Fus3 Ent. Audience Survey Results


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Fus3 Ent. Audience Survey Results

  1. 1. Audience Survey Results Fus3 entertainment S
  2. 2. Gender Gender Male FemaleS We tried to make the gender balanced by asking males and females.S However, there was a slightly higher percentage of males.
  3. 3. Age Age Under 10 10 to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 26+S We asked mainly 16-20s as this is the target audience that we want.S We also asked some adults for their feedback to see if they agreed with the different age group.
  4. 4. Trailer watching frequency Trailer Watched Daily Weekly Monthly YearlyS We asked how frequently our audience checks for new trailers.S Most of our audience watched trailer weekly or monthly. With a slight few watching daily.S None watched trailers yearly.
  5. 5. Genre Preference Genre Preference Action/Adventure Comedy Horror Sci-FI Drama/RomanceS We asked what genre our audience preferred.S Action/adventure and comedy were the most popular choices.S Drama/Romance being the least popular.
  6. 6. Preferable length of a trailer Preferable length of a trailer 45 secs 1 minute 2 minutesS As we did not know how long we wanted our trailer to be we asked this question to the audience.S Hardly anyone voted for the shorter option.S We decided a trailer in-between 1-2 minutes would be appropriate.
  7. 7. Time spent watching trailers Time spent watching trailers in a week Less than 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes 1 hourS Our research suggested that not a lot of time was spent by the audience to watch trailersS This was important as we needed to know how much time we should allocate to our trailer.
  8. 8. Trailers good promotion? Are trailers good promotional items? Yes NoS We asked this to our audience to make sure that our trailer would promote the overall movie project.
  9. 9. Which Ancillary tasks? Ancillary Tasks Preferences Poster Website Magazine Cover Newspaper ArticleS We also need to create two other projects to promote our movie along with the trailer.S The audience suggested that we should do a poster and a website.
  10. 10. Main Character preferences Main Character Preferences Anti Hero Underdog Mysterious SuaveS As characters nowadays in media are multi- dimensional, we needed to know what approach to take as we constructed our protagonistS This was the most evenly spread out question as there was a mixed response