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  1. 1. HELP WANTED! – The Praise Band has regular, semi-regular and substitute openings for drummers, RECYCLE BY SAVING AND DONATING – Bring in your used cell phones, empty pill bottles,electric or acoustic guitarists, keyboardists, and vocalists. We practice Wednesday nights from 6:00-8:30 aluminum cans, beads, and coupons. We are also collecting batting as well as knitting/sewing materials,and you don’t have to play every week. It’s also a great group of people to work with! Some musical Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, Capri Sun pouches, specially marked milk caps, andtalent required but you don’t have to be a rock star. Call Marlys Brunsting at 391-0473 to learn more. Coke codes. Additionally, we continue to collect non-perishable food for Manna for Life (please no bread, potatoes, etc.). If you have questions, please call Michelle in the office at 468-4065.SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS – Consider the impact you can have on a young life when you sharethe love of Jesus with them! Team teaching allows you to teach every other week. Please contact Julie LAST DAY FOR LOST AND FOUND – Please check the lost and found in the coat room by theRusch at 406-9077 to volunteer or if you have any questions. Registration forms will be available in the bathrooms to see if any items belong to you or a family member. Items are in the box on the floor as wellAugust issue of The Voice, in the office hallway and at the Fall Rally. Background check forms are in as those hanging above it. On August 27 (tomorrow), all items will be donated to a local charity.the same area and must be completed by all new (and some previous) Sunday School volunteers. THE TRUTH PROJECT – Three classes are available - Sunday mornings (beginning September 9) atHAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF ADOPTION? –Because of a "summer slump" in unified receipts, 9:15am and Thursdays at 9am or 6:30pm (beginning September 6). Please call or email the office or signwe are falling a bit behind. Can you ‘Adopt a Bill’? Select an invoice and envelope from the board. up at the Welcome Center. For additional information, pick up a flyer at the Welcome Center.Make your check out to OSLC; put it and the invoice in the envelope then place the envelope in the BEVERAGE DONATIONS REQUESTED – As we get closer to the first Fish Fry of the season (onoffering plate or drop it at the office. Our first three weeks of the board this year have netted $1,279.68. September 14), we look to replenish our supplies of soda and coffee. At this time, our greatest needs areIS THE FALL RALLY ON YOUR CALENDAR? – Just four short weeks away, on September 16, a for decaffeinated coffee along with cans of Coca-Cola, Diet Sprite, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountainpotluck lunch will be held and you can learn about the many ways to use your time and talents at Our Dew and Diet Mountain Dew. Please keep your eyes open for specials for these products.Saviour. Mark your calendar; there will be no 10:30am Bible class or 10:45am service. Don’t miss it! VOICES NEEDED – Choir practice is back on September 11. New voices are always welcome. TheIS IT SCRIP TIME? – SCRIP recently gave $6,000 to Our Saviour! It’s easy to see how even a small choir meets at 7pm on Tuesdays and sings on occasional Sundays as well as for special services. Feelpurchase each week or month, multiplied by many buyers, can give a boost to the bottom line at Our free to contact Music Director Judy O’Grady (469-0948) or just show up for practice!Saviour. EVERY purchase is a small donation, so don’t think that your $25 or $100 purchase isn’t worth CPH BIBLE SALE IS BACK – Need a new Bible? Looking for the perfect gift? A CPH order will beit. Groceries? Gas? Going out to eat? Gift giving? Taking a trip? To learn more, stop by the Welcome placed on September 20. The order form can be found posted outside the office. If we place an order forCenter today or come to the office during regular business hours. If you have (or will have) a child at 10 or more, shipping will be free; if not, shipping costs will be divided equally between those who order.Green Bay Trinity, OSL Preschool or in the youth group, ask about our ‘tuition reimbursement’ program. MOTHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS – This school year, Redeemer Lutheran School’s Cougar CareLWML MITES COLLECTION COUNT – The Mite collection container was full, full, full! You Program is offering a Mom’s/Grandma’s Day Out Program just for you. Your preschooler, age 3-5, canfilled the container to bursting and when the counting was finished, your small change added up to big be part of this structured yet fun learning environment while you attend Bible study, have lunch, shop, orbucks - $338.11! 75% will go towards the mission grants in our district and 25% will go to the national go to an appointment. Hours are flexible, Monday-Friday between 6:30 am and 6:00 pm. No minimummission grants. Check out the Evangelism board for details on what your change is doing. Keep your stay. Rates are charged hourly. For more info or to schedule a visit, contact Joyce Toenjes at 499-1033.mite boxes handy and, more importantly, keep your prayers flowing! Thanks again, OSL LWML 23 YEARS! – The Cop O’ Joy celebrates 23 years of ‘music that inspires’ at their 2012 Benefit Concert,LAMBEAU FIELD AND PACKER GAMES – Lambeau Field and DNC (the new concessions which features JJ Heller in an acoustic setting with a local artist spotlight. On Saturday, September 15,company) are gearing up for a new season! Our Saviour is seeking volunteers (18 or older) to work one the doors open at 6pm at the Meyer Theatre for the 7pm show. Prices $10-$20; tickets are available ator more games this season. Volunteers must attend a training session before working (see office hallway area Christian Book stores or contact the Cup at 437-6694 / or board for the August/September schedule). Please contact Neil Burmeister at 866-9088 or callthe church office (468-4065) for more info. Our booth is indoors (Section 427 club seats); we need 21 COLLEGE FAIR – On Tuesday, August 28, a Lutheran College Fair will be held at Thrivent Financialpeople per game. Sign-up sheets for all games are at the Welcome Center; let’s get them filled up!!  for Lutherans. All families attending this event will received four application fee waivers applicable for any Lutheran College/University listed on the fee waiver. For details, visit WITH STIX TO CROCHET – We are adding crocheting lessons to our knitting project Registration begins at 6:45pm followed by a Financial Aid Seminar and the College Fair.meetings. Please come join us on September 12 beginning at 1PM. Bring your projects, ideas and more! BE THE DIFFERENCE – Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Brown County is a non-SUNDAY BIBLE STUDY – The Sunday morning adult Bible study group will meet today at 9:15 and profit organization dedicated to providing volunteer advocates for children who are the subject of a10:30 am. There will be no Bible study next week, September 2, due to the holiday weekend. protective court order as a result of abuse or neglect. Volunteers provide close, consistent contact with
  2. 2. children, seeking to assure them a safe, permanent home and hope for a better future. If you are at least WEEKEND OF AUGUST 26, 201221 years of age and willing to commit about 12 hours per month, please contact (920) 437-2272, x104 The next training session begins Tuesday, October 2. OUR SAVIOUR LUTHERAN CHURCHBRICKS FOR MORTGAGE REDUCTION – Leave your mark as part of the legacy that is the “We’re Open on Sundays!”ministry of Camp Luther. You can support the effort to reduce the mortgage and leave a remembrance on 120 South Henry, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302a brick in Camp’s beautiful courtyard for a gift of $500 or more! Go to for more. Web: www.oslc-gb.orgCHOOSE CAMP LUTHER WITH YOUR THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS – It’s easy and it +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++benefits Camp Luther and Every Kid to Camp! Log on to or call 800- OUR SAVIOUR CONTACT INFORMATIONTHRIVENT (800-847-4836) and get started TODAY!! Eligibility is established by Thrivent! You simply Michelle Burhite, Church Office 468-4065/Fax: 468-5757 info@oslc-gb.orggo online and they do the rest. THANK YOU for giving to Camp Luther!! (Other options include Our David H. Hatch, Sr Pastor 465-8118/Emergency: 609-0248 dave@oslc-gb.orgSaviour, Green Bay Trinity and NEW Lutheran High School.) Greg Hovland, Assoc Pastor 544-3614 Christina Scholz, Preschool Director 468-3596 WHAT’S UP THIS WEEK AT OUR SAVIOUR WHO IS SERVING IN HIS HOUSE THIS WEEK Sunday August 26 Wednesday August 29 August Altar Guild: Barb Krouse, Deloris Siegmund and Mike Charles Communion 8:15 am First Day of Trinity School The Eternal Flame is sponsored by Paul Kuehl in loving memory of Mom, Doris Kuehl. 7:45 am Traditional Worship 8:25 am Trinity Chapel-Sanctuary DAY DATE TIME ORGANIST USHER ELDER ACOLYTE READER 9:15 am Praise Worship 12:00 pm Staff Meeting Thurs Aug 23 12:15 pm n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 9:15 am Bible Study 6:30 pm Preschool Parent Orientation Thurs Aug 23 7:00 pm Judy O Paul K John C Brett L Kayla J 10:30 am Bible Study 7:00 pm Young Adult Bible Study Sun Aug 26 7:45 am Judy O Allen K Andrew P Hannah L Al B 10:45 am Traditional Worship Sun Aug 26 9:15 am Band David W David W Olivia M Brian D 11:00 pm Fellowship Hall Rental Thursday August 30 Robin W 12:15 pm Worship Service Mike S Monday August 27 6:00 pm Packers Home vs Chiefs Sun Aug 26 10:45 am Judy O Royal B Royal B Kallie M Rich R 6:00 pm Trinity Back to School Night 7:00 pm Worship Service 6:30 pm GBLSA Meeting Lives Touched By the Gospel August 13-19: 324 7:00 pm Board of Stewardship Friday August 31 (This number does not include Sunday School, Bible Classes or our 4 Preaching Stations) 11:30 am Trinity Early Dismissal WELCOME VISITORS! – We are very happy that you chose to join us and pray that you feel the Tuesday August 28 warmth of the Son as you worship with us today. Please fill out the Fellowship Pad in the pew rack with 7:00 am Bible Study Sunday September 2 the date, your name(s), address, etc. (use extra lines if needed). We invite you to come back soon. Our 8:00 am OLM Meeting 7:45 am Traditional Worship summer and fall schedules are the same; the nursery and Sunday School will resume on September 23. 8:30 am 3 year old PS Open House 9:15 am Traditional Worship 9:00 am Bible Study 10:45 am Traditional Worship ALTAR GUILD MEMBERS NEEDED – The Altar Guild is preparing to serve every week 10:00 am 4K Open House Communion. Many more workers are needed before that can happen! Singles, couples and families with 6:00 pm Praise Band Practice Monday September 3 Jr. High or older children can join. Contact Jennifer at or call 366-4734 or 7:30 pm Praise Band Meeting All Day Labor Day-Office Closed contact Jill at or call 465-1437 for information. PICK ONE UP – Fish Fry schedules are at the Welcome Center; the first one is just 3 Fridays away. LAST WEEK’S GIVING REPORT Portals of Prayer for July – September are in the Narthex; one large print is still available in the office. (Our 2012 approved budget calls for $9,951.12 per week) Total gifts for ministry August 13-19: $11,923.62 SUPER SALE RESULTS – The hard work paid off; gross proceeds from Saturday’s event was more than $5,800. Thanks to all volunteers for their hard work; net numbers will come soon.