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How Medical Billing Services Help Small and Large Medical Practices


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Precisely planned medical billing services help small and large medical practices to claim reimbursements on time and maximize the efficiency and cash flow of their facilities.

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How Medical Billing Services Help Small and Large Medical Practices

  1. 1. How Medical Billing Services Help Small and Large Medical PracticesFor the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities, proper management oftheir revenue cycle is extremely important. The ever-changing governmentpolicies, insurance company rules, healthcare reforms and complianceregulations have made things more complex for medical practitioners andtheir supporting staff. Utilizing perfectly organized medical billing servicescan help small and large medical practices to streamline their medical billingprocedures, reduce the odds of claim rejections and maximizereimbursement and cash flow of their facilities.Planned Medical Billing Services: RealSupport for Medical PracticesMedical bills and claims submitted forreimbursement are at times denied due todata inaccuracies and coding errors.Medical billing and coding have to beperformed with accuracy. Outsourcingthese jobs to a professional medical billingcompany allows small and large medicalpractices to considerably reduce the possibilities of claim denials. Properlyplanned medical billing services from experienced outsourcing companieshelps medical facilities and individual practitioners to: 1
  2. 2. • Submit error-free medical bills and claims: As the entire billing and coding procedures are managed by skilled professionals utilizing advanced software, healthcare entities can submit error-free medical bills and claims within the stipulated time frame.• Maximize reimbursements: Submission of insurance claims and medical bills without any errors within the prescribed time helps avoid claim denials and rejections. This would enable medical entities to obtain maximum reimbursement and enhance the cash flow of their practices.• Minimize administrative workload: Professional medical billing and coding services significantly reduce the administrative workload of medical professionals and their workforce. Thereby they get enough time to concentrate on providing good care for their patients.• Reduce infrastructure costs: Medical billing outsourcing allows healthcare entities to save on the bulk investment that would be needed to maintain the infrastructure, technology, resources and manpower to complete the billing procedures inhouse. 2
  3. 3. • Avoid bulk paper work: Outsourcing medical coding and billing tasks rules out the need of performing bulk paperwork within healthcare facilities. • Gain competitive edge: Well-structured medical billing solutions allow to reorganize the entire documentation workflow of medical practices, and help them remain competitive in the industry.Customized Solutions in Rapid TurnaroundTimeProfessional companies that offer medical billing services strive to deliverquality solutions. These firms are fully equipped with skilled billing experts,AAPC certified coders, quality controllers, state-of-the-art technology, andadvanced medical billing software like Medisoft, IDX, Misys, Inception,Lytec, Nextgen and more. Focusing on the latest medical reimbursementnorms, experienced billing and coding specialists perform the entire medicalbilling procedures with accuracy. To meet the billing requirements of busymedical practices they offer a range of services such as: • Patient enrollment • Insurance verification • Coding and audits • Billing and reconciling of accounts • Account analysis and denial management • Patient scheduling and reminder 3
  4. 4. • Insurance authorizations • AR management, and lots moreMedical billing solutions offered by an established medical billingcompany ensure greater security and confidentiality for all medical records,while following the latest HIPAA guidelines. The following are the otherbenefits offered: • Customized billing solutions • Minimum turnaround time • Safe file transfer options: Processed files transferred in 256 bit encrypted forms as FTP or email • Competitive pricing: that is up to 30 to 40% lower than the market rates • Round-the-clock technical support • Free trial optionMake the Right ChoiceBriefly, systematic medical billing services help small and large medicalfacilities to manage tasks ranging from billing, claim processing to reportingand patient care quite efficiently. To get premium quality medical billing andcoding solutions find a reliable medical billing company that can offercustomized services on time at affordable charges. 4
  5. 5. For More Information:OutSource Strategies InternationalUnited States Main Office8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone 800-670-2809 5