Learn More about Healthcare Billing and Management


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Healthcare billing services take care of your accounts and acquire payments by submitting flawless claims to payers on time. All types of medical facilities benefit from healthcare billing services.

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Learn More about Healthcare Billing and Management

  1. 1. Learn More about Healthcare Billing And Management
  2. 2. The healthcare industry is continuously changing and physicians realize that to stay competitive in business, they need to manage their practices more efficiently. In order to effectively manage the modern healthcare facility, it is very essential for healthcare providers to utilize outsourced healthcare billing services provided by an experienced and knowledgeable medical billing company that can provide powerful and affordable medical billing management solutions. Healthcare billing and management involves the filing and submission of medical claims to insurance companies so as to get the payments in a timely manner. The comprehensive medical billing services include not only the speedy collection of payments but also delivering customer satisfaction via better-quality customer service. With the help of a medical billing specialist, you can be sure that your healthcare billing needs will be handled with the utmost care and attention. With the latest facilities and professionals, medical billing companies provide better-quality and time-bound healthcare billing services to meet challenging medical billing requirements. The entire spectrum of medical billing services include: -Data entry - entering patient demographics -Insurance enrollment -Insurance verification -Insurance authorization -Payment posting and reconciliation -Medical claims billing - electronic and paper -Review codes for appropriate use of modifiers, correct CPT/ICD-9 combinations -Accounts receivable (AR) collections -Billing and reconciling of accounts -Generation of daily, weekly and monthly reports -Scheduling and re-scheduling -Re-submission and referrals Healthcare billing and management solutions are a boon to a number of healthcare professionals who face billing issues such as under pricing, under coding and missed charges. The services are available to almost all medical specialties including family practice, pediatrics, radiology, dentistry, nuclear medicine, general surgery, cardiology, dermatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pain management, occupational therapy, and more. Benefits of Healthcare Billing and Management Services Medical practices that choose to implement a quality healthcare billing and management system will experience a positive impact on their daily clinical
  3. 3. operations. Listed here are some benefits of hiring a reliable healthcare billing service provider. -Reduces your paperwork and workload of your staff and gives them enough time to focus on core processes that require more personal attention. -Your healthcare billing service provider verifies patients' insurance policies and makes sure that the patient is eligible for the treatment being provided. -Billing companies offer accurate coding using the correct CPT and ICD-9 medical codes, so that there is no confusion regarding the diagnoses and the treatments provided. -Claims processing, regular follow-ups until the medical claims are reimbursed and other vital tasks are carried out with perfection. -Customized turnaround time -Cost savings up to 30 - 40% -Reducing aged receivables -Eliminating claim denials -Increased productivity and profitability At present, there are several medical billing companies that have the expertise to deal with each and every phase of the healthcare billing and management process. Hire an efficient medical billing company that provides comprehensive and quality healthcare billing services.