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20090607 Announcements

  1. 1. OUR SAVIOUR LUTHERAN CHURCH–Weekend of June 7, 2009 120 S Henry St., Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302 Web: www.oslc-gb.org OUR SAVIOUR CONTACT INFORMATION Michelle Burhite, Church info@oslc- 468-4065/Fax: 468-5757 Office gb.org 465-8118/Emergency cell: dave@oslc- Dave Hatch, Sr Pastor 609-0248 gb.org Greg Hovland, Assoc greg@oslc- Cell: 609-0917 Pastor gb.org Christina Scholz, Preschool christina@oslc- 468-3590 Director gb.org GIVING REPORT – MAY 31, 2009 WE ALWAYS PRAISE THE LORD! (Our current approved budget calls for $10,545.77 per week) Total gifts last week $8,409.71 WHO’S ON DECK THIS WEEK Altar Guild for June: Gloria Morgan and Sue Bruhn The Eternal Flame for June is provided by Norma Teske, in loving memory of her husband, Edward. DAY DATE TIME ORGANIST USHER ELDER ACOLYTE READER Thu June 12:15 n/a 4 pm n/a n/a n/a n/a Thu June 7:00 McLeod K n/a 4 pm Judy O P Kuehl VanSistine Sun June 7:45 Chamberla A 7 am Judy O A Knaus in R Vlies Breitlow Sun June 9:15 Williams C 7 am Helebra Band D Bitters G Endries nt Sun June 10:45 W Wians M 7 am Judy O M Charles T Bitters Charles WHAT’S UP THIS WEEK AT OUR SAVIOUR Tuesday (6/9) 7:00 am Bible Study, Parlor 9:00 am Bible Study, Classroom #1 7:00 pm Council Meeting, Conference Room Wednesday (6/10) 6:00 pm Praise Band Practice, Sanctuary Thursday (6/11) 12:15 pm Brown Bag Worship w/Communion, Parlor 12:45 pm Staff Meeting, Conference Room 7:00 pm Traditional Worship w/Communion, Sanctuary Sunday (6/14) 7:45 am Traditional Worship w/Communion, Sanctuary 8:45 am Revelation Bible Study, Conference Room 9:15 am Praise Worship w/Communion, Sanctuary 9:35 am Pilgrim’s Progress (4/5), Parlor 10:25 am Youth Bible Study, Youth Room 10:35 am Pilgrim’s Progress (4/5), Parlor 10:45 am Traditional Worship w/Communion, Sanctuary 6:45 pm Softball, John Muir Park (bottom) District Convention, KI Center VISITORS ARE WELCOME LIKE SUNSHINE – We welcome all visitors and friends for our regular worship services on Thursday (12:15 pm and 7 pm, Traditional) and Sunday (7:45 am and 10:45 am Traditional; 9:15 am Praise). These service times will continue through the summer. Please let us know you were here; fill out the Fellowship Pad (it’s in the pew rack) with today’s date, name, address, phone #, etc. GOT CHILDREN? – Children’s Worship bulletins are available in the Narthex (ages 3-6 and 7-12). The cry room is just off the Narthex behind the sound board; please ask an usher if you need assistance. Please ask your children to not use the Rite of Fellowship pads and Communion cards for scribbling or
  2. 2. drawing. Take a few extra Children’s Worship Bulletins if needed by your child during service. Don’t forget to sign your child up for VBS!! Registration forms are by the Welcome Center. PRESCHOOL – Thanks and praise to God, our 3- and 4-year-old Preschool programs are filled; waiting lists have been started. To be placed on the waiting list, please call Michelle in the office at 468-4065. An afternoon class may be started if we see enough interest. BIKES? YIKES! – The youth are still gathering used bikes to restore and sell to help raise funds for the National Youth Gathering next summer. You may be able to claim the value of your donation(s) on your 2009 taxes! Call Michelle at 468-4065 with any questions you may have. CHEERS NEEDED – This year’s softball team got off to a weak start with a loss and at least one injured team member. They bounced back from a 12-12 tie in game 2 to win 17-13 over Spring Lake…but only after we had another injury. We continue to pray for John Chamberlain’s recovery from a seriously broken ankle. Although he may not play for the rest of the season, he is cheering us on from the sidelines. For our game tonight (June 7 at 6:45 pm/top field), we need YOU to cheer us on to victory…and pray for our safety! YOUTH AND GENESIS – The Youth group will meet today in the Youth Room after the 9:15 am worship service to discuss common questions that people have about what is written about creation and the Flood of Genesis. There are just a few more weeks. For more info, contact Pastor Greg. Snacks provided! VBS DEADLINE EXTENDED – Hey, we may still have a space available for YOUR CHILD to attend this year’s exciting Vacation Bible School (June 29-July 2)… Crocodile Dock!! Please complete a registration form ASAP and place it in the basket by the Welcome Center. STILL MISSING – Have you these books mixed up with school stuff or DVD's? Under the couch? In the fridge? Please bring back to OSLC Library so others can read them, too; they’ve been gone more than 4 months after being checked out just once! Author Melody Carlson: DARK BLUE, TORCH RED, DEEP GREEN, PITCH BLACK and TASTE BERRIES FOR TEENS. Please return, no questions asked! SCRIP VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – More volunteers are needed to sell scrip on Sunday mornings. Selling and collecting money is all that's involved. Call Julie Richter at 339-9984 or email her at julier@new.rr.com. SCRIP REMINDER – Kwik Trip is paying us 20% on all SCRIP sold from now until mid August. SCRIP cards from Kwik Trip can be used at the pump or in the store and have no expiration date. And don’t forget the other SCRIP available for everyday essentials…gas, groceries, restaurants, discount/dept stores, etc. THRIVENT BUILDS WITH HABITAT FOR HUMANITY – This year’s first build is at 918 S. Chestnut Street. Our Saviour is signed up to work on Saturday, June 27. Ten workers are needed from 8am to 4pm. All participants must sign a waiver (and a volunteer form if they did not help last year). Both forms are available in the Narthex and must be turned in at least 1 week prior to the build date. Please contact Walter Juhnke at 362-3396 if you have any questions. The sign up sheets will also be in the narthex. Never give the devil a ride -- he will always want to drive. PILGRIM’S PROGRESS AND COFFEE TALK – The final two classes with Pastor Dave on this book will be June 14 and June 21. Coffee Talk will continue thru the summer as the schedule allows. Watch the bulletin each week for more information.
  3. 3. CAN YOU SPONSOR A STUDENT? – Many students who want to attend NEW Lutheran High School in the fall do not have the financial resources to do so. We are looking for volunteers who might be interested in sponsoring a student or a portion of a student's tuition. If you are interested, please contact Paul Steinhaus at 469-6810 or e-mail him at gblhsvball@gmail.com. Help Wanted: We have PT/FT openings in Praise Band. DRUMMER ELECTRIC/ACOUSTIC GUITARIST MALE VOCALIST Convenient hours! Great benefits! Some musical experience required. Call Kathy West at 465-0704 to learn how to join our exciting music worship team! VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Bummed because you don’t have the time to volunteer for VBS? Well, other help is needed, too! Watch the bulletin for information or check the Welcome Center for lists of donations that will be needed for this year’s exciting snacks. WHITE WATER RAFTING – All youth ages 12 and older are invited to raft the Peshtigo River with Kosir's Rapid Rafts (www.kosirs.com) on August 1st. The cost is $22.50 pp. Check the youth board for more details and to sign up. Invite your friends to make it even more fun!! Drivers are needed; please call Liz Reinke at 468-0331. Chaperones/drivers must complete a background check (see also next announcement). DISC GOLF – Chaperones are needed for disc golf outings on Weds, July 29 and August 12 and 26 from 6pm - 7:30pm at Baird's Creek. Please contact Liz Reinke at 468-0331 or Sarah Blakeley at 819-8458. CHECK OUT THE BLAZER BUZZ – Pick up a copy of this month’s Blazer Buzz at the Welcome Center. DISTRICT FAMILY DAY AT NOAH’S ARK! – On June 22, join North WI District members of all ages for fun, food and WATER at Noah’s Ark. Price includes a Noah’s Ark unlimited pass, lunch, soda all day and prizes. $26 ages 13 and up; $23 for 3-12. Registration forms at www.campluther.com or call 1-877-264-2267. CAMP LUTHER GOLF CHALLENGE – Head to Rhinelander’s Northwoods Golf Club on June 12 for great golf and raising funds to reduce the mortgage. See more about this fun way to support Camp Luther at www.campluther.com or call 1-877-264-2267. MAKE A DIFFERENCE! – How? Provide an item worth $50 or more for the “Every Kid To Camp” auction on September 12, 2009, in Wausau. All money raised will go for scholarships to send kids to Camp Luther for free. Our purpose is to help kids build a strong foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. Call Lee Belmus at 1-800-333-2424, x16 if you have an auction item or to make a donation. Be looking for your invitation to attend. UPCOMING RUMMAGE SALE – St Philip the Apostle Parish Rummage Sale / June 12 and 13 from 8am-5pm; June 14 from 8am-3pm. Located at the corner of Crooks and Victoria. Questions? Call 468-7848. LIFE QUOTE – “At the heart of marriage, there is a message about who we are as human beings in relationship to God. Paul writes to the church in Ephesus, ‘This mystery [called marriage] is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church’ (Ephesians 5:32). The Lord is saying to us that marriage is a witness on earth of the victory by Christ that makes us one with Him. As Christ makes us one with Himself through the cross, so marriage makes us one as husband and wife through our faithfulness to each other.”
  4. 4. Rev. Dr. Richard C. Eyer, director emeritus of the Concordia Bioethics Institute This “Life Quote” is from Lutherans for Life –www.lutheransforlife.org