Why outsource medical_coding_to_a_reliable_company


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Why outsource medical_coding_to_a_reliable_company

  1. 1. Why Outsource Medical Coding to a Reliable CompanyMedical coding is a comprehensiveprocess, requiring a lot of hard work andattention to detail. Busy healthcareentities often find it difficult to balancetheir patient care and administrativeresponsibilities. This is the reason whyoutsourcing medical coding to reliableservice providers has become so popular.When the complex task of medicalcoding and billing is taken care of, medical practitioners have considerablyless workload and more quality time on their hands to spend on coreactivities. • Reliability of ServiceReputable medical coding companies are a great support to physicians.These firms can deliver you quality work at the right time, in accordancewith your requirements. Customized medical coding solutions are providedfor almost all medical specialties. Efficiency of medical coding is ensuredwith the help of skilled and certified medical coders. 1
  2. 2. • Security and ConfidentialitySecurity and confidentiality of patient information is assured by a dedicatedmedical coding outsourcing company. HIPAA compliant medical codingcompanies have several security measures in place to make sure that thesensitive patient information entrusted to them does not fall into the wronghands. Apart from the security ensured for physical storage of data, thesecompanies take special care when transferring data as well. • State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Thoroughly Professional StaffMedical coding companies that have long term experience in the industryand a proven track record will have state-of-the-art infrastructure andprofessional staff to provide reliable services. A 3 level QA assurance policyis adopted to ensure accurate medical coding. Error free medical coding andbilling will enable healthcare professionals to obtain maximumreimbursement.Some of the Reliable Solutions • Hospital / in-patient coding • Emergency room e-code evaluation • Medical coding audits • Backlog coding resolution services • DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations • CPT medical coding 2
  3. 3. • ASCs – Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding • ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelinesAdvantages of Outsourcing Medical Coding • Clean claims and fewer denials • Ease of submitting and retrieving documents • Greater rate of accuracy • Certified in-house coding specialists • Regular QA checking with readily available reports • Regular feedback on your documentation and coding changes • 100% HIPAA compliance • Faster TAT • No capital investmentHow to Find a Reliable Medical Coding CompanyThe internet is a good resource to locate a reliable medical codingcompany. Visit individual company websites to learn more about the kind ofservices provided. Consider client testimonials to have a clear idea of thequality of service. Usually dedicated companies offer free trial of theirservices that will help you evaluate the service quality. Choose a medicalcoding firm that offers customized services and quick turnaround time. 3
  4. 4. For More Information:OutSource Strategies InternationalUnited States Main Office8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone 800-670-2809http://www.outsourcestrategies.com 4