Online appointment scheduling is the new trend


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Scheduling appointments manually is a complex, resource-consuming task for healthcare facilities. Online appointment scheduling could ensure resource savings and patient satisfaction.

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Online appointment scheduling is the new trend

  2. 2. ONLINE APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING Summary: Scheduling appointments manually is a complex, resource-consuming task for healthcare facilities. Online appointment scheduling could ensure resource savings and patient satisfaction. -Gives patients greater control and choice -No navigation through paper calendars -Automated reminder generation -Successful newsletter campaigns -Automated treatment and appointment Alerts -Uniformity in the scheduling system
  3. 3. Online appointment scheduling with physicians is becoming an increasingly popular trend among patients. According to a Wall Street Journal survey, most adults preferred making online appointments. This study was backed up by studies conducted by the Medical Economics journal. It appears that scheduling appointments online gives patients greater control and choices. It is like personalized or customized service. In an era where online diagnoses are gathering momentum among the public, it is no surprise that online appointment scheduling is getting popular. No Cumbersome Navigation through Paper Calendars One of the reasons contributing to the increased efficiency of online scheduling system is that it does not require the medical staff to navigate through a paper calendar. Checking a system-based calendar is a lot more convenient and effective. It is easier to search through an online appointment schedule. In cases where patients forget their date and time, staff can easily get to the entered date with their online calendar. Prior visits can also be tracked without the laborious tasks of searching through a paper calendar. Online scheduling also takes away the waiting time that would sometimes be the case with regular scheduling. With online calendars and scheduling systems, availability of appointments or dates is quickly identified. Patients would not have to face disgruntled receptionists naturally due to the absence of any human element in the appointment fixing process. Automated Reminder Generation There are reminders generated automatically with appointment scheduling. These reminders are really helpful for confirming or recalling appointments. It facilitates better communication with patients, greater rapport, and maintaining a steady patient flow. These appointment reminders would ensure that there are lesser scheduling conflicts. It would save much on postal expenses too for the healthcare facility.
  4. 4. Successful Newsletter Campaigns Online patient scheduling can also help in managing your healthcare practice better. Email marketing newsletters can be sent to patients from the healthcare practice every time. Newsletter campaigns can promote your practice quite efficiently. Online scheduling websites are around that can give you the capability to send newsletters to a people group you chose. Automated Treatment and Appointment Alerts to Patients Hearing impaired patients can schedule appointments without help from anyone. It also provides better follow-up capabilities. Healthcare professionals often need to communicate with patients about renewed treatment, particularly in cases where periodic treatment sessions are required. The responsibility lies with the physician and not the patient in alerting the latter to follow-up treatments. Internet appointment scheduling systems can send automated reminders and appointment confirmations. Such systems can also arrange an archive of communication between the healthcare professional and the patient for future reference, even for legal documentation. Uniformity in the Scheduling System of the Practice Often healthcare practices have many people who book appointments. A uniform scheduling system, which all schedulers within the office can access, is vital for streamlined functioning of the practice. This is possible with online appointment scheduling. It also particularly works for large healthcare organizations and helps them coordinate all the appointments effectively. Scheduling appointments online is therefore quite beneficial for the patient as well as the healthcare practice. A reliable medical billing and coding company also provides patient appointment scheduling services to streamline your medical practice and ensure greater efficiency and patient satisfaction. About Outsource strategies International Outsource Strategies International (OSI), a leading provider of medical outsourcing solutions, offers web based patient scheduling services to enhance your patient flow management. Online appointment scheduling service offered by OSI will streamline the administrative process for its client facilities. Call toll free 1-800-670-2809 or visit our website .