Dental Insurance Billing Outsourcing: Benefits You Can Gain


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Outsourcing dental insurance billing is a great option for dental practitioners that wish to dedicate more time to providing quality patient care and support. Dentists can reap the full benefits of outsourced dental insurance billing.

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Dental Insurance Billing Outsourcing: Benefits You Can Gain

  1. 1. Dental Billing Services Customized to Your NeedsComprehensive and Customized Dental BillingServices to Dental PractitionersIt is not easy for dental practitioners who are committed to offering the bestdental care services to devote time to office jobs such as dental billing.Dental billing companies providing excellent dental insurance billingservices can assist with customized dental billing services to meetindividual practice requirements. When you say customized, it means thekind of medical billing services that ideally cater to your specialtyrequirements.Outsourcing dental insurance billing brings a number of solid benefits.Dental billing service includes submitting patient claims to insuranceagencies in a timely manner and providing systematic follow-up. This isvital for dental physicians looking to get the payment due for the servicesprovided without inordinate delay.Dental Billing Services Offered for DentalPractitioners 1
  2. 2. • Data entry • Patient enrollment • Insurance enrollment • Management of patient data – demographic and incurred charges • Post payments • Bill patients for deductibles and co-insurance • Scheduling and rescheduling • Insurance verification • Insurance authorizations • Coding • Follow-up on unpaid claims • Billing and reconciling of accounts • AR collectionsWith customized dental billing services, you can design your billing solutionaccording to your needs. Medical billing companies will provide you with awide range of services and you can choose a firm that can best meet yourrequirements. Besides streamlining the billing process, outsourced dentalinsurance billing facilitates the integration of the entire patient managementsystem. 2
  3. 3. Dedicated Staff and ExceptionalInfrastructure for High Quality DentalBilling ServiceA professional dental billing service provider will have qualified andcertified professionals to handle medical billing for dental practitioners. Theprofessionals utilize easy-to-use dental billing software specially designed tosimplify medical billing, patient charting, and patient imaging. E-clinical,Eclipse, Medic, Lytec, Medisoft, Misys, Inception, IDX, Medical Managerand NextGen are some of the advanced medical billing software used.A medical billing company will work closely with you to make sure that youbenefit from increased cash flow and faster payment. Today, there are manyestablished dental billing companies that offer professional dental billingservices that are immensely beneficial to medical practitioners. Individualphysicians, leading hospitals, dental groups and long term healthcarefacilities can avail of these services.If you plan to outsource your dental billing requirements, then simply gomedical billing services customized to your specialty needs. Theprofessionals in leading medical billing companies have expertise in allaspects of dental billing so that there is practically no room for any error.Only a reliable dental billing company can offer you scalable dentalinsurance billing services that can meet your changing businessrequirements. 3
  4. 4. For More Information:OutSource Strategies InternationalUnited States Main Office8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone 800-670-2809 4