and retiring from her storied adventures for our monthly reading. Thank you Adeline! When folks pick up the Voice, it is to your articles they run, Adeline. We thank you for the more than four years you have been gathering, researching, checking and writing jokes and items for the Voice. I am feeling prophetic, hereby going to guess your pen won't lay long, your fountain of ink is welled to the brim and your love for the story is mighty. May we hear from you in an interview, Adeline? In her own words: Norma Teske Norma Teske has been always taught the kindergarten about Jesus. This is a very teaching Sunday school at Our class. I really enjoyed these important start in life and their Saviour Lutheran Church for years immensely. They were hearts. Again, thank you to the quite some time. As she retires very rewarding. These precious parents in bringing these from this ministry at OSLC, we little children are so sincere, and children to me so I could have have asked her to tell her story. as time goes along, you can an opportunity to teach them all Thank you Norma! really see the progress they are about Jesus. making. PS: I will also miss all Usually, by the end of the teachers and especially Julie the year, they memorized and and Donna and the children.” “I was born in Algoma can say The Lord's and attended Algoma Public Prayer. They WANT to learn School and Algoma High with all about this Jesus that died for vocational courses. I worked them and saves us. I really have for Lindeman's and was office decided to retire at this time manager at the Riverside because I need to help out with Ballroom for many years. I my mother when I can. have three sons and six Also, I believe someone grandchildren, three girls and younger will be more effective three boys. My mother is 89 for today's young children. No years old, still living alone in one has to say thank you. Just her own home. thank the great parents for I have taught Sunday bringing their precious little school for the past 15 years. I ones to Sunday school to learn VOLUME 10, ISSUE 22 THE VOICE
  4. 4. Youth events! The school year is off to a great start in the youth department! The first youth night was filled with curly fries, chicken tenders and confirmation memory work. The first senior high Bible study, Interested in serving on the youth board? Our although a small group, had a powerful meetings are the first Monday of every month for at message and plenty diving right into 5:30 for about an hour. We discuss the future of our the Word. It is often a difficult task youth program’s role in our congregation and plan getting young Christians excited about youth events. the Word. But it is an amazing And as always we can use more volunteers! experience to a part of the OSLC youth’s Christian journey. Please e-mail ajjoslc@yahoo.com if you are interested in serving either (OR BOTH!) of these ways! Every Sunday, unless otherwise noted, senior high Bible study in the youth room at 7:00 p.m. Every Wednesday, unless otherwise noted, youth night for all youth in the youth room beginning at 3:00 p.m., dinner at 5:00 p.m., and for those of you in confirmation, class at 6. Sunday, Oct. 17 join in the youth room for Bible study and pumpkin carving at 7:00 p.m. for confirmation and senior high youth. Please try to bring some of your own pumpkins. Thursday, Oct. 28 is the Make a Difference Tour stop at the Resch Center. Sign up in the youth room or on the Facebook fan page by Oct. 1. Saturday, Nov. 6 is Power of One music festival at Appleton North High School. Sign up in the youth room or on the Facebook fan page by Oct 1. Movie nights begin Saturday, Dec. 4 at 7:00 p.m. Movie title to be announced. Bowling and paintball still in the works! Stay tuned! Find us on Our Saviour Lutheran Church –Green Bay, Wi Youth
  5. 5. VOLUME 10, ISSUE 22 PAGE 5 November 2010 OSLC Usher Schedule Day: Date: Service: Lead Usher Team: Thu. 04-Nov 7:00 pm B. Clayton Anthony Clayton; †UN; †UN Sun. 07-Nov 7:45 am A. Knaus Clarence Ney; Josh VanKauwenberg; Jerry VanKauwenberg Sun. 07-Nov 9:15 am W. Chamberlain Randy Dyle; Roxanne Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; Elyssa Ammerman; Kathy Ammerman Sun. 07-Nov 10:45 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich Spangenberg Thu. 11-Nov 7:00 pm HC C. Arthur Carl Zimonick; Gary Kirchman; Dick Zimonick Sun. 14-Nov 7:45 am HC J. Kielpikowski Chad Kielpikowski; Ron Klumb; †UN Sun. 14-Nov 9:15 am HC D. Wians Lonnie Peerenboom; Todd Korth; Barb Korth; Davis LaMarche; Dan Richer Sun. 14-Nov 10:45 am M. Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; †UN Thu. 18-Nov 7:00 pm P. Kuehl Bill Baneck; †UN; †UN Sun. 21-Nov 7:45 am M. Dalebroux Andrew Prescher; Al Brietlow; Barry Dalebroux Sun. 21-Nov 9:15 am R. Vande Hei Walt Juhnke; Tiffany Duff; Brian Duff; Chelsea Vande Hei; Rachel Vande Hei Sun. 21-Nov 10:45 am R. Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard Christianson Wed. 24-Nov 7:00 pm HC B. Clayton Anthony Clayton; †UN; †UN Thu. 25-Nov 9:00 am HC D. Bitters Robin Williams; Frank Helebrant; Don Schultz; Shelly Williams; Trey Boerschinger Sun. 28-Nov 7:45 am HC M. Morgan Vernon Siech; Gloria Morgan; Ralph Hoerchler Sun. 28-Nov 9:15 am HC W. Chamberlain Randy Dyle; Roxanne Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; Elyssa Ammerman; Kathy Ammerman Sun. 28-Nov 10:45 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich Spangenberg †UN -Usher Needed: If you'd like to volunteer as an usher; Please contact the Lead usher of the group you'd like to join. Or, contact Rich Spangenberg (920) 983-9821 or e-mail spangenr@uwgb.edu Another pot luck? You betcha! All Saints Day worship and pot luck Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Or, are you well past grief, yet so very grateful for the loved ones that have left you? A personal thank you for all to Your pastors are offering a Service of All Saints. That worship read service will be on Monday, Nov. 1 From Louanne and Chuck Kuzmic and family at 6:00 p.m. on All Saints Day. Bring memorial flowers if To Pastor Dave and Bev Salewski, you would like. Join us for a very Who organized all the ladies in the kitchen and casual potluck at 5:00 p.m. served such a wonderful funeral meal for my father preceding the worship service. Dave Swagel. My family appreciated it so much. Bring your family and Also, to everybody who prayed for my father; he is at friends, or come alone with your peace in heaven. memories! Let's give those loved It is wonderful to be part of such a wonderful ones back to the Creator and give congregation. Thank you everyone. God's blessings. thanks for their lives among us. THE VOICE
  6. 6. October 2010 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Communion 8 9 7:45a Trad. Worship 3:30p Trinity V-Ball 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 9a Staff meeting 5p Fish Fry 2p Helebrant/ 9:15a Praise Worship 5:30p Youth board 9a Bible study 6p Praise band 12:15p Brown Bag 6p Helebrant/ Neiheisel wedding 9:15a Bible Study 7p Elders meeting 7p Choir 6p Confirmation and Worship, Parlor Neiheisel wedding 9:30a Sunday School 3:30p Trinity V-Ball 10:30a Bible study memory help rehearsal 7p P&F meeting 5p Fish Fry prep 10:45a Trad. Worship 7p Trad. Worship 7p S.H. youth Bible study 10 Communion 11 12 13 14 15 16 7:45a Trad. Worship 7p LWML, Parlor 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 12:15p Brown Bag 6:30p Jonet/DeWitt 3p Jonet/DeWitt 9:15a Praise Worship 7p Church Council 9a Bible study 6p Praise band Worship, Parlor wedding rehearsal wedding 9:15a Bible study 7p Choir 6p Confirmation and 7p Trad Worship Michelle vacation 9:30a Sunday School 7:45p Evangelism memory help NO SCRIP SALES 10:30a Bible study Michelle vacation 10:45a Trad. Worship Michelle vacation NO SCRIP SALES NO SCRIP SALES 7p S.H. youth Bible study 17 18 19 20 21 Communion 22 23 22 7:45a Trad. Worship 7p Board of ed 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 9a Staff meeting 5:30p Kielpikowski/ 2p Kielpikowski/ 9:15a Praise Worship 9a Bible study 6p Praise band 12:15p Brown Bag Dyzbalyswedding Dyzbalyswedding 9:30a Sunday School Worship, Parlor ISSUE Michelle vacation 7p Choir 6p Confirmation rehearsal 10:45a Trad. Worship 7p Trad. Worship 7p S.H. youth Bible study/ NO SCRIP SALES and memory help Pumpkin carving 26 27 28 29 30 10, 24 Communion 25 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 9a Staff meeting 7:45a Trad. Worship 7p Fellowship 12:15p Brown Bag 9:15a Praise Worship 9a Bible study 6p Praise band 7p Stewardship VOLUME 7p Choir 6p Confirmation and Worship, Parlor 9:15a Bible study 7:30p Trinity School 9:30a Sunday School memory help 7p Trad. Worship 10:30a Bible study board No Trinity classes No Trinity classes 10:45a Trad. Worship 7p S.H. youth Bible study 31 Nov 1 VOICE 7:45a Trad, Worship 5p pot luck dinner 9:15a Praise Worship 6p All Saints Day 9:15a Bible study Memorial service 9:30a Sunday School 10:30a Bible study THE 10:45a Trad. Worship 7p S.H. youth Bible study
  7. 7. VOLUME 10, ISSUE 22 PAGE 7 OSLC Business Directory Advertisements in the business directory help Our Saviour defray the cost of printing and mailing The Voice each month. If you would like to advertise in The Voice, please contact Michelle at (920) 468-4065 or by e-mail: info@oslc-gb.org Senior Pastor– David H. Hatch Edited and designed by Avra J. Juhnke Our Saviour (920) 465-8118 dave@oslc-gb.org Please feel free to contact me with constructive suggestions and comments at ajjoslc@yahoo.com Associate Pastor– Greg Hovland Lutheran Church (920) 544-3614 Thanks to those who have already commented! greg@oslc-gb.org I am seeking more congregational input and Lutheran Church- Church Office – Michelle Burhite (920) 468-4065 submissions. Submissions can be sent to info@oslc-gb.org What do you want to read Missouri Synod info@oslc-gb.org Preschool Director – Christina about? 120 S. Henry Street • Green Bay, WI 54302 Scholz Vol. 10, No. 22, October 2010 The Voice (permit No. 59) (920) 468-4065 (920) 468-3596 is published monthly by Our Saviour Lutheran Church. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be christina@oslc-gb.org reproduced without permission. THE VOICE
  8. 8. Our Saviour Lutheran Church Non-Profit Organization THE VOICE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 22 120 S. Henry St. U.S. Postage Paid Green Bay, WI 54302 Permit #59 (920) 468-4065 Green Bay, WI ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Please join us for our monthly fish fry October 8, 2010 January 14, 2011 November 12, 2010 February 11, 2011 December 10, 2010 March 11, 2011 April 8, 2011 May 13, 2011 Doors Open 4:45 p.m. - Serving 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the gym Menu options: Deep Fried Perch French Fries Baked Cod Baked Potatoes Chicken Strips Homemade Desserts All dinners include: Choice of potato, homemade coleslaw and dinner rolls, soda, water or coffee Our Saviour Lutheran Church Carry out available 120 South Henry Street (920) 468-4065 Green Bay, WI 54302 Call ahead orders up to 4:15 p.m. only