Surgery Medical Billing at Affordable Prices


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Surgery medical practices and surgeons can benefit from budget-friendly surgery medical billing solutions. Analyzing their requirements, many experienced medical billing companies are providing surgery medical billing services at affordable prices.

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Surgery Medical Billing at Affordable Prices

  1. 1. Surgery Medical Billing at Affordable PricesWhen it comes to medicalbilling services, surgeons andsurgery medical practices oftenexperience many critical issues interms of data accuracy, qualityand pricing structure. Qualitysurgery medical billing servicesoffered at affordable prices areproving greatly beneficial for hospitals, free standing diagnostic facilities,physician groups, acute care facilities, individual physicians, multi specialtygroups, long term care facilities, clinics, and many other medical practices.Affordable Medical Billing EnsuresSubstantial Cost SavingsWith more and more surgery medical practices and surgeons looking toreduce their administrative costs considerably, surgery medical billingservices offered by experienced medical billing firms have gained widepopularity. These services are specifically designed to tackle patient billingtasks and claim processing requirements of various surgery medical practicesin an efficient manner, at affordable prices. Medical billing solutionsprovided by reputable medical billing companies ensure substantial costsavings of 30-40% as well.
  2. 2. Along with reducing overhead costs, medical billing outsourcing servicesstreamline the entire medical billing system and overall functioning of yourhealthcare facility. Systematic medical billing services offered at affordablecharges ensure the following benefits: • Quick and consistent billing procedures • Submit claims and bills without critical errors • Reduce managerial workload • Eliminate the burden of bulk paper work • Minimize claim rejections or denials • Enhance revenue and cash flow of the practice • Avoid capital investment needed to maintain the infrastructure, advanced technology and equipment to perform in-house medical billing • Reduce staffing outlay • Improve efficiency and productivity of the practice • Save your precious time and effort needed to perform administrative functions • Focus on providing better patient careConsistent Services Using Advanced Softwareand Technology
  3. 3. Medical billing companies that offer medical billing solutions take greatcare to serve their clients with quality services. Therefore, most firms utilizestate-of-the-art technology, advanced medical billing software packages andequipment along with the expertise of experienced medical billing specialiststo efficiently manage all aspects of billing, claim processing and collectionprocedures. The professionals in these firms are proficient in using billingsoftware such as Misys, Inception, Lytec, IDX, Eclipse, Medical Manager,e-clinical, Nextgen, Medic, Medisoft, Practice Admin and many more. Theyperform all the medical billing tasks with proficiency and submit theprocessed medical bills and claims without any errors. The full spectrum ofservices offered in surgery medical billing: • Patient enrolment • Insurance verification • Scheduling and re-scheduling • Insurance authorizations • Coding • Billing and reconciling of accounts • Referrals • AR collectionsProfessional medical billing services from well-known companies enablesurgery practices to process and submit claims easily within the stipulatedtime frame. These firms also ensure many additional benefits such as 100%HIPAA compliant procedures, regular quality assurance checking, stringent
  4. 4. data security and confidentiality, continuous customer support services,secure file transfer options, options to take a free trial of their services, andmuch more.Assign Medical Billing Tasks to anEstablished CompanySurgery practices and surgeons looking for well-planned surgery medicalbilling solutions should ideally outsource medical billing jobs to anestablished medical billing company. This will ensure quality servicesstrictly adhering to the latest medical reimbursement rules set by the federalgovernment and insurance companies, at affordable prices within minimumturnaround time.For More Information:OutSource Strategies InternationalUnited States Main Office8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone 800-670-2809